Animal Crossing New Leaf QR: Pink Winter Coat

While it’s not really the right season here in real life, Animal Crossing following the Northern Hemisphere seasons… so it’s snowing at the moment while I’m suffering in 35C weather. Of course I still want to dress the part in game so I made a replica of my favourite real life pink jacket 😀 I think I should make another version of this but with my big pink scarf at the front too.

hni_0079 hni_0080 hni_0081 hni_0082

Animal Crossing New Leaf QR: Spots Set

This was actually the first ACNL custom design I made! I can’t believe it took me over a year of playing to get around to making custom designs *_* Enjoy and I hope you’re having a good Boxing Day (and not getting mobbed by crowds) if you celebrate!

hni_0083 hni_0084 hni_0085 hni_0086

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