Cleaning is stylish… how to organise your make up

How to clean up your make up area collection.

If you’re anything like me your bathroom tends to end up like this after a week or so of being lazy.

Ever mindful that this amount of messy-ness looks unclean and is probably unhygienic I set about to find a nice solution that was stylish and didn’t cost me anything. As usual I was aiming to follow Hime Gyaru/Lolita stylings.

Sorry for the lack of photos, I didn’t think I was going to make this into a tutorial while I was doing it! On to raiding my craft stash!

Materials: 1. Pretty paper 2. Old Boxes 3. Glue 4. Black lace 5. Ribbon bows

Instructions: I was fortunate enough to find some old boxes that looked like drawers so it was pretty easy. You can use whatever you have on hand or make them from scratch.

First I gathered my materials.

Then I used the pretty paper to cover the old boxes. I glued it on nice and securely and made sure the drawers still fit together.

Next I wrapped the lace around to decorate it and when I was happy with the finish I glued it in place.

I then added the bows.

Once everything was all dry I put all my make up into the pretty new boxes and TADAA!

So I guess that’s how to clean up your make up collection…

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