Flicked Fringe Retro Hairstyle Tutorial Video!

I don’t usually talk about sucky things happening here but this week has been an absolute bust. I haven’t been able to finish anything at all that I started >_<

Between catching a cold while standing on a freezing air field tarmac on a photography job with James, craft projects failing miserably, several friends having major life crisis’s and illnesses, family members being in hospital, Lottie stealing some panadol and spending all day throwing up… it’s just been kind of a sucky 2 weeks.

So instead of spending the night editing and then posting one of the craft tutorials that failed fairly miserably I’m calling today a wash and going to bed early to kick my cold and regroup so I can do better tomorrow!

Sometimes rather than trying to push through crappiness you just need to reset your clock, watch a movie, eat some junk food and wake up for a new day tomorrow!

In lieu of a real post here’s a hair tutorial video I forgot to post last week!

Today we’re doing a style which has a little bit of a retro twist! The deep part with a flicked fringe is really fun and you can dress it up or down.

Written Instructions:

Hello Besties!
Today we’re doing a side swept look with a lot of volume and some retro curls at the front.
But first… Dance break!
Sorry, I watch kpop playlists while I film these and sometimes you just have to dance!
Ok, start with some pre-curled hair. Use your teasing comb to take a section and tease it at the root.
Then give it a blast of hairspray.
After another little dance break, take another section of hair from the other side.
Then tease that at the root and flip it over to the other side.
Repeat this until you think it looks good.
I flipped over three sections.
Now tease back your fringe and push that over to the side until it looks like you’ve been in some kind of storm!
Very lightly brush the top to smooth over the teasing.
Now leave that side and we’ll come back to it later.
Take the remaining section of hair, pull it backwards and pin it in place with your favourite accessory.
Now back to the other side again.
Very lightly brush your hair so it smoothes but doesn’t kill the volume for the tease.
Now shape the bottom of your fringe into a bit of a was and hairspray in place.
At the end of the wave I’m adding a little curl with my finger and some hairspray.
To accent this wave even further I’m going to add a second curl just behind it facing the other way.
You can add as many curls as you want in as many sizes as you want, just hairspray the bajeezus out of them.
So this is my second curl. Taadaa.
I like how over the top it looks but you can obviously tone this down a bit if that’s your style.
Having these curls makes the side swept look much more obvious as well as fabulous.
Now separate your other curls while you spray to finish everything off.
And you’re done.
It’s cute and a little bit saucy.
Please like, comment, favourite and subscribe if you liked it!
Thanks so much for watching. Bye!~~~~~~~~~~~~

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How To Make Strawberry Sugar Cubes! Video and Photo Tutorial

This time for my weekly youtube tutorial I wanted to try something different and so we have a new series… Violet Sucks at Cooking… But Looks Adorable Doing It!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.56.19 PM


DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.37.30 PM


For the first episode I decided to make my own flavoured sugar cubes in cute little shapes.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.12 PM


The hearts are my favorite!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.20 PM


So get yourself a cute outfit and let’s get started. I made my chef hat, here’s how I did it!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.43 PM

And here is the video version!

So let’s get started.

You need:

  • Sugar
  • Food colour or flavour, I’m using cake flavouring
  • Water
  • Cute moulds, preferably silicon

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.58.30 PM


Add your sugar to a mixing bowl. The amount you need depends on how many you want to make, I used around 1/4 of a cup to begin with then made another batch.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.58.56 PM


Grab your flavouring, I chose strawberry.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.59.11 PM


Add a few drops to the sugar.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.59.29 PM



Mix it with a spoon thoroughly until it’s completely pink and coated.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.59.50 PM

It smells SO good.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.00.01 PM


Add a teaspoon or two of water to the mixture until it turns into a slushee kind of consistancy. You don’t want to dissolve or melt the sugar, just get it a bit damp.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.00.13 PM

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.03 PM

Once the mixture is ready, spoon it into the moulds.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.21 PM


Press the sugar into each shape, make sure it’s smooshed in so there are no air pockets.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.39 PM


You should have something like this:

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.02.50 PM

Now pop them into the oven on the grill setting. You need to keep a close eye on them because we want the water to evaporate but we don’t want the sugar to melt.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.01.53 PM

While I was waiting I had a puppy cuddle break. I think she was just trying to get to the sugar >_>

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.02.36 PM

If you don’t want to put the sugar into the oven you can just leave them out on the bench over night to dry.

