How To Make A Bergamot Bunny Magnet Out Of Paper Clay

See the full post here for a step by step photo tutorial:

So I’ve been doing more craft tutorials. I hope you enjoy them! Paper clay is really fun to play around with.

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Paperclay bunny magnet instructions.
Today I’ll show you how to make Bergamot Bunnies out of paper clay.
This is the paper clay I’m using.
Take a small piece of clay and make a ball.
Flatten slightly and press a thumb into the top.
This is the body.
Make a small ball of clay and smoosh one side.
Attach to one side at the bottom as a foot.
Repeat on the other side.
Make 2 long sausages and flatten them for ears.
Stick the bottoms together and flatten them a little more.
For the head, flatten a large ball into a slight oval.
Attach the head to the body with a little water.
Do the same with the ears.
Make sure they’re off to one side!
Smooth the back over completely.
Make 2 tiny balls, squish side and apply as arms.
To smooth, just wipe with a little water on your finger.
Now you have a blank bunny!
Leave it to dry completely.
When it’s dry, paint hearts in the ears.
I used water colours with a dry brush for this.
Add the nose, mouth and “V” on the foot.
Use a wet brush for a soft blush.
Then the eyes, watercolour was too hard for this.
So I used a pen instead.
To finish her, I added a small clay bow.
Lastly add a magnet strip to the back using a glue gun.
All finished! Cute little Bergamots.
So there you have it.
Bergamot paper clay magnets are really simple to make and you can use the same general idea to make pretty much any shape.
I hope you enjoy the video and found it useful.
Thanks so much for watching!

Torn Clay Flowers Tutorial – Quick Craft

Another very simple paper clay flower tutorial today. This one plays up with one of my favorite things about paper clay: it’s paper-ish tearing ability!

The end result is something along these lines with very ragged deconstructed edges.


How To Make Snowflake Window Stickers

This craft is one for my across the globe friends who are currently enjoying Winter… or for those of us suffering through hot Summer and dreaming of cooler weather!

I LOVE window stickers. All of our windows are covered with squishy gel stars from Daiso and I have some little mini ones like this kitty that I bought at Camberwell markets. I sit at my little desk pretty much all day every day so looking through a window full of pretty stars brings a little cuteness and magic to my boring days ^_^

So being unbearably hot I decided to remind myself of the Winter with some home made snow flakes!

VioletLeBeaux-snowflake-window-sticker-513_1384 copy

Hime Gyaru Phone Strap 2 – Quick Craft

Here’s another very simple hime gyaru phone strap that I made to use as some inspiration ^_^ Even if you don’t have these exact materials you could easily substitute or just use the base idea to create something much more elaborate 😀

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-91_1391 copy

I used an old hair tie with a bow on it and a pretty hair clip which had broken.

VioletLeBeaux-Hime-Gyaru-Tutorial-78_1390 copy

Cute Pink Camera Lenshood Repaint

When I got my new camera I decided I wanted it to be as customised as possible. Other than deco-ing it I wanted to customise all of the other aspects as well including the straps, bag and any accessories. The first thing I did was paint the lens flower 😀

James get consistently frustrated by me calling it a lens flower because it’s such a girly way to say lens hood 😉 Now I just do it because I know it irritates him mwahahaha. LENS FLOWER!

VioletLeBeaux-Pink-Lens-Hood-835_1315 copy

Easy Phone Case Gift – Quick Craft

Another random present that I made over Christmas which might give you ideas on something you could make!

James’ Dad is one of the most practical men that I know, he only ever wants practical things for presents. There’s a family story that he once bought James’ Mum a fire extinguisher for Christmas… she was not particularly impressed XD

So this year he asked for a phone case… but we couldn’t just get him a regular one so I set about making him one with his business logo on it.

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case629_1395 copy

Take 1 plain iphone case!

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case626_1395 copy

Draw roughly what you want the design to look like on the piece of clear plastic that you cut from the case’s packaging. This is important so you get the spacing right.

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case627_1395 copy

Draw the design on the case with a Sharpie or other permanent marker.

VioletLeBeauxgolf-gurus-phone-case629_1395 copy

DONE! Give to  recipient and enjoy reaction 😀 Practical and personal all in one!

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