If you’re interested in them, you probably know how expensive Hime Gyaru styles can be.

Dresses at Jesus Diamante go on average for $700 and then there are shoes, accessories, hair pieces, make up supplies and all the rest that goes into such a detailed look. A lot of being a Princess is in the details and details can be expensive!

But I am a firm believer that people should be in control of their own budgets and if you want something bad enough you’ll make it happen. I know that it can be tempting but I am not the kind of girl who will spend her rent budget on a pretty dress! That’s why when I want something before I’ll buy it, I will toss up whether it’s worth making it. I’m not saying I don’t love brand to death but I love my $2 store as well 😉

So the other week James and I took a trip to Lincraft, our local craft supplies/fabric store for supplies to make some new accessories. James found some 3D glasses that some kid had left behind… stylish no?

He looks like such a ladies man holding all of my craft supplies XD

In the same complex as Lincraft is my faaaavorite burger place “Big Chief Burgers”. Oh they are the most delicious thing you would ever wrap your mouth around.

James once told me that if he could he’d marry that burger XD They make a cute couple! I’d be ok with that as long as I could get free burgers!

In case you were ever wondering what Hime Gyaru’s eat, the answer is gigantic burgers which are pretty much as big as their hair… and a side of chips with secret country sauce. I bet you thought we only eat delicate cakes with tea… ok I admit it, I had a cup of tea just out of shot of this photo 😛

And for desert? The best cheese cake in the universe: cookies and cream! Man I’m getting so hungry just thinking about this again!

So after all of that delicious food I got down to doing some crafting. I’m quite a messy crafter, this is what my table looks like…

And in case you’re interested here are some of the things that made it out of the mess of pearls:

A ring with blue paper flowers, pearls and purple beads. The flowers have little dew drops on it.

Pink paper flowers on a barrette clip thingy. Looks super cute with Kitty rolls.

I couldn’t decide whether to put this on a brooch clip or a hair clip. I think I might just make 2 and have both!

I love this little ring. Actually I just love jewelery with dangly things 😀

Double felt hair bow with a string of pearls.

Lace and pearl felt iPhone pouch . I wanted something cute for Ruri to sit in, the little pocket in my bag is too hard to get to.

Red felt iPhone case for Ruri. The heart on this is actually a flap to give it extra security.

Pearl bracelet with dangles!

My favorite of the things I made that day was this pearl watch 😀 I got the watch face at Lincraft ages ago so I just added the pearls and flowers I bought that day with a couple of bows and tadaa! I also made another pearl necklace that day but I was wearing it while I took these photos so I forgot about it!

Not bad for an afternoon though right?

I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing all my silly craft things by now though so I’m going to write a proper guide to Hime on a budget and leave it at that for now ^_^

Have a good afternoon and good luck with your hime gyaru crafting!

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