How To Do Easy French Nails


French nails are one of the most classic ways to wear your nails but they can be a pain in the butt to do.

Today’s lazy nail art tutorial will show you how to use one of the special french tip brushes.


The Laziest Halloween Nail Art Ever

It’s Halloween soon and we have pretty much no plans. We were going to do a party like last year but as we’re going away to Switzerland so soon there really hasn’t been much time to prepare anything so this seems like a good opportunity to bust out the Lazy Inspiration.

I present the laziest Halloween nail art ever..


How To Do Cute Chevron Nail Art

I posted these nails on Instagram a few weeks ago and there were quite a few tutorial requests so here it is!

A lot of people use stickers or pinking shears to cut tape to do this style but I found it was quite a bit neater to just paint them using a very sharp brush. Of course there are many other ways to achieve the same look so go with whatever works best for you.


How To Do The Easiest Nail Art In The World- Lazy Dot Nail Art Tutorial

I talked about lazy inspiration in the latest issue of The VLB yesterday and I’m going to talk about it more on the blog next Monday but I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing in the mean time.

So lazy inspiration? Why yes I’ve got some awesomely lazy nail art today! This one is great because it’s hard to screw up. As long as you’ve got a paint brush, a match, a dotting tool or something pointy you can do this. I’ve even done it with a ball point pen in a pinch.

So the design is basically plain nails with dots decorating the moon area of the nail. It’s a little vintage, a lot cute and really simple to do. There are so many variations depending on how much time you want to take as well.

Here’s the most basic one:


Lazy Tulips Nail Art Tutorial

I’m so behind on all of the nail art tutorials I’ve promised from the last few months… or maybe years >_> But things are changing, I’m feeling proactive and inspired for the first time in ages 😀 I’m going to write about my lazy inspiration but the general idea is that I’m going to embrace my laziness but find ways to continue being inspired… hence the name lazy inspirations XD So today let’s do the tulip nails I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago! This is actually kind of timely, we’re going to a tulip festival next weekend, exciting! tulip-nail-art-tutorial-1

Dumb Ways To Die Nail Art Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

If you haven’t already seen the original Dumb Ways To Die video, you totally need to because it’s freaking adorable. The downside is that you’ll have the song stuck in your head for WEEKS… and then you’ll have to download the game too and then you’ll never get it out of your head >_<

My favorites are the kidney seller and the piranha bait guy! Poor sad little guys XD

Let me know if any of you guys try it out! I am really getting back into nail art at the moment and I want to practice a lot and improve my skills again! I’ve got a few still on my list but if you have any requests make sure to let me know!

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