Last night James and I went out for our 2 year anniversary. We went to the same restaurant that we visited on our third date… Sizzler!

Ok so it’s not the ideal romantic place for an anniversary but it’s history! All you can eat is totally romantic XD

Above- desert, below a selection of the yummy things we ate.I made the best ice-cream sundae ever! While we were waiting in line an old lady came up to us and told me I looked lovely, she then told James that he should tell me I look beautiful all the time and he’s very lucky to have me XD Poor James! This happens regularly too, complete strangers telling James he’s luck to have me, it’s very disconcerting and I’m worried he’ll develop a complex! Anyway, if anything I’m lucky to have him, he is fantastic and treat’s me like a princess 😀James looks all innocent after eating like a million plates of food XD He felt so sick afterward poor boy! On the way home we saw a Koala on the road, luckily everyone stopped and the guy in front of us got out to help it off the road. Very cute, though I sure wouldn’t have gotten out, Koalas are surprisingly mean.

Ok now in continuing with the “Help Violet Choose a New Casual Hair Style” theme, here is the next one…

It’s basically a giant bow made of hair. Very popular at the moment in Gal circles, unfortunately Lady Gaga also did it and I can’t stand her. Takes about 10 minutes to do, stayed up all day and I was lazy and slept in it and it’s still up today.

Hiding the crappy back with a nice bow. I’m not sure I have the face for such a severe style though.

So yay or nay for this one?

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