Once they’re all hard and dry just pop them out on to a plate.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.03.06 PM


Keep in mind that if you don’t have chocolate moulds like this you can just roll the sugar out on to a tray and use cookie cutters or a knife to cut the shapes.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.03.16 PM



DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.03.27 PM


YAY!! So cute and delicious!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.04.01 PM


I like to use them with English Breakfast tea, it’s delicious!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.04.08 PM


Now let’s all rejoice that I didn’t burn the kitchen down 😀

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.04.35 PM

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what I should cook next!



How To Do A Twisted Plait Hairstyle – Video Tutorial

Happy Monday!

This week’s video tutorial was a reader request. I wore this style in a couple of outfit posts and the hair was a lot more eye catching than I thought it would be. It’s so easy that I usually wear it on my lazy days XD

Hope you enjoy!

Written transcript:
Hey besties!
Welcome to another hair tutorial!
This one is a viewer request from an outfit post I did a while ago while I was wearing it!
Twisted Plaits
Start with some clean, brushed hair and divide it into two sections.
Take the first section, divide it into three sections, then plait it down to the very bottom.
Make sure you start the plait fairly high up, just behind the top of your ear.
You want the plaits to be quite tight otherwise the end result won’t stick up correctly.
Now secure it in place with a hair tie at the end!
Now repeat on the other side!
Plait! Plait like a swiss mountain girl in a fairy tale!
Secure it in place and you’re halfway there! Or you know, leave it like this and call it a day! Lazy win!
Now take the first plait and twist it backwards as tightly as you feel comfortable.
Then roll it around it’s self into a little bun and then pull the hair tie off at the end.
Once it’s off, continue wrapping the hair tightly around the base.
As you go, pull the plait out a little bit and it will form a twist, like this!
Once you’re finished put a hair tie back on it to keep that sucker in place!
The end result should look like this.
Now (obviously) repeat on the other side!
Twist it backwards…
…roll it up on itself…
…pull it out a little bit…
…and hair tie it in place!
Adjust it as necessary so they are the same length.
Accessory time! You can go big with a hair flower but I like to wear this with a simple pearl headband.
Tadaa! Cute, adorable and a little bit different to plain old buns or plain old plaits.
This looks a bit different because of my gradient, but it looks GREAT with dark hair colours.
Let me know if you give this one a go and thanks so much for watching, bye!

Dumb Ways To Die Nail Art Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

If you haven’t already seen the original Dumb Ways To Die video, you totally need to because it’s freaking adorable. The downside is that you’ll have the song stuck in your head for WEEKS… and then you’ll have to download the game too and then you’ll never get it out of your head >_<

My favorites are the kidney seller and the piranha bait guy! Poor sad little guys XD

Let me know if any of you guys try it out! I am really getting back into nail art at the moment and I want to practice a lot and improve my skills again! I’ve got a few still on my list but if you have any requests make sure to let me know!

Credits:This nail art was inspired by the Dumb Ways To Die video produced by Metro Melbourne.

Watch the original video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw
Watch the karaoke version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QV2HAYKP7E&feature=youtu.be
Dumb Ways To Die website: http://dumbwaystodie.com/
Music is by Tangerine Kitty and is the karaoke version of Dumb Ways To Die provided for download for fan use.

Here is the text transcript!

Hey Besties. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with these cute little morbid characters.

So here’s my take on Dumb Ways To Die nail art!

If you like to use a protective base on your nails then apply that first otherwise start with some base colours.

I didn’t have some of the colours I needed, so I had to mix my own.

