This is my classy golfing outfit 😉

The other week was Father’s day. My Dad was working all day so we did something late in the week. I went to a driving range with James’ family. Basically this is a big field that you hit golf balls into as hard as you can. It’s a great way to get all of that pent up anger out!

James let me borrow his cute golf hat, it totally doesn’t go with the outfit but oh well!

The club was practically bigger than me ^_^ I don’t usually play sports, and when I say that, I mean EVER.

Everyone had a really good time and it was fun to try something new!

Outfit: -Shoes modified from Target -Dress from Target -Stockings from Myer -Jacket from Angelic Pretty -Cardigan given to me by my Mother

Also one of my ACEO’s was featured in an article about ACEO’s over on this blog: If you go around half way down my fortune teller is there 😀

On another note I’m sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to find out the top 5 nominees for the Nuffnang Awards!!

What kind of outfit would you all wear golfing?

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