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Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

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Bear Ear Hairstyle Instructions:
Time for another hair tutorial.
Today I’m doing something a little bit different.
This style is pretty out there but also pretty versatile.
I’ve seen some people calling it Minnie Mouse ears, others calling it bear ears, others calling it big double bun ear thing… ok that one was just me but that’s not the point.
Either way let’s get started.
First off, separate you hair into two sections and pin away your fringe.
So tie you hair up into really high ponytails like this.
The higher they are, the higher your ears will eventually be.
I find that this style is easiest to do if you’ve already straightened your hair first.
Straightened hair is just easier to get to sit the way that this hairstyle needs to.
These ears we want to be really big.
So once you hair your hair in the ponytails, pull them upwards and then tease around the base.
The teasing is what’s going to keep it all together eventually so you won’t have any weird gaps.
When I fold it like this you can see what I mean.
Without the teasing it would still work but it can be a lot harder to get a completely even gap free finish.
But if you do prefer not to tease your hair it’s definitely still possible.
After you’ve done the teasing give it a quick blast of hairspray to set and then grab another hair band.
Pull it over the ponytail and again depending on how stretchy your hair tie is.
Then only pull the ponytail half way through so you’ve got a big poufy bit sticking up now.
Grab the end of the ponytail and wrap it around the base.
What you’re doing here is obscuring the band.
Of course the ends of my hair are pink so it just makes it more obvious but if your hair is all one colour it works a lot better.
Fluff out the loop that you’ve got.
You can see because it’s teased it all stays together.
Fluff it out and pull the hair right around to the middle so it’s covering the band and forming a complete circle.
Then just pin it in place.
Now you just need to repeat on the other side. Tease at the base, hairspray, use a hair tie to form a loop.
Wrap the ends of the hair around to hide it.
Pull it around so it forms a huge bun and pin as many times as you need to.
Pretty cute!
As far as bear ears go, there are actually two versions of this.
A huge puffy one like this and a little one which is a little less crazy.
So if you want me to do a tutorial on that version let me know in the comments.
Once you’re all done with that all you need to do is give the whole thing another spray with hairspray.
Maybe add some cute little accessories and if you’ve got a fringe just style it as you would normally.
All done!
And pretty damn cute if I do say so myself.
That’s one gigantic puffy ear of some kind!
Lottie was super annoyed that I stole her favorite toy for filming this tutorial so she had to come and let you know what I jerk I was.
Here’s a very public apology, I’m sorry Lottie… I’m not really.
So whether you’re using this as bear ears, Minnie Mouse ears, I don’t know, squirrel ears or just big cute poufy buns, it’s really easy to do.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you check out the blog post linked in the description for heaps more tutorials and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, favorite or whatever you want to do.
Thanks so much for watching, bye!

I’m Perfection Speckled Eyeliner – Illamasqua Transformation

I’m still catching up from our weekend in Canberra so I thought it would be nice to kick off the week with a video of a Transformation I took part in for Illamasqua’s new collection. I was invited last week so I could have a look through the new collection I’MPERFECTION. The premise of this collection is to celebrate all of the things we generally try to hide as imperfections.

Here is the video we made of the day, hope you enjoy!

I could really see myself wearing the speckle eyeliner again and there’s an extremely neat 1960’s style look using the b/w combination in the brochure which I want to recreate.


The whole collection is pretty awesome but the things I really liked from the collection were the Speckle Polishes and the Precision Ink eyeliners. The speckle range is supposed to be inspired imperfections on eggs. I’ve been a fan of Precision Ink for quite some time now but seeing the white and black combination really inspired me to try some new looks.





The new Blush Up brush is definitely an interesting concept which I could see helping some people with application but I tend to wear very light rounded blush if any so I couldn’t see myself using it too much.

I LOVE the pink eyebrows, I really want to practice doing this myself so I can have pink eyebrows more often 😀


Here is a list of what Rebecca used in the Transformation.


  • Matt primer
  • Skin Base #2
  • Cream pigment in Emerge for colour correction
  • Loose powder #010
  • Concealer #115
  • Powder Foundation #113


  • Contoured with Blush Duo Katie/Ambition using Blush Up brush
  • Highlight using Powder Eyeshadow in Sex
  • Define brows with Katie blush and sealing gel


  • Base- Cream pigment in Hollow
  • Shadows- Stealth, Heroine and Pivot
  • Waterline- Wiplash pencil
  • Liner- Speckled line with Abyss and Scribe Precision Ink
  • Lashes- #21


  • Whiplash pencil and Shoot Lipgloss


  • Bait pencil and Immodest Gloss

After we were finished filming we switched out the green lipgloss for a pink so it was a little more “me” and grocery-shopping friendly XD


How To Do An Overhead Braid Mini Ponytail – Hairstyle Photo Tutorial

I’m heading off to Canberra today so by the time you guys read this James and I will probably already be on the plane ^_^ I think this is the hairstyle I’ll be wearing today too!


And here is the video version of the tutorial that I did quite some time ago.

This style requires you to have basic knowledge of how to braid, I’m planning to cover the basics in another upcoming tutorial for those of you who don’t already know.

Start with brushed hair.



Grab a section at the front of your head starting from just behind the ears.



Pull it up like this and then tie the rest of the hair out of the way.


And then flip/brush it over to the side you want the ponytail to end up on.


Take a very small section of hair just above the ear on one side. Begin the braid using that small section of hair.



Continue the braid using small loose sections hair hair so it goes over the top of your head from one side to the other. The arrows below indicate the ways the strands of the braid sit on the head. If you want the braid to sit up more and be a bit puffy make sure the sections of hair you use are loose. If you have thinner hair you can use sea salt spray to help give volume.



When you reach this point stop.



