Cheesie, Super Kawaii Mama and Violet's Puffy Bun Hair Tutorial Video!

Hello it’s hair tutorial time!

Remember how I’ve been promising some big projects lately? Weeeeeell this is one of them! A never-before-been-attempted-triple-hair-tutorial! (Yeah, yeah I know someone else probably did it first but it took a long time to edit this so let me have my moment in the sun damn it!)

Candice, Cheesie and I were up late one night throwing around some fun ideas and this is what popped out ^_^ I’ve been wearing my hair like this lately on days when the heat is just unbearable!

So here is our tutorial on making a pretty side bun. I hope you enjoy it!

What did you think? I’m going to be visiting Candice in a few weeks and Cheesie is coming to visit in a few months, more video collaborations?

P.S. How cute are Cheesie and Candice? Serious love! Let me know if you want to see another video hair tutorial!

Hairstyle Questions and Answers

Lately a couple of people have been asking about how I do my hair style and decorate my hair.

When I posted my make up tutorial Victoria Suzanne from Lolita Charm asked:

“I’d love to know about the roses in your hair – did you make them and how are they in such a cute little band? “

Here is a screen shot of my hair from the tutorial (the best one I could find anyway!)

So I thought today that I would talk a little bit about hair and show you how you can turn pretty much anything into a hair clip ^_^

So let’s make the hair clips first. These are my favorite types of roses. They are actually made from styrofoam which sounds strange but they are very soft, durable and realistic. I got mine from Spotlight but I imagine most craft stores carry them.


So what you need is flowers (or whatever you want to make into a hair clip), a hot glue gun and some bobby pins.

DSC_0091_091123_3949 copy

Using the glue gun you should put a good amount on both the rose and the bobby pin. Press them together. A good tip is to make sure that hot glue actually gets through the loop part of the bobby pin, this makes sure that it can’t pop out of the glue later.

DSC_0099_091123_3941 copy

You should hold the bobby pin where the stem on the flower would go. Normal hair clips would put the clip on a right angle but I find that it’s easier to hide the pin amongst your hair like this. Be careful not to burn yourself on the glue! When it’s dry it should look like this:

DSC_0102_091123_3938 copy

If you want you can cover the ugly glue on the back with a small circle of felt but seeing as it’s going to be buried in my hair I don’t mind so much ^_^

DSC_0103_091123_3937 copy

You can really do this with anything. Here is a sneak peak at what I’m going to be wearing in my hair at the Nuffnang Christmas party… I bought these butterflies at a junk store.

Now I have an army of butterfly hair clippies!


They are going to look super cute!


So now that you’ve made your clips it’s time to decorate your hair! How you arrange them greatly depends on the look you want. For me I want a hime style look but my other motivation is to cover my re-growth of non-blonde hair so I can wait longer between dyes and damage my hair less. So this is what I start out with:

DSC_0048_091123_3990 copy

When it’s up like this, the regrowth is super obvious. I’m sure I could cover it with a hat like a normal girl but with hime style hair it doesn’t go so well!
DSC_0050_091123_3988 copy

So to do the style I did in the video you need to start with a base head band. I like to use one which is similar colour to the flowers and has something interesting on it like a bow.

DSC_0053_091123_3985 copy

Everything about the style I’m making is lopsided so make sure you pick your best side for the bow!

DSC_0055_091123_3983 copy

Now get your flowers, it’s nice to use a few different types or shapes of flowers to make the style more interesting.

DSC_0057_091123_3981 copy

So grab one of your flowers (I’m starting with the light pink ones) and attach it. You should slide the flower under the headband because the band will hide the metal bit. You really don’t actually need to get much hair to hold it in, just a tiny bit. I get a tiny bit of my fringe in to it then push the whole way into my pouf.

This is how it looks all the way in. See how it hides everything nicely?

DSC_0061_091123_3977 copy

Now add another one on that side above the first.

DSC_0064_091123_3974 copy

And one on the other side… For this style I work with uneven numbers of flowers to make it even more lopsided.

DSC_0065_091123_3973 copy

Now you have quite a good base to work with, start adding the other kind of flower. You can add as many or few until you like how it looks. I like a lot of flowers so this is what I ended up with 😀

DSC_0069_091123_3969 copy

No regrowth to be seen ^_^

DSC_0067_091123_3971 copy

Now here are some variations on this look, it’s very versatile…

This time instead of a head band I started with a row of flowers that I’ve glued on a comb.

DSC_0080_091123_3958 copy

So add it to the side because it’s going to be your feature piece.

DSC_0083_091123_3956 copy

This version requires more flowers if you want to cover up regrowth but still looks cute.

DSC_0087_091123_3952 copy

If you are wearing awesome earrings you can pull the bits of hair on the side backwards and pin them over the headband. Here is how it looks with a different headband.

DSC_0076_091123_3962 copy

So I hope that answers some of your questions, if you’d like ore information just leave me a comment 😀
Btw if you’re interested in Lolita fashion you should check out Victoria Suzanne‘s blog, it’s full of really interesting articles and she has some very cute hair styles of her own!!