Paint your base coat till it’s completely opaque.

the colours we are using match the backgrounds from the video.

Each little guy has their own colour, so if you choose to do different characters you’ll need to work that out.

Otherwise you can paint your the same colours I painted mine.

Sell both your kidneys on the internet.

We’re going to be using acrylic paint to paint the characters.

For all of them, start with a colour that matches and then apply details in a slightly darker shade.

For the kidney sell we start with, of all things, a kidney shape.

Then add some little legs with feel and arms to hold a wad of cash.

Now the details. First off he needs a fist full of money in green and then a cool scar in red.

He has a big cheesy grin in white and then black dots for eyes with tiny little white highlights.

I also gave him a dark circle to stand on for some added dimension.

Once it’s dry, give it a top coat.

Stand on the edge of a train station platform.

I ended up redoing this guy because I didn’t like the way he turned out.

Start with an egg of pink for the body with thin arms and legs.

He’s got some floppy yellow hair and I used some dark pink for the shading.

A red headphone cord and a black dot for his mouth.

In the redone version I added a train station platform and made him a little smaller.

Use your private parts as piranha bait.

This one is my favorite!

He’s only half a kidney shape because this guy knows how to have fun!

So start with a light pink, then the details are a circle below him as well as eyebrows and a lower lip.

His face is a big scared mouth with two little eyes.

For his bones add a spine, then a figure 8 for his hips, some legs and ribs in white.

Don’t forget to add the water and some biting fishes in red.

Oh no my junk!

Some little black eyes for the fish.

Poke a stick at a grizzly bear.

This guy is like the other half of piranha boy.

So half a jelly bean shape with little arms and legs.

Give him a darker blue shadow for some dimension and a poking stick.

Some pink for his exposed wound.

You need a bear to poke in brown.

Last but not lease you ened a dot of white for his spine and a little fountain of blood in red.

Don’t poke the bear!

Get your toast out with a fork.

This guy is just a sad little skeleton.

So, I round face with a spine, figure 8 for his hips, couple of hoops for ribs and two lines for arms.

Now some black for the ashes, fork, toaster lever and his sad sad face.

He really wanted that toast you guys.

Finally add the rest of the toaster and a frown in grey.

Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place.

First let’s do the clothes dryer.

My right thumbnail is really small which is why I chose it for this nail.

So a simple circle in white then another circle in purple.

Black for eyes and a frown that immediately regrets it’s hiding spot.

Once again some white highlights for the eyes and this is the only dummy who gets teeth.

Take your helmet off in outer space.

This guy is just a big red blob so let’s start with that.

Then give him a grey space suit, line back to the ship and a helmet.

Now add the details.

Some dark grey shadows on the suit and helmet, then two white lines to finish it off.

While you have your white out, you might as well give him some bulging eyes.

Dress up like a moose during hunting season.

This guy requires a bit of space so save him for a big nail.

So first paint some stripes on to be the background of the forest.

Once it’s dry, paint on a green blob with little string arms.

Then add a helmet in dark green and the face details in the same colour.

How are you guys at painting with your left hand? I could use a little more practise.

Let’s add some glorious antlers so everyone totally buys that he’s a moose.

Some entry wounds in red.

I went over the face in black but in the end I re-did the whole nail.

Again, not left handed.

Invite a psycho killer inside you house.

The psycho killer is a big oval of green with a darker green oval inside.

Use the same dark green for his arm then top it off with a dark brown blob.

He’s got a big white hockey mask that goes over most of the dark green circle.

And three white claws.

Three lines on the outside of the mask then just fill in the middle with eyes and random black dots.

Eat a tube of super glue.

Super glue dude is just a big round circle.

Clearly he needs to lay off the super glue.

Paint his legs in a darker shade then add a cute little smile and some eyes.

Lastly add the super glue!

Nom nom nom!

And there you have it, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

Of course once you have cute nail art like this you totally have to do the dance.

As Metro says be safe around trains.

Thanks so much for watching! Bye!

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