A New Method For How To Make Glitter Sneakers

Today’s project is a new version of my old post about glitter sneakers. Even though I haven’t done a Sneaker Sunday post in aaages I still love them and I still love customising my own!

This is my latest pair of glitter sneakers. You can see the old technique of painting the glitter sneakers in this post.


You need:

  • Glitter
  • Fabric glue (not pva like the last tutorial)
  • Paper to put down so you don’t make a huge mess
  • Sneakers
So rather than buying new sneakers I decided to redo my old deco sneakers. I did these 3-4 years ago and while they are not in terrible condition they are a little worse for wear.


There’s a post on how to maintain sneakers and shoes which are decorated in case you’re interested too.


Anyway the first step was removing all of the deco pieces and bows and giving the shoes a thorough wipe down.


The key to this version is to use wash and wear fabric glue. The brand doesn’t matter but it need to be washable. In the old version I used pva glue and mixed the glue and glitter together. That way does make a smaller mess but it takes longer and because the glitter is fairly encased it’s not quite as shiny.


Put sheets of paper down so you can easily clean up the mess later. So section by section coat each side of the shoe in a generous amount of glue. Then while the glue is still wet slowly tip glitter on. Be generous and don’t worry if the glitter piles up.


After the glue is dry to the touch shake off the extra glitter. Leave the shoes to dry over night and then brush off any remaining loose glitter OUTSIDE. You want to be very thorough with this brushing and make sure every possible piece of loose glitter is gone or else you’ll leave a trail of glitter everywhere you walk. I took mine into the shower and banged them together until nothing else came off.

And that’s it! Because this is fabric glue it holds on to the glitter so well that no top coat is needed at all. Super shiny = winner!


Now you just need some shiny clothes to go with them!

Rock Style Ankle Boots Customisation

A couple of years ago I did a boot customisation. I took some gigantic boots and cut them down to be nice and fitted. You can see the original boots customisation tutorial over here.

It’s time for the sequel 😀 😀 😀

This time I took some poorly fitted weird boots my Mum was getting rid of and turned them into cute ankle boots!

I made these…


Out of these…


I love them now! Ok let’s get into it 😀DIY-Ankle-Boot-VioletLeBeaux-0072

Things I used:

  • Old boots
  • Faux fur trim from an old jacket hood
  • Chain and some charms
  • Felt
  • Needle and thread


So let’s get into it!

First I pulled up the cover part so I could see what I was dealing with. Easy enough, it was all fabric except for the bottom part which was faux leather.


So I cut off the top.


This was quite a cute shape but I had the idea in my head to make the front more the shape of a court shoe.


So I snipped it down into a “V” shape.


To finish off the raw edges I cut strips of black felt and stitched the around the edges.


They folded over to hide the edges.





Next I removed the faux fur trim around the old hood.





Then I stitched it around the edge of the shoe tops.


Then it was just about accessories!


I stitched two rows of chain coming from the fur.



Then added the crosses in. This is is much darker than my usual style but I really like it at the moment!


The charms are easily removable too so I could switch them out with something pinker later when the mood strikes me ^_^


DONE! It really didn’t take very long and it was quite fun to do.


Different from my usual style but very fun!


Now time to wear them!


What do you guys think?


Boot modification version 2 success!

Extreme Make Over- Shoe DIY Tutorial Edition!

This shoe make over was a multi step process, in fact it took me around a month of doing part of it then forgetting the rest to actually complete them!

Worth it thought because they are pretty damn cute!

VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70740_18848 This is how they started out life: VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-60727_17691

They were cast offs from my Mum who bought them but decided they didn’t fit very well. I’m not so big on snake skin pattens or brown so I thought I could use them to experiment with new ideas. They were completed in 3 steps: 1. Painting 2. Glitter Soles 3. Decoration.You need:

  • Shoes
  • Fabric paint/puff paint
  • Glitter
  • PVA or fabric glue
  • Paint brush
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
First thing to do is paint the entire shoe. I decided to try out puff paint that I had left over from window decorations.
It worked really well but took several coats.

VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-60735_17699 Having such a sheer colour was actually good because it was easy to get the colour I wanted. The snake skin pattern still showed through in a really interesting way too so I didn’t keep going to make it opaque. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-60807_17771 I used 3 coats and left it to dry overnight between each. Next up the glitter soles. These techniques have been all over the internet recently and Wookie Wife did a fantastic version of it over on her blog with bright blue glitter that looks amazing! Anyway the basic idea is the same thing I did with the red glitter sneakers except that I was out of PVA so I used fabric glue. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70400_18512 Add the glitter to a container and add a good helping of glue. The more glitter you use the longer it will take to dry but the less coats you have to do. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70404_18516 Mix it all into a paste. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70405_18517 Paint the paste all over the soles of your shoes! VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70406_18518 You can tape off the edges if you want but it’s fairly easy to stay in the lines. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70409_18521 When it’s dry it looks like this… VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70427_18539 You can do the entire sole if you want but I figured it was a bit of a waste of glitter and I wanted to keep as much grip on the toes as possible because they are slightly too big for me already. Obviously you need to do the other shoe too XD VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70431_18543VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70435_18547 Now this step is important. Both the fabric glue and the pink puff pant dry with a slightly sticky texture, if you don’t seal them in somehow they will pick up every speck of dirt on the streets and the finish will become darker and dull. To get in before the dirt does just lightly dust them with some translucent make up finishing powder. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70439_18551 I used a make up brush that I was planning on washing that night anyway. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70441_18553 Because it’s translucent it doesn’t dull the finish at all but it protects them from having dirt stick there. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70445_18557VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70446_18558 Now they’re pretty cute but they needed something else. I decided to use up some thick ribbon that came on a present. VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70727_18835 A couple of bows and some hot glue later they were finished! VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70729_18837 I have to say they have come pretty damn far from their original form and I love them! VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70730_18838 They are low enough to be comfy and the pattern showing through the pink makes them so much more interesting! VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70733_18841VioletLeBeaux-Painted-Shoes-Tutorial-Glitter-70738_18846 What do you guys think?

How To Make DIY Faux Fur Boot Cover

I posted this photo a little while ago on my mobile blog and a couple of people asked for a tutorial so here it is ^_^


A few weeks ago I was asked to model in the Asia Pacific L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival for local store Glamaz. They stock a lot of my favorite brands like Lizlisa etc so I said HELL YES :DAnyway the look called for white fur shoes to match the coat but they didn’t have any in stock in my size at the time so I figured it was a good chance just to make some myself.You need:

  • Base shoes with a decent heel and an ankle strap. I’ll do another version for non-ankle strap shoes later.
  • Faux fur
  • Material for the inside, I used polar fleece
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread (sewing fake fur by hand is VERY tedious though)
  • Ribbons (optional)
So these are my shoes. I love them a very inappropriate amount so there was no way I was going to do anything permanent to them.


So before I start just a quick tip on sewing faux fur: make sure the hairs and pointing away from the stitching as much as you can before you sew otherwise it will get caught in the stitching and be very annoying to get undone later. Also if you’re going to cut, separate the pile down the cut line before you snip so you get minimum hair all over the place.


Right, so we need to measure how long the faux fur needs to be. Wrap it around one of the shoes and use that as a length measurement. Remember to include a seam allowance and it’s always better to cut too much than too little.


So this is the height and width I ended up with. Make sure it’s tall enough to cover the top of the shoe easily as well as hide your toes.


I made sure to leave plenty extra on the top and sides for seams.


Cut out a matching piece of polar fleece but make it around 5cm shorter in the height measurement. This is because we really don’t want it sticking out on the wrong side.


Place the polar fleece on the furry side of the faux fur and stitch down both long sides so it makes a tube.


You should have something like this, see that there’s more fur than polar fleece when it’s laid flat.


Turn it inside out and you can see how it’s supposed to sit better.


And wrapped around the shoe you can see it coming together.


Measure how big it needs to be to get around the shoe and then stitch the ends of the tube together. I started at the end of the polar fleece, went around to the fur then finished up at the bottom of the polar fleece again. You can’t do the whole thing on the machine because it needs to turn slightly inside out to finish up so you will need to leave a gap at the end, it’s easier to hand stitch polar fleece so leave it there.


Afterwards you should have this:


Hand stitch up the gap and make one  for the other shoe too.


