Yes this is one of those annoying times when real life gets in the way of internet life. So what’s getting in the way? Well work mostly. We’re at a crazy point right now with a lot of projects finishing and starting at the same time so I’ve been working for like 15 hours a day, not very fun even when you have an awesome job. At the same time I’m learning to code iPhone applications (which hopefully you all will eventually benefit from!) which is hard work but fun. And on top of that for a limited time only I’m taking very cheap art commissions for some extra play money (interested? Email [email protected])

…so as you can imagine I’ve been a bit out of the loop!I’ve got a backload of posts and photos to put up here and I dyed my hair even blonder last week so I have to show you guys that too! Oh and Greazefest was last weekend too so photos photos and more photos! Argh getting a little stressed just thinking about all of this hahaha!

Tomorrow I’ve got a bit of a break in the storm so I’m going to get down to it and make some posts!

Also I’m still reading everyone’s blogs I just don’t have time to comment as much sorry!


Oldest photo over.

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