I love green eye make up, so pretty.

Some of you have been asking about my eye make up so here are a couple of quick shots to show you what I’ve been doing lately!

Good old green eyes. Green graduated to white with black eye liner and mascara. I LOVE liquid eyeliner.

Now this one should look better than this but it was taken with the old camera who’s flash is weird. It’s black faded to pink faded to white, there is black eyeliner (which came out white because of the flash) and diamantes.

I tell you what I would have worn those lashes everyday if I didn’t end up allergic to the glue 🙁 The last time I wore them they gave me such horrible chemical burns that my eyes were puffy for weeks 🙁 It looked like I was wearing red eye liner.

PATCH TEST PEOPLE! Also if you guys know of a good hypo-allergenic eyelash glue send me a link please!

On a completely different note a while ago I was asked to write for SEEK’s new volunteer finder website. I volunteered in a bunch of theaters when I was younger and it was fantastic. Anyway the website is up now so if you’re interested go have a look here: http://www.volunteer.com.au My story is under the Arts/Entertainment category.

And in equally important news I’ve been Konad-ing my butt off this weekend and having a blast! Thanks so Brooke for pointing me towards the Konad competition, I’ve done so many entries that I really hope I win. Wish me luck! I’ll post all the photos later this week 😀

What are your favorite green eye make up looks?

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