Easy Gradient Nail Art Tutorial Video

This post has been on the back burner for a while. Originally I filmed it and had no time to edit then when I finally went to edit I decided to re-film now that my natural nails are long enough. So hopefully it lives up to expectations! Also there’s no music on this video due to some technical problems, I might update it later 🙂

To be honest using an orange stick is my second choice for doing this. Normally I just use my finger but it was very difficult to see what I was doing with a finger blocking the camera XD If you would like to see another way to achieve a similar look check out Mini Nail Blog’s post in which she uses loose glitter.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Rose Print Nail Art Design Tutorial

A short tutorial on creating basic rose print nail art tutorial
See the full post here for more information: http://bit.ly/ng2OCM

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Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

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How to paint rose nail art.
You need:
nail art brush, dark pink nail polish, light pink nail polish, white nail polish, light green nail polish, dark green nail polish.
Start with a light pink base coat.
Use the dark pink to make some odd shaped splotches.
Load your brush with the light green.
Add tear shapes to the splotches. These will be leaves.
Load your brush with dark green.
Paint a small line at the base of each leaf to be a vein.
Load your brush with light pink.
Add a dot to the middle of each splotch and then some squiggles around the outside.
Load your brush with white.
Add a couple of highlights.
Add a top coat of clear polish if you want.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

Video Lilac Lace Nail Art, Nail Polish storage and Eyeko Polish Review

Ok this post is pretty huge if I do say so myself, it even has two tutorials including a lilac lace nail art… that’s right two!

I’ve been getting a lot of nail polish related requests lately so here is a gigantic post to take care of some of them!

DSC_0147_100221_7697 copy

Firstly a lot of people have been asking how many nail polishes I have… the answer is 87. That sounds like a lot… and well it is a lot but I’ve collected those over the last 4 years aaaaand a lot of them were gifts and the ones I bought were all like $2 so it’s not actually the gigantic money pit it sounds like!

DSC_0103 copy

Question 2: how do I store them? Well if I’m going to be making a lot of nail art to sell at once then I set them all up on a table organized by colour. Other than that they all live in a draw organized by whatever I shoved in there first.

DSC_0098 copy

With that many polishes how do you choose colours that go well together?! Well I make swatches out of old fakes nails and paddle pop sticks like this:

DSC_0034_091215_4861 copy

I got the idea from one of your blogs actually… but I can’t for the life of me find the post and I’ve been searching all morning >_< If it was you just let me know in the comments because I want to credit you!! *edit* some has said it was invented by “krisprimps.bradandkris.com” but I haven’t ever been to her blog so I must have seen it somewhere else!*/edit*

DSC_0036_091215_4859 copy

A random selection:

DSC_0042_091215_4853 copy

I use white nail tips so when I need to test out how opaque a white polish is I paint the tips black first.

DSC_0038_091215_4857 copy

So how do you make them? Well let me show you with the new Lilac polish that Eyekowas kind enough to send me 😀

DSC_0086_100221_7758 copy

Gather all the items above, you need: -A glue gun -Paddle pop sticks -A pen -Old false nail tips -Various polishes you want to swatch, I try to save them up and do around 10 at a time.

DSC_0101_100221_7743 copy

First count how many polishes you have and get that many paddle pop sticks and nail tips.

DSC_0089_100221_7755 copy

Heat your glue gun and put some glue on the back curve of one of the nail tips.

DSC_0091_100221_7753 copy

Press it down onto the edge of the paddle pop stick. Be very careful not to burn yourself!

DSC_0095_100221_7749 copy

Add some extra glue to the back to make sure everything is secure.

DSC_0096_100221_7748 copy

Rinse and repeat for how ever many you need…

DSC_0099_100221_7745 copy

Now wait until all of that is dry and paint one coat of polish over the whole thing.

DSC_0111_100221_7733 copy

Wait for it to dry!

