The Perfect Vintage Christmas – Violet Vision

Good morning everyone, I’ve got another video for you all today and it’s on my version of a Vintage Christmas!

The delightful Super Kawaii Mama is having a competition at the moment and the winner will walk away with some absolutely beautiful prizes including gifts from Blue Velvet Vintage, For Luna and Notorious Kitsch!

So all you needed to do to enter is show what your Perfect Vintage Christmas would look like. Btw, how cute is the little banner she made for the comp below?




So because I’ve been a bit obsessed with my video camera lately I decided to make a video…

So I guess what I was trying to say is that my Perfect Vintage Christmas takes a lesson from the cliche 50’s and 60’s values as well as style ^_^

Hope you enjoyed my vintage Christmas video!

Video Make Up Tutorial- and Eco Tools Brushes Review

I have been planning to do this Eco Tools brushes review for a while and remember all that time ago when I promised you videos?


Well today my friends I deliver! Everyone kept asking about my make up so I have made you all a video tutorial on how I do my basic every-day make up. I really hope you all enjoy it, I’m not a pro at editing or shooting things yet but I am learning so be gentle ^_^ Also how awesomely flattering is the screen cap that got picked for the video XD

P.S What do you guys think of the theme song James wrote for me? How sweet of him!

Ok so the other half of this post is about the brushes I used in the video. This is a list of all the products I used in the tutorial:
-Foundation- Innoxa Satin Sheen Buttermilk
-Concealer- Bourjois Brush Concealer
-Powder- Cover Girl Tru Blend Minerals 405
-Mascara- Cover Girl Lash Blast
-Blush/Pink eye shadow- Boujois blush 35 Rose D’or
-White/Black eyeshadow- Be Yourself Eyeshadow
-Eyelash curler- 1000 Hour Lashes Heated Eye Lash curler
-Eyelashes- 1000 Hour Lashes
-Eyelash glue- Lash Me Type 1
-Lip Tint- Bourjois Rouge Hi-tech 65-Cyber cassis
-Lip Gloss- Prestige Vinylwear High ShineJust before the Nuffnang Awards I was sent a box of EcoToolsmake up brushes to test out so here is my review…As someone who is a beginner in make up techniques I am always looking for the simplest, easiest ways to do things. Up until I got this set I was using those little foam applicators that came with my eye shadow pots. They always break and don’t last very long and I found that quite frustrating, I also didn’t like the fact that it was quite hard to get a precise line.


So when EcoTools send me this package I was quite excited to be able to try out some brushes! In this pack there are 5 different brushes and a matching bamboo container, you can also buy the brushes individually and the prices range from AU$4.95 – $22.95 (available from Priceline Kmart & Price Attack) which as I understand it is fairly run of the mill for make up brushes of this level. The brushes in my pack are the following:
-Blush applicator
-Angled Eyeliner brush
-Eyebrow brush
-Concealer Brush
-Eyeshadow brush

DSC_0076_091116_3659 copy

I tested them all out pretty well as you can see in the video! I gave them a brief play with before we went to Singapore but the big test was really my make up for the Nuffnang Awards and you can see by looking back at the photos, they passed with flying colours ^_^


The thing with EcoTools is that it’s made from all cruelty-free sustainable materials (hence the bamboo holder). So you can feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment while you’re doing your make up XD When I read the back and discovered that the bristles were synthetic I was a bit apprehensive about whether they would be scratchy but I was pleasantly surprised, it’s so soft it’s kind of like rubbing suede on your face! Also because they are made of bamboo and aluminum they weight practically nothing. That’s great if you’re traveling so you can pack in more copies of Japanese magazines!

My favorite brush is the angled eyeliner one. I don’t use eyeliner often but I’ve found it’s really useful use for getting into to all those annoying parts like the corner of my eyes with eyeshadow! Genius!


I thought the box thingy was quite a handy addition to the pack because I would have no idea how to store something like this. Knowing my track record with my bathroom mess they would probably just end up laying on the counter somewhere ^_^ But now I have the box thingy I’ll keep all my pointy make up items like mascara, lash curler etc in there too!

So final thoughts? Well I’ve thrown out all the old foam applicators and as I mention in the video, I really do like having a set of brushes. I think it’s enough to say I’m using them every day now! I think it will enable me to be more adventurous with make up ideas in future ^_^ I would give these 8/10 over all, they were quite easy to use, the quality and price were good and the presentation was quite cute. I bet they’ll look even better after I deco them 😉


So what is your verdict on my video? Like/dislike? Anything in particular you want to see me do next time? I’m open to suggestions (within reason) ^_^

P.S. Can you totally tell James took these pictures for me because they’re all fancy and arty? If any of you and interested in amature photography you should go and take a look at his blog because he’s started writing tutorials with tips and things now ^_^

Thanks for the reading my eco tools brushes review!

Violet's Every Day Romantic Make Up Tutorial

This was my first attempt at a make up tutorial. My technique is that of a beginner and this was done as part reader request tutorial and part way to document my own progress.

Thanks for watching! I upload two new videos a week on my main channel plus heaps of vlogs on my second channel so make sure to subscribe to keep up to date!

