Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I’ve had a tummy bug! I’m so sick of being sick but oh well *_* There is super big news at the bottom of this post too!

So today ACEO Friday is being replaced by a special event! The lovely Vestque has done some artwork of me, how exciting! She’s taking commissions where you send her a photo and she will draw you as an anime character…

From This:
To this!

Here are the ones she did of me. I think they’re adorable! You can visit her shop here:;=listing&product;_id=295629

And this:
To this!

So now my major news.. I DYED MY HAIR BLONDE! I’ve never been blonde before so this is kind of scary for me, it’s kind of caramel, think Ageha with red-ish. And the black/brown tips are the same because bigen never dies *_* You all have to help me decide whether to keep it or dye it back red again! Stay tuned for photos soon!