Violet and Jimmy’s Home Sweet Home Project!

Read the full first post explaining it in more detail here!

Violet-LeBeaux-FAQWelcome to my new series “Violet and Jimmy’s Home Sweet Home” ^_^

This is a look into my quest to stop procrastinating and create a beautiful home for James and I to live in.

We are currently renting so everything I do must be removable and change anything big about the apartment. Hopefully this means all of you can do these projects too no matter where you’re living!


See the detailed reveals of each room here:



So what am I trying to get out of this project?

  • To make every part of the house pretty without losing functionality -> I don’t think functional and beautiful are mutually exclusive. Our house needs to be practical so I refuse to settle for less function just because something is pretty.
  • To spend as little money as possible -> I have pretty much no budget for this so I’m probably not going to spend anything unless it comes out of the change jar. (Oh who am I kidding, all THAT money goes to claw machine!)
  • Regain my creativity and problem solving skills -> Not doing things regularly makes me lazy and I don’t like that.
  • Replace all ugly things -> Our place is full of mismatched junk that we’ve collected over the years which I want to replace or rework so it’s visually appealing as well.
  • Practice decorating for our real home -> Use this space to decide on the themes and colours we want for the next place.
  • Stop procrastinating! -> Self explanatory, stop over thinking things so much and just do them! *she types as she has an article about the Titanic, and Youtube open in the other tabs* >_>
  • Surround ourselves with beauty -> I think if our place is brighter and happier then James and I probably will be too.
  • Stop waiting and start DOING! -> Well… duh ^_^


Take a look at all of the projects so far below!



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