3 Ways To Get The Best Ribbon Bows

Today I thought I would do a bit of an experiment and compare different ways to tie ribbon bows.

There are three methods which I wanted to compare:

The Fork, The Knot and The Cut.

So let’s get started!

#1. The Fork.

This is a larger version of something which has been all over Pinterest and Tumblr. I have no idea who invented this originally but here’s a site with a pdf which is fairly self explanatory.

For the big version you just need 4 fingers and some ribbon.


Wrap a piece of ribbon around your fingers like this and hold in place:How-To-Make-Ribbon-Bows-VioletLeBeaux-868

Poke the top end between your middle fingers at the bottom.


Poke the other end through the the fingers at the top.


From the back it looks like this:


Tie the two ends in a knot so they hold it in place.


Wiggle it off your fingers.


Even it out and this is the front:


And back:


Not bad and it’s very easy to get a lot of bows done quickly which are completely even. It can be a bit fiddly though.

The Knot.

Take a piece of ribbon and fold the end in to the middle.


Fold the other end to the middle too:


Now grab the folded ends and tie them in a knot.


It makes an upside down bow.


Pull the ends tightly and even it out.


That’s the knot! It’s a very simple way to get a bow but the tail pieces come from different sides of the bow which I’m not a big fan of.


The Cut

This version kind of cheats by using 3 pieces of ribbon instead of one. I’ve already done a more detailed tutorial on this one so if you need instructions check out my ribbon bow tutorial here.

This is the end result, it’s the perfect shape but it takes so much longer to do.


So looking at them side by side I like The Cut the most but I think the Fork is best when you need to do them in bulk. What do you guys think?? Which is your favorite?

Here they are in the order of Fork, Knot and Cut:


I’m so weird about bows, I can’t believe I actually just wrote a post comparing them XD


Handbag Charms – Quick Crafts

A random craft today, I’ve been making handbag charms!

I really love the one I have from Amaranth Opulent on the right and I wanted some different ones to put on all of my bags!VioletLeBeauxP1060331_17242

When I do stuff like this I pretty much just grab everything together out of my craft area and move them around until I can find things that match. It’s very scientific 😉


I made this one a while ago and then added a Bergamot charm to it recently too.

It looks pretty cute on the bag!

+10 awesome points if you can guess where the charm came from!

Hemming a Chiffon Scarf

I love scarves. Not much more to be said, I love pretty much all scarves no matter what they’re made of but I love silk and chiffon scarves the most!

I had some chiffon left over from a skirt that I was going to make but gave up on so I decided to turn it into a scarf instead. This is a quick tutorial on how to roll the edges of silk/chiffon.


This is the skirt I was making.how-to-hand-roll-a-scarf662

I snipped it up and cut it into a rectangle. It’s very important to cut straight so it’s easier to roll.


So start at one corner.


Tie your thread in the corner.


Fold the hem over once around 2mm. You can make it smaller if you are confident in your sewing skills.


Fold it over a second time so the raw edge is completely incased inside.


Hold it in place between your fingers like this.


There are several stitches you can use here to keep it in place. I’ve done a basic whip stitch to show you how far apart the stitches should be. Usually with this kind of stitch you would move the needle inside the seam so the thread is completely hidden.


When you stitch you should make sure to only take tiny pieces from the main piece of fabric so the thread doesn’t show through everywhere.


Continue stitching all the way down until you reach the corner.


When you get there you should stitch to just before the end and fold the next side in the same way. If you roll them together tightly the corner will form a nice triangular split like this.


Keep going until you reach the start again.


Go enjoy your new scarf 😀


Hope it was useful and thanks for reading!

Pearl Detachable Beaded Collar DIY Tutorial

Beaded collars! So popular right now and SO easy to make!

Got beads? Got fabric? Got fabric glue? Got a beaded collar!!

I’ve made two so far…



Crazy blue beads:DSC_7834

So let’s get in to it!

You need:

  • Felt or stiff fabric for a base
  • Fabric glue
  • Beads
  • Ribbon

Cut two long rectangles of felt. The long side should be at least half the circumference of your neck.


Cut them into a collar shape like this. I am using a traditional Peter Pan shape. Basically the inside which touches your neck is a slight curve while the outside is a really exaggerated curve which is more obvious at the front.


When the corners are put together and folded it should sit like this.


For the blue one I had a heap of blue beads I wanted to use up and because there weren’t many of each I decided to make it a more haphazard design.


The main design element was a row of these silver beads though.


So first thing to do is put down glue where the beads will be going. Make sure to use actual fabric glue, not just any glue otherwise it won’t be flexible and have the right hold.


Then stick then down 😀


Then I added a little fancy curve.


After that’s it’s really just a matter of adding more glue and filling in the blanks!




Let it dry over night.


Once it’s dry, flip it over and add ribb0ns to the back for ties.


You will need something to hold it together at the back too so my suggestion is to use one big long piece of ribbon to go around the whole thing, I didn’t have a dark piece this long so I used a couple and just glued it extra well.


Like this:


Once that’s dry (again overnight) tie it on over your favorite shirt or dress and you’re good to go!