Now to hold them onto the shoe you have a couple of options:

  • Slide them on and hope they don’t fall down during the day. Not recommended.
  • Add two ribbon loops that you can slide the ankle strap of the shoe through so it stays in place all day. Recommended.
  • Rush out the door because you are running late for your own fashion show and cut a couple of holes in the polar fleece so you can slide the ankle strap of the shoe through it. It’ll hold for now until you can do something a bit better and more permanent like the ribbon option later.
So guess which I chose.


Anyway, ribbon is obviously the best option, just stitch a couple of little pieces on the inside that line up with the ankle straps on the shoes and you’re good to go.

Pop the cuff on the shoe and you’re finished! Really much easier than it actually sounds XD


I added a pin bow off one of my dresses to each side and that’s how the crisis was averted 😀


And for bonus points, here’s a photo of me wearing them during the practice run 😀


I really like them and now I’m thinking of buying a couple of other colours of fur so I can have different cuffs for different shoes. What do you guys think?

How To Make Monogram Slippers Gifts – Google Friend Connect News

Last week’s big week is stretching into a big couple of weeks, I think I’ll need a holiday to get over it all 😉

Very important news first for readers who follow my posts via Google Friend Connect.

Google will no longer be offering the friend connect service to blogs hosted outside of Blogger. Basically sucks to everyone who has built a community and the readers who enjoy reading a variety of sites. So around next week my updates will no longer appear in your Friend Connect Feed >_<

If you still want to receive my updates you have a lot of other options to continue reading so here’s a handy list to make the transition as easy as possible:

So that’s it, if you want to continue following give one of those options a try or if you have any suggestions just let me know! I’ll be sending a reminder message via the GFC app later in the week.


The site will most likely be down this weekend and it’s going through some major back end maintenance. I will post the times and updates during on my Facebook page so follow there to keep up to date.


Anyone have any awesome PS3 games they can recommend me? We’ve gone through all of ours and I totally need something to de-stress to at night!

On to something a bit more interesting…

Another super quick but effective craft for gifting today: monogrammed slippers 😀

I made these ones for James’ Mum ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-81_1380 copy

It takes about 10 minutes to do so these are awesome for last minute gifts too!Buy some slippers, I happened to find these cute one at Target and while they were super cute as-is I wanted to make them a bit more personal.VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-70_1379 copyDraw your letters on some felt.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-74_1380 copy

And cut them out.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-75_1380 copy

Attach with hot glue or by stitching. I chose hot glue because I was pressed for time.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-76_1380 copy


VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-77_1380 copy

Seriously that’s it…

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-78_1380 copy

Completely adorable and you could customise the idea a lot depending on the kind of slippers you were starting with. It’s quite cost effective too because you can get slippers similar to these ones at junk stores or places like Daiso for under $5.

VioletLeBeaux-Monogram-Slippers-DIY-80_1380 copy

Now I want to do some for me! I bought some super puffy Mario mushroom slippers in the Boxing Day sales so I really want to make them cuter 😀

Make Your Own Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are awesome, they’re the perfect way to jazz up boring shoes and use up old craft materials. I am a little bit addicted to them actually XD I got a whole bunch of really over the top clip on earrings at a bead store that closed down recently so I decided to go a bit crazy!

Shoe Clip Tutorial

What you need:

  • Old clip on earrings
  • Something pretty for the clip eg. flowers, leopard print hearts etc
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

Shoe Clip Tutorial

Pull the old earrings apart so you just have the clippy bit like this:

Shoe Clip Tutorial

Glue them to what you want on the shoes, I’m using these cute hearts:

Shoe Clip Tutorial

Cut a circle of felt and glue it over the top, this is to protect the shoe from any scraping or rust from the clips.

Shoe Clip Tutorial

Glue another circle of felt to the top:

Shoe Clip Tutorial

Let dry then add to shoes!

Shoe Clip Tutorial

You can clip them wherever you want depending on your outfit! You can also clip them to the pockets of cardigans or into your hair. Seriously versatile and very very very easy to make.

Shoe Clip Tutorial

I remade some flowers that I had sewn on to these shoes with clips so I can put them anywhere now.

Shoe Clip Tutorial

What do you think? I love them 😀 I want to find more earrings so I have make heaps of them now!


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