From the top it will look like this:



Brush any left over hair up to the top of your head and then tie it all into a ponytail.


I like my ponytail to sit really vertical so I try to angle the band upwards.


The pieces of the braids may get messed up while you tie the hair tie so to give it some extra puff you can pull them out a bit once it’s all secure.



Now just add a pretty accessory like a flower and you’re all good to go!



From the top:



This style looks good  straight or curled.


Hope you guys enjoyed. I’ll be shooting the next set of these tutorial next week when we get back so if there any styles you want me to cover just leave a comment!


And here’s the downloadable tutorial!




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Neutral Make Up?! News And Updates- Morning Make Up

I love bb cream
Coastal Scents 88 shimmer shadows
Maybelline Eyestudio- Give me gold
Tokuya brown eyeliner
Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara
The Face Shop: Love Me white liner
Lashes: Tokyo Wink
Illamasqua Precision Ink Liner Abyss
Chanel Lipstick- 93 Exaltee
Chanel Lipgloss- 57 Insolence .



A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Mail: PO BOX 372, Collins St West, VIC 8007, Australia


Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited


Neutral Eye Make Up Instructions!
It’s time for another edition of Morning Make Up where I do my make up and we chat!
And today we’re doing something a little bit different, well different for me anyway: Neutrals!
These are the products and brushes that I’m using today.
Starting of course, with your regular foundation routine.
Today I wore a bronze neutral look so let’s get started!
Clip your hair back. There’s a tutorial on my blog on how to make this particular little velcro clippy.
Apply a nice thick coat of mascara.
Those of you who are observant will probably notice that things are a little bit different in this video.
But let’s get to the make up first.
I’m using a white shimmer pencil just as a highlighter under the brows then smudging it out with a finger.
Then I’m just going to seal it in with a little bit of white shadow.
So what do you guys think of the new set up?
Now that I’ve given the whole house a make over, it seemed a shame not to use it!
I’m giving the whole lid a wash with some light gold shadow here to act as a base for all of the other shadows.
So I’m ditching the backdrop for now and we’re going to try some more tutorials here.
This set up is definitely a little bit different from my old one but hopefully it’s an improvement!
Next I’m using some darker bronze just to give some depth to the outer corner.
I’m applying it in a pointed “C” shape.

Turn on captions or visit my blog for a full transcript.

How To Do Lady Rainicorn Nail Art – Adventure Time Tutorial

Yay! Today I’ll show you how to do the long awaited Lady Rainicorn nailart 😀

I did these last year for Halloween to go with my Princess Bubblegum costume.

Here is a video tutorial tutorial and there’s a downloadable version at the bottom too!



Now this is quite an easy design so long as you can use a nail striping brush. Start by painting a light blue base coat.


Now starting from a tiny bit above the cuticle on your pinky finger, stripe a red line which goes across all 4 fingers. The line should  arch across the fingers so when they’re spread out it makes a big matching curve.


Next add a matching yellow stripe above the red one.



Then a green one.


And a blue one. Make sure to start each stripe slightly above the cuticle on the pinky so you can later add the legs.


Then purple.


Lastly a pink stripe to top it off.




Now while all of that dries it’s time to do the head. On your thumb use the pink to paint a big “U” shape and fill it in.


Under that paint a short stripe of purple.


Then blue.


Then green.


And yellow, curve the yellow around the green a bit so it looks more neck-like.


Paint two red stripes for legs and do this on the pinky as well.


Add a little pink to the bottom of the legs.


Now it’s time for the mane.


Use a light yellow to create a flowing mane on the index finger and half way through to the middle finger.


Add the yellow mane to the face and cover up all of the edges of the U shape.


Add a white triangle for the horn.


Now it’s time to outline everything. You can use a thin sharpie or a thin paint brush to draw on the black. The sharpie is easy to control but the drawback is that it’s easier to ruin it by getting streak when you apply the top coat.


The black outlines really make it look cartoony and pop 😀



This is the time to clean up any mistakes around the edges of your fingers. I like to use a little bit of cotton wrapped around a cuticle stick and dipped in remover to erase them all.


On the face you want to do a big black circle for the eye too.


Then dot a white circle over it to complete the look. At this point I decided to go over the black lines again to make them extra dark, if you paint them on you won’t need to. If you’re worried about being able to control black polish like that it can be easier to use acrylic paint. If you make a mistake you can just wipe it off and start again 😉


Wait until everything is 100% dry and then top coat it very carefully. Try not to drag the brush too much or else you may smudge the design.




Oh. My. Glob. You guise. These nails are like totally fricking awesoooooome.


Of course… you want to be pretty good with painting with both hands for a design like this. I rushed the second hand so I had Lady Rainicorn on the left and Lady Rainicorn’s derpy sister on the right XD


Bonus photo, it helps to have a Jake on your side to hold your polishes and try to steal your tissues!


You’ll look totally lumping fabulous 😉

How To Make Glitter Sole Shoes- Craft Tutorial

I’ve done several glitter shoe tutorials before but this one has been on my list for quite some time. I love the look of shoes with brightly coloured soles so glitter is the perfect way to highlight that even more. For anyone who was wondering, the shoes are from DreamV and they are SUPER uncomfortable!

The trick to this version not requiring a top coat of anything is the kind of glue used. I use wash n wear fabric glue but any non-water soluble fabric glue will work fine. If you decide to use a PVA or regular white craft glue keep in mind that they are only going to be water resistant, not water proof. You will also need to top coat with more glue in that case as they are weaker glues. There’s a tutorial for how to glitter sneakers that way over here. 

This is the first craft video we’ve shot using the DLSR and I’m really happy with the new set up so far, it was a lot more work so if you enjoyed it share it and let me know! Now I’m just waiting for my new lights to get here so I can do even more things like this without needing to wait for the sun! 😀

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