My Week In Vlogs June Week 4

I can’t believe it’s been another whole week and it’s the end of June *_* this year is going SO fast!! I completed a big knitting project this year and I’ve finished some long term projects. I have a lot of tutorials coming up this week for projects that have been waiting for ages. I’m excited anyway XD

Casual Back Hair Bow Video Tutorial

I realised I forgot to post last week’s video tutorial as well as this week’s *_* I don’t know where my brain is these last few weeks. I will be replying all of your comments and emails asap! And there will be a new Sew Fun this week all about Overlockers/Sergers.

Today’s tutorial is another bow hairstyle. Bows never get old!

Here is a tutorial for a big bow:
And here’s a tutorial for a mini bow:

And two photos tutorials of the mini and big bow hairstyle tutorials:

One of my projects recently has been transcribing all of my videos to make closed captions and so they can be very easily translated. If you would like to be involved in the translation process and you speak another language send me an email!

Anyway what this means is that I will be posting text instructions with the videos as well so you should be able to follow along. Eventually all of these videos will have photo tutorials to match but for now here is the first transcript!Casual Back Bow Hairstyle Instructions!
Hello Besties!
Today we’re doing yet another bow hairstyle.
This one is really casual and is on the back in a half up/half down style.
Let’s get started!
This style looks really great if your hair is already curled.
Brush your hair backwards and start with your fingers at your ears.
Pull them upwards so you are grabbing a section on either side of your head.
Make sure that you leave the middle bit because we’ll be poking through there in a minute.
Tie the sections with a hairband but on the last loop don’t pull all the way through.
Make sure that the ends of the hair are pointing down and there’s a loop above the tail.
Just like this.
Separate the tails into halves and push them to either side.
Now separate the loop into halves and push them to the sides too.
Grab a little bit of hair from underneath the band.
And pull it upwards over the top of the loops.
This is going to form the middle part of out bow.
To pull it through and hide the band, what you need to do is poke a hold beneath the hairband.
You can use your fingers but I used a teasing comb.
Just to make enough room to pull that piece of hair that we are using through it.
You can either continue wrapping the hair around to hide the band more or just let it hang loose.
That depends on if you want to hide the band or if you are planning on covering it later with an accessory like a bow or a flower.
Now puff up the loops on the side so that they look more bow like and give the whole thing a blast of hairspray.
Pin anything in place that’s sticking out weirdly.
I was aiming for a casual version of this style so I left it a bit messy.
You can also do a sleek, elegant version by using a bit more hairspray and smoothing down all the fly aways.
What you should have is a nice bow at the top with some cute curly ribbons hanging down below.
Tadaa! Totally cute.
All done!
The perfect cute but casual hairstyle!
I’ve done a lot of other bow tutorials for mini and huge bows, so make sure you check those out too.
I hope this was a useful video.
If you enjoyed it make sure to like, comment, favourite, subscribe or whatever you want to do!
And thanks so much for watching!

How To Dye Pink Gradient/Ombre Hair Extensions

I was sent some human hair extensions to play with by VPFashion so I set about dying them to match my actual hair colour. I ordered the lightest blonde but my hair is almost white so I needed to bleach then add the pink over the top as I do on my normal hair.

The results were very good and I had a lot of fun playing around with them. I will wear them quite often to give my hair more volume in places.

You can an $8 discount on the VPFashion site by entering violetlebeaux1031 in the “Referred By YTB Guru” option when checking out.

These clip in extensions were from vpfashion: 

Hair Length – 24 inches
Hair Color – 613A# white blonde
Hair Texture – Straight(Silky)

Check more vpfashion extensions:

Link here to become a fan of vpfashion:

The dye I’m using for the pink is Paint Box Pink Moon:

Thanks for watching!




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Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

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Pink Gradient/Ombre Hair Extension Instructions!

Hello! Today I’m going to show you how I dyed my hair extensions in the same sort of pink gradient that my real hair is.
I love my hair but sometimes it’s nice to have extra length and volume so… HAIR EXTENSIONS!
I’m using human hair extensions provided by VPFashion.
These ones are #613A- White Blonde. Use the code “violetlebeaux1031” to get $8 off your order.
Link in the description.
These extensions are great quality but the colour is just not quite right.
I used the extensions, my usual blonde dye, my pink dye, scissors, a brush, some paper and my phone as a timer.
Firstly, lay out some paper to protect your surface from the dye because it’s going to get messy!
I would think that most of you would do this in your bathroom rather than your living room so it probably wouldn’t be nessecary.
The next thing I did was mix up the bleach. Please read and follow the instructions that come with the bleach you’re using.

For the rest of the written instructions check my blog or turn on closed captions!

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