Sailor Moon Gumboots

As you guys saw last week, I did a really quick customisation of a pair of gumboots for our trip to the Peony Farm. If you’re going to wear gumboots, might as well go all out right?

I wanted to just buy some cute floral ones I had seen at Rivers ages ago but I left it too late and the only cute version I could find were hot pink from the kid’s section at Big W. Easily fixed though!

For this I used:

  • Gumboots from Big W
  • Glue gun
  • Pink and gold ribbon
  • White elastic
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

The design is a really half-arsed version of Rini/Chibi Usa’s boots from Sailor Moon. I can’t see hot pink boots and not think of that!

I chose to use elastic as the white section at the top because then I didn’t have to deal with cutting stuff on curves. Lazy for the win!

So to get the shape of the front, I placed the ends of the elastic at right angles to each other and then folded the edge over and glued it in place.

At the beginning I was pretty much using glue as a placeholder on this project so it would hold together until the sewing…  but sewing through thick rubber is not particularly fun so I ended up leaving it as just glue. Probably not the most long lasting but I can’t see myself being on a farm too often >_>

I glued it on the front to hold in place so I could work out the curve part. To make the fake curve more obvious I glued it as close to the edge as possible.

Once the front was dry it was just a matter of pulling the elastic tightly towards the back so it curved naturally. Fake curve hurrah!

I then snipped off the extra elastic and folded the edge over. To make it a little more sturdy and a little less… ugly, I added some ribbon around the edge on the inside to cover it all up.

Then it just needed some finishing touches: a gold crescent moon! I didn’t have anything gold big enough so I glued two pieces of ribbon together and cut a moon shape out.


Glued them on the front and it was done. The whole thing took about 15 minutes.

They might not be the most lady-like shoes ever but they were awesome for avoiding Pegasus horse poop!

How To Make A Light Up Party Headband!

Today’s tutorial is a little out there which is why I love it! Today we’re making a light up party headband!

Oh yes, it’s party time on my head and everyone’s invited!

You need:

  • Mini LED fairy lights
  • Thin wire
  • Tulle
  • A headband
Start by cutting small strips of tulle around 3cm by 15cm.
Tie a piece of the tulle around each LED.
Loop the lights around your headband to get them spaced out correctly.
Continue wrapping and looping until you run out. It’s probably good to point out that you should use fairy lights which are battery powered rather than ones which plug in to the wall unless you want to be stuck next to the wall the whole party >_> Just tape the battery pack under your shirt or tuck it into your bra. It would also be good to mention to make sure you use LED’s instead of little bulbs, since LED’s don’t produce heat.
Secure the whole thing using thin jewellery wire.
I wrapped it around the ends especially so it wouldn’t just slide off.
It’s party time!
I don’t know what this is… a really lame party for one  where all anyone does is film videos XD
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you’re lighting up your NYE party with one of these ahaha!

DIY Glitter Jeans Shorts Tutorial

Just a really quick way to jazz up some old shorts today. I don’t wear shorts very often but I’ve been liking them more lately for around the house. I had some boring ones which were laying around so I decided to make them a little more fun so they didn’t feel as much like pyjamas and I could feed my lazy inspiration addiction a bit.


For this tutorial you will need:

  • Old shorts
  • Glitter
  • Fabric glue
  • Chain (optional)
Lay your shorts out and make sure to put some paper down first so it’s easier to clean up later.
You need fabric glue for this, something which is washable. I’m using one from Helmar and it works really well. I’ve put these through the wash several times now and nothing has gone astray.
Paint a thick line of glue onto your fabric and make sure it gets into the fibres as much as you can.
Sprinkle glitter over the top. If you want to make sure it’s going to stick, you can mush it into the glue with your finger but that can get a bit messy!
Continue all over the jeans. I decided to only do one front panel and a back panel. I also added some gold chain around the edges to give it even more bling.
Once it’s completely dry (leave it over night if possible) set it through the washing machine with nothing else in there to get rid of any stray glitter.
All done! Comfy and much more sparkly! Sparkle for the win!
Definitely feeling a little more fancy at home now though probably not enough to actually wear those heels all the time >_>

Glitter for the win! Hope you guys enjoyed the quick craft!

Simple Ribbon Braid Hair Tutorial

I guess today’s hair tutorial could be a little bit festive if you wanted it to be! This hairstyle is regular braid but with a ribbon threaded through. This style is particularly good for people with darker hair who worry about the pattern of braids getting lost in their hair.

You can tie the ribbon in many ways but the easiest way I’ve found is to use a clip in hair extension. Open the clip and thread the ribbon through it.

Separate a small section  just above where you want the braid to begin.
And clip the extension in just below the part.
Flip the top hair over again and it will hide the tracks very nicely.
Now braid down from that point and hold the ribbon in one of the 3 sections you’re braiding with. Try to keep the ribbon at the front of the piece of hair every time you make the braiding movements so it will show up nicely in the design.
Once you run out of hair continue plaiting down.
For a bigger end result, puff out the braid/plait with your fingers.
You can cut the end of the ribbon off the bottom or you can get extra points by tying it into a big bow or a flower.
A cute and casual style which is great for all of the craziness at this time of the year!
Hope you guys are having a lovely month and let me know if you give it a try!


DIY Bergamot Bunny Baseball Cap Tutorial!

Yay! A really fun project today: Bergamot Bunny baseball cap make over! Argh so fricking cute, I want to wear it all the time! I previously made this cap over but I haven’t worn it in ages so it was time for another rethink: answer? Bergamot ears!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Baseball cap
  • Cardboard
  • White fabric
  • Felt or roving for the pink parts of the ears
  • Lace for the bow
  • Hot glue
  • Needle and thread

Draw the Bergamot ear shape on to a piece of cardboard.

Cut them out!
Cut a rectangle of the white fabric big enough to cover the ear on both sides. I’m using some fluffy polar fleece.
Roughly draw the shape onto the fabric and draw where the heart will go on the ear as well.
Cut the extra off around the edges.
I decided to needle felt the pink heart in place but you can just use a piece of felt and stitch it on depending on which materials you have on hand.
Place the cardboard inside and the fold the fabric in half around it. Repeat for the other ear as well.
Now stitch or hot glue the fabric onto the cardboard so it covers it nicely and looks neat.
Now make a little lace bow as well. You can make the bow out of lace or ribbon depending on your tastes, it just needs to be as wide as both the ears because we will use it to hide the base later.
Now on your cap, use an unpicker to open a seam at the top.
Poke the ears through the hole and either stitch or hot glue them in place. Make sure you stitch or glue the seam on either side of the ears too otherwise it will unravel later.
Hot glue or stitch the ears together so they won’t flop around.
Lastly, glue the bow at the base of the ears to hide the seam.
All finished!
Really you could do this with just about any kind of hat as long as you could poke a hole in a seam!
Only thing to do now is enjoy it!
Bunny impression?

I know what I’ll be wearing all the time now! What do you guys think??

Super Quick Bow T-Shirt Surgery Tutorial

A really quick t-shirt surgery today, turning 2 identical singlets into one with a cute little bow design on the front!

My Mum bought these but didn’t like the fit so she gave them to me, I thought they were a little boring so out came the scissors.

I put the lighter one inside the dark one.
I stitched them together at the shoulder seam.
Then I cut through the top layer at the bust in two lines.
I folded up the middle.
Then tied another piece of the shirt around the middle.
Taadaa bow!
It still seemed a little plain so I cut the top layer into a curve around the bottom too.
Looking cute 😀
Still not 100% my regular style but good for around the house anyway 😀
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