Yay for deco iphone  3g case!

Heehee I finally got an iPhone! Yay lots of fun, the most fun part is deco-ing it!

What do you think? I ran out of jewels 🙁 I’ll order more soon to finish her. Her name is Ruri btw 😀 Props if you get the reference!


Do you have a deco iphone?

Oh and everyone keeps asking me what sort of glue I use for Decoden… It’s simple really so here is a mini review of all the glue I’ve tried.Clear Nail polish- Terrible, don’t even bother with this, if you want your jewels to stick on permanently. It’s great for a quick fit until you get home if one falls off.

Super Glue- Ok but tends to warp the surface of whatever you’re adding your jewels to. Again good for a quick fix but I wouldn’t bother if you want them to stay on permanently.

Self Stick jewels/sticking sheets- These tend to be ok but you should expect them to come off eventually when the jewel gets bumped around and wriggles off the sticky paper. This is the best option if you would like to change your jewels often.

Epoxy Glue- THE BEST GLUE EVER. Ok there seems to be some kind of confusion over exactly what epoxy glue is… basically it comes in two seperate tubes and you add equal parts of it together and then it hardens at varying speeds depending on what type you buy. This guy is awesome. It doesn’t damage your items, it dries clear, there are varieties with different drying times depending on how confident you are with your deco skills and I have NEVER lost a jewel after I’ve glued it. It is available from hardware stores but I get mine at the $2 store near my house.

So the winner is- Epoxy glue! Hurrah!

*Update* Readers have suggested that E600 glue might be even better than epoxy, I don’t have any but when I test it out I’ll let you all know! */Update*

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