So much Konad nail art!

The OC Nail Art Konad competition is ooover! I had so much fun doing it though, I ended up making like 13 or so entries. These are my latest ones…

Tiger stripes and Kanji. I can’t get enough of the sparkly orange base! It’s got tiny specs of gold in there which catch the sun really well.

Strawberries and cream. Mmmm makes me so hungry. I had permanent french tips during this phase so I wanted to use them. I had also just gotten all those delicious fimo fruit stripes. I can’t remember if I already posted these but oh well here they are again! I did James’ Mum’s nails for Mother’s Day. It’s her first set of acrylics ever and she loved them! Unfortunately I still can’t find a fantastic glue. She does a lot of cleaning and she managed to snap most of them off within a week *_*This was be just being lazy. I spent so long trying to get french tips painted on nicely that I wanted to keep them as long as possible. I kept top coating over and over!

Hearts! I love hearts! We did a presentation at Neis all about websites and how they can be good for your business. I decided to get some subtle advertising in by painting Blue Crane Design on my nails XD Here is the ring I ordered from Pretty Paris too!

And the last one… purple chains!

When I saw this tiny little delicate chain unlike a normal girl who thinks “Wouldn’t that make a prety necklace?” I thought “I wonder how many top coats I would have to use to stick that to my nails?”. And that’s all she wrote for now. I’m much too busy watching these silly people going over budget on their ridiculous house on “Grand Designs” to blog 😛 I want my own house, I hope Australia’s property market goes bust soon! Then again, from my time working at a bank I have learned that they aren’t exactly happy to give a mortgage to two 22yr olds even if they are incredibly responsible and could pay it easily. Sucks because our rent is as much as a mortgage would be anyway *_*

Hope you all enjoyed the nail art!

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