As a lot of you would know I’m with Nuffnang for my blog advertising and I love them to death!

Who doesn’t like getting presents right? As well as organizing my advertising they have also built a community for bloggers which I love being a part of. It’s kind of like a big family and because they are based here in the Asia Pacific area it’s not like talking to someone on the other side of the world!

And they send me presents which rocks!

Outfit- Skirt and jacket: Angelic Pretty Stockings- Myer Beret- Portmans Shoes- some place in the City, customized

Hmm it feels very heavy! I wonder what’s inside it? Open it up and all the Nuffy goodness pours out!

First thing to come out is a $10 Coles Myer gift voucher! Yaaay! Nuffnang is having a competition at the moment where the blogger who spends this voucher in the most creative or frugal way wins a $100 voucher, I have an awesome idea which I’m going to try out tomorrow so wish me luck!

And a lovely letter welcoming me to the Nuffnang family 😀

Guess what? I designed that little guy in the corner of the letter! How cute is it that they actually used my silly sketch on their letterhead ^_^

Now the rest of the awesome stuff… This is a sample pack of Redken hair supplies for girls! How cool is it that the samples are actually in usable sizes instead of those stupid little packets? I’m going to try it out and let you know how it works on my hair!

And there is a bottle of Blackberry/Vanilla tea from Spring Valley and John West Tuna with Beans. The tea was super yummy! I haven’t tried the tuna yet, I think I might let James have it because he’s a big fan of beans ^_^

And something which will be important later on in this post… a matching pack of Redken hair supplies for boys! Big sample sizes and information books in this one too 😀 Also there is a packet of Leggo’s Italian Beef Casserole base thingy which will be my dinner tonight! Thank you Nuffnang for feeding me for a day ^_^

Taadaa! All of the fun stuff together!

I mentioned that Nuffnang is having a competition with who can spend their Coles Myer voucher in the most creative/frugal way so I decided to put my thinking cap on and come up with something fun to do with it… Did I not mention that my thinking cap is actually the box that my items came in?

Then I decided that instead of entering that competition I would make up my own… May I present “THE MOST CREATIVE USE OF PACKAGING”

I fashioned the tissue paper the presents were wrapped in into a beautiful gigantic bow!

Super adorable and attractive right? I totally deserve a special prize for creativity and cuteness! Got to make sure it’s straight! Don’t worry I’m going to go buy my actually competition entry tomorrow 😛

Now if you remember I mentioned before you should take notice of the men’s hair products from Redken… I decided to experiment with them on James! He wasn’t so keen on the idea especially seeing as he shaves his head. I said too bad! After chasing him around the room for 10 minutes I finally pinned him down 😀

Apparently it was very cold ^_^ It smelled delicious though!

Make sure to rub it in well, lather rinse and repeat! Poor sad James he looks so miserable… oh well!

He was only sad for a minute though because then this happened…..

Giant afro hair of doom! Very suave! I’m sure I’ll be fighting all the ladies off him with a stick XD

Anyway if you guys were wondering how to get one of these gift baskets for yourselves, all you have to do is sign up with Nuffnang and they’ll send one out! Here is the link to register, make sure to put my URL in as the “Referred By URL” if you end up joining ^_^

Well I’m off to enjoy my Casserole thingy for dinner now 😀

What’s the coolest free thing you guys have every got/won? Are you signed up with Nuffnang?

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