Ok everyone sorry for the delay but I’m back online now and better than ever!

Now it’s a few days late but here is the official announcement of the winner of the deco headphones 😀

I had my lovely assistant James help with drawing a winner.

DSC_0026_091222_4900 copy

We made cut outs for all of the entries, put them in a mixing bowl and stirred.

DSC_0027_091222_4899 copy

While looking the other way James picked a name out and it was…..

DSC_0029_091222_4897 copy

Stretching out the dramatic pause just a little bit mooooore……….

DSC_0031_091223_4895 copy


DSC_0032_091223_4894 copy

Congrats to Samantha, I’ve already emailed and as soon as she gets back to me with her address I’ll have them posted off in no time ^_^

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks for being patient while I’ve been away! I promise more cool updates soon 😀

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