Morning everyone, I’m sure a lot of you remember I did a tutorial on how to create a hime hair style

Well after doing it every day for the last year or so I’ve developed some short cuts and easier ways of doing things. So I decided to made a revised tutorial and include the information about hot rollers in the bottom. The best part about this version is that there is very little teasing involved so very little damage 😀

We are going to end up with this: Now the secret to being able to do this style of hair with minimum teasing/damage is having something to stick in the middle to hold everything up. I borrowed this idea from Super Kawaii Mama’s video on 1960’s beehives. You need something to hold the center shape and a ratty old hair extension.

I use an old bandanna folded and then rolled up, you could use whatever you want as long as it gives the same basic shape. This gives a great amount of pouf and is sturdy. You can really use anything that will hold the shape.Now find an old hair extension you’re never going to use again and tease it until it’s solid and matted, this helps it keep it’s shape.

Roll it around the bandanna.

Secure the ends with some bobby pins. Pinch the ends in and secure with more bobby pins until you can’t see the bandanna anymore. Finished! Now you can start trying it out with your hair!

I’ll do a quick tutorial on how to actually do the hairstyle, if you want more detailed photos check the last tutorial or this hime hair video I made of doing it on myself.

First separate the front section of hair which will become the bump.

This is the front section: Clip it to the side for now and keep it out of the way. Now place the hair piece on to of your head just behind the section you clipped. Secure it with some pins, I usually use one on each side then one for the front and one for the back. Don’t forget to put one in the front of you’ll find your bump gradually sliding backwards during the day.

Unclip the section of hair and divide it into 3, with a larger portion in the middle. Brush the middle section upwards and give it a good dose of hair spray. If you want to make it easier to manage you can tease (back comb) near th e roots but it’s not completely necessary. Pull it backwards and pin it behind the hair piece. Now do the same with each side. Brush it, spray it, pin it and spray it again! This is how the back looks:

All finished! Now it’s time to curl the rest of the hair. You will need your hot rollers, I have a set from Vidal Sassoon and they are awesome. Make sure to heat them up for the recommended time and always follow the instructions. I use mine on the hottest setting because I have very hard to curl hair.

You are also going to need the little clippy things to keep them in. I prefer the plastic ones to the metal “U” shape ones because they are quicker and easier to use. If you have hard to curl hair like me then you will need something like Tresemme Curl Activator spray. Some people use curling water but I have no idea where to get that from. Anyway give your hair a spray all over with the curl activator.

Brush out the rest of your hair, be very careful to hold where the pins are so you don’t ruin all the hard work you just did!

After you have heated the rollers get one ready to use. Don’t touch the hot part! The first this we want to do is get rid of all of the pinned ends so we can’t disturb the top bump It doesn’t really matter how you roll this part because it’s going to be hidden by a bow at the end. I’ll show you exactly how to roll them properly in a second. Clip it out of the way! Ok! Now let’s section a piece to curl. I like to start with the piece on the side and in front of my ears because I want these to be the curliest so I leave them in for the longest. Grab your section and brush it. Spray it! Brush through again to smooth it. Now grab your roller and twist the hair around it at the bottom. As you roll up catch the end of the hair in and keep rolling so it holds. To get this perfect you’ll have to experiment with your hair, for example if I roll these underhand the curls won’t hold but if I roll them overhand they curl nicely. It’s all about experimenting to find what works for your hair type! Clip the roller into place and you’re done.

Here is a video of how to roll them:



Do the other side too.

Now start sectioning the back and rolling them up too. Start at the top and work down. Fit in as many as you can, the small the sections of hair you roll the better they will take the curl. This is how mine looks when it’s all done 😀 Give it all a good final spray. If you’re going to try hime style hair, make friends with your hair spray! Now it’s just a matter of waiting! Go have breakfast or do your make up. Wait at least 20min until all of the rollers are completely cool to the touch! I went and replied to some of your wonderful comments about the new layout 😀 Hi internet people! Ok time’s up! You should take them out front first and then from bottom to top at the back. When you pull them out they will look kind of funky. Curl them around your finger to point them in the right direction. Hurrah a pretty curl! Now spray it in place!

Here is a video of how I take them out: [youtube=] Now do it with the rest of them.

And you end up with this! If you don’t like how some of the curls are sitting just gently separate them with your fingers. Fix up your fringe and add some accessories. All finished 😀 And the back: The side: The end!

On another note, does anyone know how to stop blogger from compressing photos when I upload them? My photos are very good quality but when they are uploaded they get pixely and washed out 🙁 I’m seriously considering just getting my own domain bleh.

I hope you all enjoyed the hime hair tutorial and if you have any questions just pop them in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer 🙂

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