How To Make A Triple Ribbon Bow

Ok so I originally made this as just a regular bow so I could show a different kind of bow in a tutorial… but it looked so cute on Lottie that now it’s an adorable doggy bow. Come on, she looks so fancy and proud!

How To Make A Paper Hot Air Balloon Charm

Today I thought we would make a fun little decoration. I love hot air balloons and I thought a bunch of them would look really cute hanging from the ceiling ^_^

This is my end result!

How To Make 3 Kinds Of Felt Flowers

For today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to make 3 different kinds of basic felt flowers.


How To Customise An iPad Keyboard Case

Lately I’ve decided to take the idea of working on my career more seriously, I want to work hard and be more successful at things I enjoy. Most of those things tend to involve writing so as a present to myself I decided to buy a proper keyboard for my ipad so I could write even while my computer is busy rendering video and things like that. Really I just want a better laptop so I can multi task while editing videos… but that’s much more expensive than a keyboard so this is my interim solution!

Anyway I decided to decorate it so I would remind myself why I’m working so hard: you guys!

This is my end result:

How To Make You Own Needle Felt Lottie

When I get bored and have an excess of needle felting supplies, things like this happen…

How To Make Paper Bunting

Some of you guys asked how I made the bunting in my video back drop so here’s a quick tutorial on it!

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