Now for the more elegant version pearls! Again start with roughly the same collar shape. I used some thick polar fleece because I didn’t have any light felt. My stash is so random at the moment XD


My mum bought these glass pearl strings at a market a while ago and didn’t know what to do with them so I… commandeered them 😀


Because the pearls are already strung it makes them much easier to work with. I would suggest stringing any beads you want to put in a straight pattern like this. Start by gluing completely around the edge.


Continue working your way into the middle strand by strand.


Keep going around until you reach the middle. Of course, I ran out towards the end so I filled in a different design with some other whiter pearls I had.


The finished design:


Again, wait for that to dry before flipping and adding ribbon to tie it, join the back and strengthen it.


I used some cheap nylon lace this time.


And that’s done too! If yours looks a little rough around the edges like mine just give it a trim. I didn’t notice until I’d gotten the photos onto the computer XD


Quite an easy craft to do and you could make a whole lot of them to jazz up a plain shirt differently every day of the week 😀 What do you all think?

Customisable Alphabet Sleep Mask Sewing Tutorial

Quick note- The Pantene competition on my Beauty section has been extended until Monday so if you’re in Aus head over to enter!

After I made the kitty sleep mask James gave me an idea to make a customisable one which could spell out a message to people looking. His suggestion of what it should spell was somewhat… inappropriate but I loved the idea and so this is what came out!


So if you’d like to make your own customisable sleep mask you need:

  • Black felt
  • Thick velcro
  • Other felt for the letters (I’m using grey)
  • Needle/thread
  • Ribbon or elastic to attach it
  • Lace or more ribbon for edging
  • Matching thick ribbon or more felt to match.
Start by cutting out the mask shape from your black felt, this will be the backing that everything gets sewn to.
VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-41_1386 copy
Cut a piece of thick velcro which is the same width as the mask, the thicker the velcro is the bigger your letters can be so I chose a very big one. You will only need the pointy side of the velcro for this, not the soft one. The pointy side will hold felt letters fine but if you want to use something else to make the letters just add the soft part of the velcro to the back of them so they stick.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-42_1387 copy

Now we need something to cover the edges and the rest of the backing. I had some pretty matching ribbon but you could also use some more felt. So cut a piece to go above and below the velcro like this:

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-45_1387 copy

The velcro makes it a bit harder to work with than regular fabric so pin it all in place.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-46_1387 copy

And then cut it to shape.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-49_1387 copy

To hold it all together you will need to edge it, I hand stitched some lace around all of the sides. If you didn’t want to use lace you could use matching ribbon or bias binding tape. Make sure you encase all of the raw edges in the lace so nothing can come undone later.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-50_1387 copy

At this point you probably want to stop and have a bit of a giggle that you’ve inadvertently created a Kanye West style shutter glasses sleep mask XD If you’re into that kind of thing you could always just stop here haha!

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-53_1388 copy

Now you need a way of attaching it to your head, I sewed a piece of lace on each side to form ties but you could also use elastic.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-54_1388 copy

Now cut out the words you want to spell from matching felt. If you want you could also cut out several options to use depending on your mood.

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-57_1388 copy

Press them firmly to the velcro and you’ve got a descriptive sleep mask!

VioletLeBeaux-custom-sleep-mask-tutorial-61_1388 copy

Now if the mask actually said what my brain thought when people wake me up from naps it wouldn’t be suitable for the internet 😉


How to Make a Kitty Sleep Mask Sewing Tutorial

I made a lot of gifts as Christmas presents this year, a lot of my friends travel often so I thought I could make travel masks personalised to each friend.

The first one I made was one of my favorite shapes: kitty shaped haha!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

So what you need:

  • Black felt
  • Pink leopard print polar fleece
  • Ribbon
  • Thread, needle, scissors
  • Decoration, I’m using a crochet flower

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0496_1382 copy

Start by cutting out the basic shapes. You want it to be as wide as the person you’re making it for’s face and tall enough to get from forehead to cheeks. The basic shape is straight along the top and then with two large curves along the bottom.

Cut one out of black felt and one out of the polar fleece. You will also need two triangles for the ears.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0500_1382 copy

Cut some sleepy eye shapes out of the felt too.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0503_1383 copy

The ears will be pleated so they puff up a bit.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0501_1382 copy

This will be the layout for the final mask:

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0519_1384 copy

Stitch on the eye pieces with needle and thread.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0520_1384 copy

Taadaa 😉

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0523_1385 copy

Stitch the pleat in the ears and then place them good side down on to the face area like this:

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0524_1385 copy

Put the black felt piece on top and stitch around the entire outside leaving only a 3cm gap at the start.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0527_1385 copy

Turn the whole thing inside out through the hole.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0531_1385 copy

And then stitch the hole up.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0532_1386 copy

Add a little decoration to one ear like a flower or bow and it’s almost finished!

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0535_1386 copy

The last step is to add a ribbon or elastic to either side so there is some way to actually wear it 😉

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0536_1386 copy

And that’s basically it, you just need to find a willing model to try it out!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

Shh nap time!

VioletLeBeauxP1030924_1425 copy

These are so much fun to make, I want to make lots of different shapes now 😀

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