Sailor Moon Gumboots

As you guys saw last week, I did a really quick customisation of a pair of gumboots for our trip to the Peony Farm. If you’re going to wear gumboots, might as well go all out right?

I wanted to just buy some cute floral ones I had seen at Rivers ages ago but I left it too late and the only cute version I could find were hot pink from the kid’s section at Big W. Easily fixed though!

For this I used:

  • Gumboots from Big W
  • Glue gun
  • Pink and gold ribbon
  • White elastic
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

The design is a really half-arsed version of Rini/Chibi Usa’s boots from Sailor Moon. I can’t see hot pink boots and not think of that!

I chose to use elastic as the white section at the top because then I didn’t have to deal with cutting stuff on curves. Lazy for the win!

So to get the shape of the front, I placed the ends of the elastic at right angles to each other and then folded the edge over and glued it in place.

At the beginning I was pretty much using glue as a placeholder on this project so it would hold together until the sewing…  but sewing through thick rubber is not particularly fun so I ended up leaving it as just glue. Probably not the most long lasting but I can’t see myself being on a farm too often >_>

I glued it on the front to hold in place so I could work out the curve part. To make the fake curve more obvious I glued it as close to the edge as possible.

Once the front was dry it was just a matter of pulling the elastic tightly towards the back so it curved naturally. Fake curve hurrah!

I then snipped off the extra elastic and folded the edge over. To make it a little more sturdy and a little less… ugly, I added some ribbon around the edge on the inside to cover it all up.

Then it just needed some finishing touches: a gold crescent moon! I didn’t have anything gold big enough so I glued two pieces of ribbon together and cut a moon shape out.


Glued them on the front and it was done. The whole thing took about 15 minutes.

They might not be the most lady-like shoes ever but they were awesome for avoiding Pegasus horse poop!

How To DIY Decoupage Shoes! Tutorial

I did a video tutorial on these shoes quite a while ago but thought a photo tutorial would be in order as well! The idea is a very simple one: take old shoes and decoupage them with old magazines into adorable new shoes, win!

I used old Japanese fashion magazines for mine so I could reminisce about old school Lolita fashion from like 7 years ago.


For this tutorial you will need:

  • Old magazines or pretty paper
  • PVA glue or similar
  • Water and bowl

Begin by tearing all of your magazines up into small pieces. Make sure to consider whether the colours of each piece will go with the rest of them. It’s better to rip everything up at the beginning because once you have glue all over your hands it’s quite difficult!

I picked mostly white and pastel colours of old dress collections.
Mix a solution of equal parts glue and water in a bowl and put the pieces of paper in to soak. Leave them in until they are wet all the way through. The time this takes will depend on how thick your paper is.
Prepare your shoes. I’m using some old leather ones. If your shoes are patent or shiny it can help the glue to stick if you buff them lightly with sandpaper or a nail file to remove the shine.
Take your first piece of soaked paper and apply it to the edge of the shoe. Always start from the edges and work inwards. Smooth it down so it’s completely flush to the shoe.
Now take your second piece of paper and overlap it half way over the first one. Overlapping will give the structure more strength.
Continue overlapping pieces until you’ve done the entire shoe. Around the top of the shoe fold the pieces over the edge. Don’t cover the sole because that will get worn down quickly.
Done! Allow this to dry completely and then coat the whole thing in a layer of glue to seal it in. If your paper is transparent when dry you can add another layer.
Now just repeat on the other shoe.
Depending on the kind of glue you use these will probably not be waterproof at this point (it is just paper) so if you plan on wearing them in the rain etc I would suggest adding a coat of sealing lacquer to the top as well.
You can vary the design so much depending on the paper you use for all kinds of looks!
I think this is a really nice way to keep things which are a bit sentimental close ^_^
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you give it a try!

How To DIY Colourful Sneaker Brouges

I like making new things out of old things I don’t like.

This is a pair of green faux brogues sneakers that I made recently:



And this is their original grey form. They were nice but nothing special and I just don’t wear much grey.


So in walked a few permanent markers (Bic’s version of the Sharpie) and they got a bit creative.



The light green outlined everything to begin with.




The medium green filled in all of the other parts…



Some fancy edge work. Or as fancy as thick tips will allow.



And lastly the dark green added some spotty details and colour to the laces.





Much more interesting than plain old grey sneakers!