DSC_0115_100221_7729 copy

While we’re waiting for it to dry here’s a mini review of the Eyeko polish:

The application was quite good it was a nice consistency and very shiny after application. It was opaque/the colour in the bottle after 2 coats. This next photo is a really good representation of the colour, it’s nice and soft and reminds me a lot of OPI “Do you lilac it?”. I didn’t find the smell of the polish over powering either which was nice.

DSC_0113_100221_7731 copy

The packaging is super cute too which is a plus!

DSC_0002_100219_7673 copy

The bottle is quite small at 8.5ml for £3 but for a boutique company that seems to be fairly standard. So the verdict = good! Everything they have is themed on a very cute manga which they update on the site every week, here’s some of the cute info they sent through:

DSC_0003_100219_7672 copy

Now back to the tutorial! After the first coat is dry write the name and colour of the polish on the other end of the stick!

DSC_0116_100221_7728 copy

Just like this 😀

DSC_0118_100221_7726 copy

Now time for the second coat, this time you should only paint the top 2/3rds of the nail.

DSC_0126_100221_7718 copy

Then leave that to dry. Once it’s dry you should paint one final coat on the top 1/3rd of the nail.

DSC_0137_100221_7707 copy

So you should have something like this, the numbers represent the number of coats. This doesn’t mean much for a polish as opaque as this one but when you have a more sheer polish it’s much more useful to know how many coats you’ll need for the finish you want. Now you can see at a glance without having to trial and error it every time.

DSC_0142_100221_7702 copy

This is an example of some polishes where the differences are a little more obvious, especially the orange.

DSC_0147_100221_7697 copy

So there you have it! Now it’s time for a nail art tutorial 😀 Today we’re going to make a pretty but easy lace finish on a base of the Eyeko Lilac Polish. Video is below!

<div-id= “lilac”>

Hope you enjoyed the double tutorial post! And please let me know if you have any other nail art related questions <3

Let me know what you think of it all especially the lilac lace nail art, I want to do more tutorials ^_^

Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial

This is a quick and simple tutorial on painting leopard print nail art designs. Please note this version is very low quality. Check the blog for a high quality version.

Thanks for watching! I upload two new videos a week on my main channel plus heaps of vlogs on my second channel so make sure to subscribe to keep up to date!

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Music: Garageband

Text transcript:
Today on Violet Vision.
How to paint leopard print nail polish.
What you need:
Tan nail polish, dark brown nail polish, black nail polish, clear nail polish, orange diamantes.
Step 1.
Paint your nails tan.
Step 2.
Apply brown splotchy spots.
Step 3.
Add broken black outlines.
This is the pattern you want to aim for.
Add a couple of little black flecks between the leopard spots for more realistic print.
Step 4.
Paint black french tips.
Step 5.
Add diamantes using clear nail polish as glue.
Step 6.
Top coat with clear polish.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching.

Uninformative Hime Gyaru Style Acrylic Nail Tutorial…

This is a very uninformative acrylic nail tutorial.

I apologize in advance for my crappy camera work on this, it’s hard to hold a cell phone camera in one hand while doing acrylic nails with the other *_*

I am really not very good at writing tutorials but people are always asking about how I do my nails so I thought I’d give it another go. Please note that this really is just a rough guide, it’s not comprehensive, it’s just what I do!

Onwards to the acrylic nail tutorial.

Firstly you should get all of your materials together. I get all of my things together on a tray table so I can do it on the couch and be nice and comfy.

In this picture you can see all my bits and pieces:

• Acrylic nail kit including nail tips, buffer, bush, nail glue, acrylic liquid, acrylic power, vitamin nail prep. • Moisturizer • Dapper dish (glass dish for holding the acrylic liquid) • Nail clippers • Assortment of nail polish • Cotton buds • Orange sticks • Nail polish remover • Nail buffer • Dish of water to wash hands in • Extra nail tips and old nails to get inspiration from

If you’re using a store bought acrylic kit you should always follow their instructions!

