Pink Remake Of My Eyelash Holder – Home Sweet Home

Sometimes these Home Sweet Home projects really only need a little updating to make them work. With that in mind I remade my old eyelash holder, check out the original tutorial here.


Bathroom Bottle Organisation – Home Sweet Home

One of the things I keep stressing to myself when doing these Home Sweet Home projects is that functional doesn’t have to mean ugly and that was my main point in this mini project for our bathroom soaps dispensers.


How To Make A String Nautical Style Container


This craft project was really inspired by James. Our conversation went something like this:

Violet: I have all this string, what should I do with it?

James: *inappropriate suggestion not fit for the internet*

Violet: -_-‘ I meant a craft project!

James: That could be considered a craft project…

Violet: What about something for around the home?

James: How about some kind of nautical home accessories? Like to hold flowers or candles or something?

Violet: Holding candles in flammable string might not be a great idea but sure let’s see how that goes!

This was the pile of string I was trying to be inspired by:


How To Store Belts- Home Sweet Home

Almost 3 years ago now on Twitter Miss Esme and the Laneway asked me if I had any ideas on how to store belts in a more organised way. At the time I didn’t own any belts but I do actually remember these things XD

So 3 years later here we are hahaha!

Living in an apartment with very limited storage space means having to find ways to display things as well as store them neatly. I collect scarves and now I have a decent collection of belts to my name as well so it was time to do something useful with them rather than hiding them in a drawer which could be used for better things.

The solution: commandeer a suit pants clothes hanger and arrange the belts and scarves in one easy to hang area!


Cute Bow Pencil Case DIY

A little while ago my friend Kim was nice enough to give me this cute bow shaped pencil case for my birthday. So cute!


I realised when she gave it to me that I had a big bow at home in my craft pile that came off a really cute bag which I’d accidentally spilled a drink on. I thought why not make a matching bigger version to keep even more pencils in!

And here they are together!


How To Make A Removable Fabric Bed Head Board – Home Sweet Home

This is the story of how I made our new headboard out of $7 of plastic sheeting and some pillows.

Now it looks like this 😀 😀 😀


And before it looked like this…


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