I’m super tired tonight so I’ve just got a mini tutorial on repairing old slippers for you all 🙂

I’ve been a little obsessed with slippers lately so I’ve got 2 tutorials planed that revolve around slippers. It’s probably because I spend so much time at home but I think a good pair of slippers are a very important part of a girl’s wardrobe ^_^

It takes me a long time to choose slippers (more on that in my next slippers post!) and when I finally find a pair that I like I have a hard time giving them up, I’m the kind of person that will wear them until they literally fall apart! I’m also quite thrifty so at times when money is tight I am all for repairing and reusing anything I can possibly fix.

So I have this cute pair of slippers but…

DSC_0199_091206_4422 copy

The soles are all gross and worn out. There is even a small hole!

So what you need for this version of repairing old slippers:

-Scissors -A sheet of felt in a matching colour -Needle and thread in a matching colour -A pen or tailor’s chalk

DSC_0200_091206_4421 copy

Start by putting your slippers on the felt and tracing around the outside. Get as close to the size of the actual sole as possible, if in doubt it’s better to cut bigger than smaller because you can always trim it but you can’t add more felt if you cut too much! Cut one out for each slipper.

DSC_0201_091206_4420 copy

Thread your needle and with the new sole on top of the slipper sew it in place with 1 stitch. You should start at the very back of the slipper. Tie it in a double knot so it doesn’t go anywhere.

DSC_0202_091206_4419 copy

Now using a blanket stitch start sewing around the edge. If you need to know how to do a blanket stitch have a look here.

DSC_0203_091206_4418 copy

Continue around the entire edge. If you find there is slightly too much felt you should trim it a little bit. If there is not enough, stretch it because once you put them on the felt will get worn into position. When you’re finished they should look something like this:

DSC_0205_091206_4416 copy

Hopefully your stitching is a little neater than mine!

DSC_0206_091206_4415 copy

And there you go, with 60c worth of felt you saved yourself from buying a whole new pair of slippers! One thing to note- the felt is super slippery on tiles until you wear it in so don’t slip over!! That said it’s pretty fun to be able to faux ice-skate around my tiled house in the middle of a 35Degree Celsius summer 😀


DSC_0215_091206_4406 copy

Bonus outfit post:

Jsk- Angelic Pretty Stockings- Myer Slippers- Bras n things Hair things: some junk store

DSC_0207_091206_4414 copy

See you all tomorrow when I’m not half asleep! Let me know if you ever give repairing old slippers this way a try!

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