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Text transcript:

Automatically translated by machine.

You can’t say no to the girl with the lashes, the girl with the lashes.

Today on Violet Vision: How to do Violet’s Make Up.

Hi everyone and welcome to Violet Vision.

This is the first episode and today I’m going to show you how I do my make up.

Step one is to style your hair and make sure it’s out of your face.

Next I’m going to apply some foundation.

Make sure you get a good even coverage so you have a good base to work with for the rest of the tutorial.

I should also mention that the tips I’m going to give you today aren’t necessarily the best way to do your make up, this is just how I do my everyday make up.

I’m not a make up artist so there you go.

Pin your fringe back is the next step, it’s probably a good idea if you are going to put working with the top part of your head as well.

No body really sees the top of my head so sometimes I’m lazy and don’t bother but you might not have a fringe so there you go.

Next step is applying concealer, I like to apply it under my eyes. I tend to stay up late blogging a lot so there go the dark circles.

Any concealer will do the trick here but I prefer to use the ones with the little brushes and just use my fingers to smooth it in properly just because I think it gives a bit more control.

And I make sure to get it in the little creases in the inner corners of my eyes just so there are no weird dark spots.

You can use it for pimples too of course.

Next step is applying finishing powder. I prefer to use mineral powder because it goes nicely on my skin and suits the colour of my skin.

The next step is is mascara, very important!

I usually apply several coats of mascara because my lashes are non-existent. You can just apply one or apply throughout the tutorial.

I like to put on some after I’ve applied my false lashes.

You can clean up any mistakes just by getting a cotton bud and dipping it in water and then rubbing the stray mascara off.

Good as new.

Now you need to curl your lashes. I’m using the electric one from thousand hour lashes because it works for me. Whatever works well for you is good as well. You just need to heat it up for around 10 seconds before you use it.

I used to use the little scissor ones as well but I kept pinching myself so I think this is definitely the safer option.

If you want to apply blush this is the time to do it. A lot of the time I don’t use blush but if you like the extra doll like look this helps. I flush very easily so I don’t usually bother.

Now we’re going to apply the false lashes I’m using 1000 hour lashes.

You’ll need some glue as well. A good tip for false lashes is to actually fit them to your eye and cut off the extra. Some lashes are really long or even too short and you’ll look a little silly if they hang off the edge.

Basically you just apply the glue and press on. Some glues will need a few minutes to dry so wait around 20 seconds to wait for the glue to get tacky before you apply.

My glue is a bit crap so the only way to get it to stick is to put them straight on.

It’s by no means the best glue but it’s the only glue that I’m not allergic to.

So what you need to do is just apply a little bit of glue to the bone edge of your lashes.

You can either use your fingers or tweezers to apply them.

I like to use my fingers because I’m very uncoordinated with tweezers.

So just pop the inner corner on first and press it down.

Make sure that it’s in the right place and word your way to the edges. You want to get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible.

Make sure to get a glue which dries clear. You can see all of the white bits there so you’d end up with white bits everywhere.

So now we’re going to apply lip colour.

I use a lip stain or the base so I can choose how bright I want the colour to be depending on my mood.

Again I like to just put it on with my finger because I think it’s the easiest way to get the shape you want.

Of course the drawback to this is that you end up with a pink finger so make sure to wash it off.

Now applying the shine colour to the lips.

So this is pretty much just to give the lips some shine and make them pop.

Now I’m going to apply the black eyeshadow to the eye.

What you’re going to need is an angled eyeshadow brush and some black shadow. You can use eyeliner but I prefer shadow because it’s easier to blend.

So what you want to do is load up your brush and draw a line right above where you applied the lashes and extend it out a bit.

You don’t want it to be super dark, just a little bit to give a bit of mystery.

And just put a little flick at the side following the line of the lashes.

So now I’m going to apply the pink shadow.

Just the same pink blush that I sued on my cheeks but now for the eyes.

I’m going to be using a medium rounded brush to apply it and basically what I’m going to be doing is loading up the brush and giving the entire eye a sweep.

This is the main colour we’re using. So as you go just blend into the black you already put down so it gives a nice gradient.

Blending is really the key to this look.

The brushes I’m using are from EcoTools, their tagline is earth friendly tools and they’re actually my favorite at the moment.

They’re really light so you can take them traveling everywhere. So there you go, that’s how the pink goes.

Now we’re going to apply the white shadow.

And you need the angled brush again and obviously the white shadow.

Again this is where I point out that I’m not a professional make up artist and this is just how I do my make up.  Load your brush with white.

Pop some eyeshadow in the inner corner. You want to blend it in to the pink you already laid down.

And make sure you get a little tiny bit below the eye as well. This is where the angled eyeliner brush is really handy to get right into that corner.

What this will do is make your eyes appear a little wider set than they are so they look big and cute.

Now it’s time to unpin your fringe again. Obviously if you didn’t have a fringe to begin with you can probably skip this step.

Give it a good brush out and you’re ready to go to a meet up or a night on the town.

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial and I’m looking forward to what you have to say about it.

I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.

Thanks so much for watching.


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