The first things that you need to do is prep your hands. Use the moisturizer and give yourself a massage, I used to have a little UFO hand massager from the Body Shop which was awesome but it’s been lost amongst my bathroom junk. If Nintento Ds taught us anything it’s that touch is good so rub away!

Now use the clippers and trim you nails so they are well shaped, you should also use an orange stick to clean under your nails and push back your cuticles if necessary. Take the buffer/sander and sand gently along the flat of the nails to get rid of ridges and roughen up the nail so the glues bond better.

Once your natural nails are all ready you should lay out all your nail tips and find one that fits each finger individually. It’s really important to get a good fit so if you can’t find one that actually fits then you should use the next biggest one and sand the edges until it does.

The edges should be able to matching up to your natural nails around 4mm from the top edge. Now following the instructions glue each nail in place. My natural nails are tiny so my tips cover most of the nail but if yours are longer then you should put them lower down.

RAWR! Witch nails!

Ok so once they’re dry then you need to trim and shape them to the length you want.

Now is the part where following your acrylic instructions is super important because sets tend to differ slightly. The general idea of what you’ll need to do is this:

– Put the nail prep liquid on the exposed nail, wait 30 seconds and apply a second coat, wait 2 minutes. Be sure not to put it on the fake nail!

– Pour some acrylic liquid into the dapper dish. Dip your brush in, wipe the excess on the side and the put the tip of it into the acrylic powder.

– Move it around in a circle so you create a little melted ball on the end of the brush. Apply that ball to your nail and wipe it into the nail in long strokes until smooth. Apply more balls until you have covered the whole nail. It should have a smooth finish but don’t worry too much about small bumps because you can sand them out afterward. If your trying it for the first time don’t give up! My first nail was terrible and lumpy! It takes a little practice but you’ll get it in the end!

– Now wait a few minutes for the acrylic to dry. To tell if they’re dry tap them together and if it sounds like nails then you’re done! You can now sand and shape any bumpy bits with your emery board. Here are my finished nails.

Ok so you’ve got the nice acrylic base to work on now, lets get decorating!

At this point I usually clear off the table of anything I won’t need such as the acrylic kit and I lay out everything I need for decorations such as specific nail polishes and jewels. I put paper towel down before I sort loose jewels so nothing gets lost.

For the design I’m showing you today you will need: • Light pink nail polish • Clear nail polish • 10 white pearls gems • 20 pink pearl gems • Light pink loose glitter • Lots of small pink diamantes depending on how big your nails are. • Nail polish dryer is optional but effective

First give your nails a coat of pink. Depending on the brand you have you may need up to 4 coats to get a nice smooth finish. If you want to apply a base coat or primer coat go ahead before the pink. Once the pink is completely dry take your clear polish and paint a diagonal triangle across each nail as shown my the red in the picture below.

While the clear is still wet dip the nail into the pot of glitter. It helps to do each nail one at a time so the polish doesn’t dry too quickly. Once you’ve dipped each nail and they’re dry, take the cotton bud and wipe away any wayward glitter. They should look like this:

Now do another coat of clear over each nail to seal in the glitter perfectly.

Once that is dry get together all of your jewels and pearls.

Violet’s tip 1. Picking up the jewels to place them can be hard especially if you have a round jewel and are using tweezers. My tip is to use a matchstick with some old blue tac that has lost most of it’s sticky. It’s strong enough to pick everything up but as long as you don’t press too hard it will leave the jewel behind on the tacky polish.

You should paint a line of clear along the diagonal line on the first nail and place a white pearl in the middle, then place a pink pearl on either side and fill in the gaps to the sides of the nail with small pink gems to complete the line. Make sure to press down the jewels into the nail polish with an orange stick so they stick nicely.

Wait for that to dry and then clear coat over the top of everything for a final seal.

Viola! Cute Hime style nails!

Violet’s tip 2. If you’re worried about things falling off you can do another clear coat the next day.
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