Today’s post is all about Christmas decorating on a budget, it’s so much fun finding new ways to make things pretty without spending a fortune ^_^

It’s getting quite close to Christmas now and I still haven’t bought any gifts! I think all the uni and school students are on holidays and the shops are packed!

I’m not huge on Christmas, to be honest if I didn’t have family obligations I probably wouldn’t celebrate it… but it is fun to decorate things and I don’t exactly say no to the presents XD

But the problem this year is that with saving for our own house I am on a super strict budget and decorating isn’t really a part of that.

DSC_0229_091206_4392 copy

All of my decorations are packed up, the only thing I could find was my tree…

DSC_0231_091206_4390 copy

What to do? What to do? Time to improvise!

Get some fabric scraps…

DSC_0235_091206_4386 copy

And cover that ugly plastic base!

DSC_0236_091206_4385 copy

Much better 😀

DSC_0237_091206_4384 copy


DSC_0239_091206_4382 copy

Where can I find supplies? I know! The bathroom! It’s time to raid my jewelery supplies and hair accessories 😀

DSC_0244_091206_4377 copy

Perfect for decorating: bracelets, necklaces, hair roses and more pearls!

DSC_0245_091206_4376 copy

And a gigantic Angelic Pretty hair bow!

DSC_0246_091206_4375 copy

Add the bow to the base…

DSC_0248_091206_4373 copy

Take some of your pearls and start clipping them from branch to branch.

DSC_0252_091206_4369 copy

Add more and more necklaces and then bracelets to the other branches.

DSC_0253_091206_4368 copy

Keep adding until you run out of jewelery!

DSC_0254_091206_4367 copy

If you have hair roses, clip them to the ends of the branches so they sit on the ends like they are growing out of the tree ^_^

DSC_0261_091206_4360 copy

Almost finished but…

DSC_0263_091206_4358 copy

DSC_0264_091206_4357 copy

The finishing touch… it needs a star!

DSC_0266_091206_4355 copy

Add a hair bow and you’re done!

DSC_0269_091206_4352 copy

Didn’t cost a cent and all of the pretty jewelery you’ve been collecting for years is displayed beautifully for the holidays.

Now if you want it to be even more pretty and you have some shiny beads (or a couple of dollars to buy these ones from Borders) then you can add even more…

DSC_0273_091206_4348 copy

I love these jewels, I think once Christmas is over I’ll make a bracelet with them!

DSC_0279_091206_4342 copy

I also found some pink baubles at a discount store for $2.

DSC_0283_091206_4338 copy

After lots of decorating it all comes together in the end…

DSC_0285_091206_4337 copy


DSC_0286_091206_4336 copy

Of course it will look different depending on what kind of jewelery you have but the possibilities are endless 🙂

DSC_0287_091206_4335 copy

And it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon, especially if you can do it with someone you love like a very handsome photographer!

DSC_0289_091206_4333 copy

Do you all have special holiday traditions?

DSC_0291_091206_4331 copy

Happy holidays everyone! Let me know if you have any tips for christmas decorating on a budget! DSC_0270_091206_4351 copysig1

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