Morning everyone, as promised here is my tutorial of how to do the bow hairstyle like this. It’s been popular for a while but Lady Gaga once wore it.

Firstly apologies that the photos are a little bit dark.

Now let’s get started! Firstly you will need to wash and brush your hair, this style works best with clean hair. If you need to blow dry it straight do that too.Wow my hair is getting long!

Ok now you are going to need the following things for this version of the bow hair style:

-LOTS of bobby pins -2 Hair ties, preferably ones that match your hair. So you can see them I’m using bright pink and white this time. -A good hair brush -Strong hold hair spray, especially if you have unruly hair like me.

– Lastly a hair dryer if you want to set your fringe. If you feel the need take time to do some Charlie’s Angels style poses now to get it out of your system.

Okidokie. Now you’ve got nice clean dry hair, separate your fringe and clip it out of the way.

Now pull the rest of your hair back into a pony tail. It needs to be really high up on the top of your head. Think, popular school girls in the 80’s high.

I find it’s easiest to turn upside down. Secure it tightly with a hair tie.

Once you’re right way up you should grab the sides of the pony tail and put it until it’s tight.

At this point you’re probably feeling pretty stylish but soldier on!

Un-clip your fringe and take a section from the front of the pony tail. This is going to be the middle bit of the bow so make it appropriately sized for your hair.

I like to give it a bit of a pull so the ponytail moves forward a bit. From the side it should look like this:

Now clip it aside into your fringe so we can make the bow part. You’ll be feeling even more like an 80’s pop starlet now so take a few seconds to have a dance.

Now you should grab the remaining ponytail and brush any knots out of it.

Get your second hair tie and tie it as far down the ponytail as you can without having lots of fly aways. Now this part is a little tricky, when you do the last pass over of the hair tie, don’t pull the ends through completely, just leave them half way.

It creates a nice little neat bubble on the end…

And from the side you can see how it curls the ends under on the back.

Now what you want to do is fold it in half. Make sure to have some bobby pins ready so once you’ve got it in position you can pin it straight away.

You want it to look kind of like a fan.

Pin it very securely in place. From the back it should look something like this:

And from the front like this:

Give it a good dose of hair spray and lets move on to the next step before you run off and try to audition for an extra role in a Dr Suess movie!

This is the point where it starts to actually look like a bow… Seperate the folded hair into two equal sections with your fingers.

Squish the middle apart with your fingers and give it another quick spray.

Unclip the section that was attached to your fringe.

Next brush it smooth so there are no bumps and knots. Get a bobby pin (or two) and while holding it flat on your head, push the pins straight across in front of the hair tie. What this is doing is attaching the hair in my hand to my head so when I pull it up and back in a second you won’t be able to see the hair tie.

In the photo below I put the pins about 3 inches from my hand towards the bow.

Next pull the hair up… see no hair tie! Pull it backwards so it forms the middle of the bow.

Make sure it covers the second (pink) hair tie now and pin it in place. It should be pulled fairly tight so it doesn’t look like just another loop!

Ok so we’re alost done, we just have to get rid of that scragly bit on the back. How you do this depends on how long your hair is.

If you have long/thick hair you should split it into two parts and repeat the following steps on each side, if not just do what I do!

Take the last piece of hair and tease it a little. Nothing too dramatic, just enough to give it some body.

It should look roughly like this:

Now take that section and twist it a little bit.

This bit is a little tricky, to show in pictures… you want to fold the section in half so it’s a little smaller than the sides of the bow. Pick a side of the bow which has drooped a bit, I chose the left side. Now you basically take the section and shove it into the middle of the side of the bow you chose. To do this you kind of lift up the half of the bow and stick it in the hole in the middle… Make sense?

Pin it so it’s secure and so that nothing is sticking out of the bow half.

Next fiddle with the sides until you’re happy with how they’re sitting. And give it a last spray. The back is still kind of ugly so I like to cover it with a real bow. There’s nothing a good bow can’t hide 😀 Pick out something appropriate..

Pin it in place… If you need to, use the hair dryer to set your fringe in place…

And TAA DAAA! You’re all finished 😀 Good work!

Very cute! Make sure to spend some time cam-whoring your new hair style ^_^ Someone the other day mentioned this looked a lot like a Lady Gaga style, who knew!

Hope you enjoyed this, if you have any questions just ask… Or if you are completely confused here is an awesome video which uses a similar technique to mine:


Btw, I will answer all my emails tonight, sorry for being late guys!

Let me know what you guys think of the bow hair style and the tutorial in general!


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