Warm Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle Pattern

Another cable knitting project today! I don’t know if it’s quite weather appropriate but it was definitely time for a new hot water bottle cover, the old one I made was totally past it’s used by date!

How To Cover A Tray For Cute Photography – Tutorial

Recently I’ve been looking for better backdrops to be able to take craft/food/whatever photos on and while digging through a cupboard I found a tea tray that I bought when we first moved here. Unfortunately it wasn’t a colour or design that would work well with the things I usually make so I set about prettying it up a bit.

This is the finished product:


How To Plant An Awesome Window Box Garden – Home Sweet Home

Well Home Sweet Home continues! Definitely not as fast as it was in the beginning of the year but we completed our next big project: Home Sweet Home garden!


How To Pretty Up A Puppy Harness

So when we first started walking Lottie everyone we spoke to told us we had to have a harness. That is a whole can of worms to get into right there which I don’t have time to debate but the only harness we could find that actually fit her at the time was cat harness from Daiso. It was pretty flimsy and a pain to clip on and off a wiggly puppy so I set about making it a bit better until we could find another one.

Yes, complete with crappy diagrams 😀


DIY Heart Bokeh Mask Tutorial

Bokeh is the fancy photography term for specular highlights (pretty orbs of light) that show up in photos when using a wide apeture and a long focal length (higher mm number on your lens/more zoomed in) or it’s another word for dust ghosts if you are one of the hosts from that hilarious Ghost Hunter show on the Discovery Channel XD

Whatever it is, it’s extremely pretty and can be used in really interesting effects in photos! You can even make your own custom shaped bokeh mask in any shape you want… or just buy a kit… but yay making things!

I made a heart one and here are some of my results:


How To Crochet A 365 Day Shaggy Loop Rug – Home Sweet Home

So remember almost 9 months ago when I posted the finished Home Sweet Home project? Yeah, me either >_>

Anyway there were many, many, many requests on how to make my white rug, the one from the lounge room:


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