So as I’m sure you all know by now I’ve been sick with the icky flu for the last week or so… Well I’m not one to sit around and do nothing while I’m feeling gross. When I’m feeling my worst I cheer myself up by trying to look my best!

Now as you’ve probably seen everyone is freaking out about the H1N1 Swine Flu. Personally I think that people are over reacting, I mean last year the normal flu killed 3,000 people in Australia, so far Swine Flu has only killed 2 and they were both very sick with other things beforehand.

Either way I don’t think it demands that people wear flu masks everywhere and cancel large events but people are panicking so in the event of being forced to wear these I decided to make mine pretty!

A little bit of glue, a couple of jewels, some ruffled chiffon from a Strapya lucky pack and taadaa! Creepy huh? It reminds my of something Guro Lolita would wear. The photos didn’t really capture it well but the ruffle is all along the top and a very cute shade of pink. The jewels are in the shape of a red cross inside a heart.Look I’m in a B-Grade horror film called “Creepy Princess From The Deep… Of Doom!!”Watch out or she’ll come after you while you sleep and steal your jewelery! Oooowww *dramatic music*

Well I’ve had my fun I have to get back to work. I give lots of virtual tea and chicken soup to everyone reading this who has the flu, get some rest and rug up nice and tight!

Feel better 😀

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