DIY Spiked Shoes! -Tutorial

Oh my god… two tutorials in a row? Unheard of recently! To be fair, this is such a self explanatory tutorial it’s more just inspiration really…

I am super picky when it comes to flat shoes. SUPER picky. I spent months trying to find ones to replace the ones Lottie killed.

So eventually I found some but I didn’t think they were quite fancy enough so I took a few minutes and added some extra spikes, and this is how they turned out!


Originally they came like this, the little dots are grey diamontes on top of a lacy cut out. Cute but not over the top enough for me.



That is something easily fixed though.



To do this you will need prong backed spikes. I bought mine on sale at Diva for $1 a pack but you can buy on ebay too. For other ideas what to do with spikes I made a video on making a cute spiked headband too.



Step one… place studs where you want them. I played around with several designs before I settled on one.



Step 2… press studs through the material and fold the backs over. DONE! Seriously.



It can be a little tricky to shove the spikes through without hurting your fingers especially if the shoes are very thick. I found that placing a layer of felt over the spike then using pliers to shove it through worked best for me. The felt protects the shiny finish from the pliers. Easy!


Shortest project ever but it’s one of the ones I’m happiest with because I now love these shoes and have been wearing them so much this week to break them in! Double win 😀



How To Make Glitter Sole Shoes- Craft Tutorial

I’ve done several glitter shoe tutorials before but this one has been on my list for quite some time. I love the look of shoes with brightly coloured soles so glitter is the perfect way to highlight that even more. For anyone who was wondering, the shoes are from DreamV and they are SUPER uncomfortable!

The trick to this version not requiring a top coat of anything is the kind of glue used. I use wash n wear fabric glue but any non-water soluble fabric glue will work fine. If you decide to use a PVA or regular white craft glue keep in mind that they are only going to be water resistant, not water proof. You will also need to top coat with more glue in that case as they are weaker glues. There’s a tutorial for how to glitter sneakers that way over here. 

This is the first craft video we’ve shot using the DLSR and I’m really happy with the new set up so far, it was a lot more work so if you enjoyed it share it and let me know! Now I’m just waiting for my new lights to get here so I can do even more things like this without needing to wait for the sun! 😀

How To Make Glitter Sole Shoes – Craft Tutorial

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How to do glittered shoe soles.
Good morning!
Today I’m going to show you how to glitter some epic shoes!
Let’s get started!
I like to set up all of my supplies before I’ve started.
There’s something worse than realising you’ve forgotten something half way through.
You need fabric glue, glitter and a paint brush.
Start off by cleaning off the area you want to glitter.
With a small paint brush and glue paint a horizontal line to define where you want the glitter to end.
You don’t want to do the entire sole because it will just come off when you walk and it can make the surface a bit uneven.
You wouldn’t want to fall over when you’re out wearing something this high.
Now fill in the rest of the area with glue.
It’s very important that you use a glue that is not water soluble.
I’m using wash and wear fabric glue which is really great for this kind of thing.
You don’t want to leave a trail of glitter behind you every time it rains.
Time for my favorite part: the glitter waterfall.
Pour it all over the glue, no need to be careful here.
You can use any kind of glitter you like but I thought the gold would go really well with the leopard print!
You’ll notice that I’m doing all of this on top of some sheets of A4 paper, this is important and you’ll see why at the end.
Give everything a big shake to get rid of excess glitter.
Take that shoes, this is for my toes!
How can you look so pretty but be so painful!
Because I’m using such a strong glue these won’t need a top coat.
If you’re using something along the lines of PVA glue you will need to top coat it.
There is another tutorial on my blog with techniques for those kinds of glues.
Now remember the paper?
Once you’re done simply fold it up and pour the glitter back into the bag.
Cleaning up glitter can be a real pain but this makes it super quick.
Leave them to dry overnight or however long your glue requires.
Now let’s get back to the shoes.
Run your finger along the sides to clear away any glitter that may have stuck to the sides.
Then using a brush, dust away any excess glitter.
You probably wouldn’t want to use this brush on your face again unless you’re a big fan of a super glitter look!
Make sure you brush them quite hard or else you’ll be leaving a train of glitter everywhere.
Now you’re ready for a night on the town or maybe just looking your best to do some groceries.
Either way!
Hope that was a useful tutorial.
Please check out the blog posts linked in the description for more tutorials and other posts and thanks so much for watching.

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