Japanese export site Strapya World Review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first shop review! Be warned this is a big post with LOTS of pictures. I thought long and hard about which shop to review first but all the online spending that my K-Rudd Stimulus Money let me do gave me an idea! Everyone is always asking where I get my deco supplies from so here is a review on…

Strapya World!

Now a little background info:

Shop- Strapya-World Url- https://www.strapya-world.com/index.html Location- Japan

Products- Decoden supplies, little fake foods, cell phone straps, Disney and Hello Kitty accessories, random Japanese kitschy junk.

Prices- Well it’s a bit hard to compare as it depends on the exchange rate. Prices are in Japanese Yen. You’re paying more than you’d actually pay in Japan but most of the prices are still quite reasonable as long as your exchange rate doesn’t suck as hard as the Australian Dollar.

Service- I have ordered with Strapya a couple of times and each time the service has been quite good. Items are shipped promptly and the only time I’ve had to email the response was quick and solved my problems. Note though that English is their second language so expect to have to be a little creative with reading any replies :)Shipping- Either surface mail or EMS, I always choose EMS for overseas packages because I don’t trust Australia Post. Also the EMS guy knows to ring my door bell rather than just leaving a note to go pick the package up. For some reason AusPost can’t grasp this fact. Shipping is very quick!Now some photos and more info!I placed my order on the 25th of April and it arrived at my door on the 1st of May, this included a weekend so it wasn’t posted until the 27th… effectively it took 3 working days to get here.This is what I ordered, everything arrived bubble wrapped for protection. Mostly deco supplies with one big thing… A PEARL IN A CAN! (click to be taken to the Strapya listing)

So when I read about this I thought it sounded hilarious! As you all know… I LOVE pearls so how could I pass up the chance to get my own pearl out of a real oyster in a can?! So terribly Japanese it’s awesome.

Here is my adventure with Pearl In A Can..

It comes in a cute little box with some cute Engrish on it. There are 5 colours of pearl that you can get inside and each has a different meaning, more on that later. Things get a bit messy so I would suggest you get a tray or do this over a sink! Inside the box you’ll find the can with the oyster, instructions, a little tool to open the oyster and the necklace in a little blue heart display.

Make sure you read the label… apparently you shouldn’t eat the oyster… I don’t know who would be dumb enough to eat an oyster floating in some kind of alcohol which has been un-refrigerated for several days in the sun… but someone obviously was because there are a LOT of warnings XD

Now make sure to read the instructions and get out this little tool thing.

This is the oyster. If you think it looks gross, you should wait for the smell…

Open up your can with the ring pull and try not to breathe in the over-powering vinegar/alcohol smell.

Heehee it looks silly!

Now pull it out and grab your tool (hahaha)! Wedge it into the oyster and open him up!

Look I found a pearl!!

Make sure to give it a wash and discard the oyster and can!

How cute is that?

Which colour did you get? I got Cream which apparently means success! Go me! Bring on my success! The other colours you can get are: White- Intelligence Cream- Success Pink- Health Purple- Property Black- Love

Now we’ve got the pearl you should get the little cage necklace!

Open it up and pop in the pearl!

Put it back on the necklace and there you go!

How cute is that? I think it’s a great little novelty, especially since it’s currently on sale 90% off for US$9.75. Because it comes in such a nice package it would make a really nice gift.

Of course now you’ve spent all this time making your necklace you should spend some time checking yourself out 😀 Fantastic!

Final thoughts: Strapya- Though it’s not the cheapest, the items are cute, the quality is good and there is lots to choose from. I would recommend it! Pearl in a can- Fun to play with, a good gift and a damn cute necklace in the end!

Now my 2 questions for you guys… 1. Did you like this review? Does it need more/less humor? Would you read more of these? 2. What do you think of my new hair extensions??

As an after thought to all of this, I’ve been featured on Pink Expertise! Wow it seems like I’ve gotten a lot of features lately, it’s been really lovely! Thank you all for reading my blog, you guys are so awesome!

If you want to check out the feature just click the link below 🙂 http://thelifebehindthecoach.typepad.com/pink_expertise/2009 /05/inability-to-give-up.html

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