Hime Gyaru Hairstyle Tutorial and Rollers Tutorial

Morning everyone, I’m sure a lot of you remember I did a tutorial on how to create a hime hair style

Well after doing it every day for the last year or so I’ve developed some short cuts and easier ways of doing things. So I decided to made a revised tutorial and include the information about hot rollers in the bottom. The best part about this version is that there is very little teasing involved so very little damage 😀

We are going to end up with this: Now the secret to being able to do this style of hair with minimum teasing/damage is having something to stick in the middle to hold everything up. I borrowed this idea from Super Kawaii Mama’s video on 1960’s beehives. You need something to hold the center shape and a ratty old hair extension.

I use an old bandanna folded and then rolled up, you could use whatever you want as long as it gives the same basic shape. This gives a great amount of pouf and is sturdy. You can really use anything that will hold the shape.Now find an old hair extension you’re never going to use again and tease it until it’s solid and matted, this helps it keep it’s shape.

Roll it around the bandanna.

Secure the ends with some bobby pins. Pinch the ends in and secure with more bobby pins until you can’t see the bandanna anymore. Finished! Now you can start trying it out with your hair!

I’ll do a quick tutorial on how to actually do the hairstyle, if you want more detailed photos check the last tutorial or this hime hair video I made of doing it on myself.

First separate the front section of hair which will become the bump.

This is the front section: Clip it to the side for now and keep it out of the way. Now place the hair piece on to of your head just behind the section you clipped. Secure it with some pins, I usually use one on each side then one for the front and one for the back. Don’t forget to put one in the front of you’ll find your bump gradually sliding backwards during the day.

Unclip the section of hair and divide it into 3, with a larger portion in the middle. Brush the middle section upwards and give it a good dose of hair spray. If you want to make it easier to manage you can tease (back comb) near th e roots but it’s not completely necessary. Pull it backwards and pin it behind the hair piece. Now do the same with each side. Brush it, spray it, pin it and spray it again! This is how the back looks:

All finished! Now it’s time to curl the rest of the hair. You will need your hot rollers, I have a set from Vidal Sassoon and they are awesome. Make sure to heat them up for the recommended time and always follow the instructions. I use mine on the hottest setting because I have very hard to curl hair.

You are also going to need the little clippy things to keep them in. I prefer the plastic ones to the metal “U” shape ones because they are quicker and easier to use. If you have hard to curl hair like me then you will need something like Tresemme Curl Activator spray. Some people use curling water but I have no idea where to get that from. Anyway give your hair a spray all over with the curl activator.

Brush out the rest of your hair, be very careful to hold where the pins are so you don’t ruin all the hard work you just did!

After you have heated the rollers get one ready to use. Don’t touch the hot part! The first this we want to do is get rid of all of the pinned ends so we can’t disturb the top bump It doesn’t really matter how you roll this part because it’s going to be hidden by a bow at the end. I’ll show you exactly how to roll them properly in a second. Clip it out of the way! Ok! Now let’s section a piece to curl. I like to start with the piece on the side and in front of my ears because I want these to be the curliest so I leave them in for the longest. Grab your section and brush it. Spray it! Brush through again to smooth it. Now grab your roller and twist the hair around it at the bottom. As you roll up catch the end of the hair in and keep rolling so it holds. To get this perfect you’ll have to experiment with your hair, for example if I roll these underhand the curls won’t hold but if I roll them overhand they curl nicely. It’s all about experimenting to find what works for your hair type! Clip the roller into place and you’re done.

Here is a video of how to roll them:



Do the other side too.

Now start sectioning the back and rolling them up too. Start at the top and work down. Fit in as many as you can, the small the sections of hair you roll the better they will take the curl. This is how mine looks when it’s all done 😀 Give it all a good final spray. If you’re going to try hime style hair, make friends with your hair spray! Now it’s just a matter of waiting! Go have breakfast or do your make up. Wait at least 20min until all of the rollers are completely cool to the touch! I went and replied to some of your wonderful comments about the new layout 😀 Hi internet people! Ok time’s up! You should take them out front first and then from bottom to top at the back. When you pull them out they will look kind of funky. Curl them around your finger to point them in the right direction. Hurrah a pretty curl! Now spray it in place!

Here is a video of how I take them out: [youtube=] Now do it with the rest of them.

And you end up with this! If you don’t like how some of the curls are sitting just gently separate them with your fingers. Fix up your fringe and add some accessories. All finished 😀 And the back: The side: The end!

On another note, does anyone know how to stop blogger from compressing photos when I upload them? My photos are very good quality but when they are uploaded they get pixely and washed out 🙁 I’m seriously considering just getting my own domain bleh.

I hope you all enjoyed the hime hair tutorial and if you have any questions just pop them in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer 🙂

Vintage Roll Hair Tutorial (like Victory Rolls) and News

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I have lots to report today, the biggest part of this post is going to be the hair tutorial that I’ve finally finished but other things first…

We’re doing this style today:

But first… remember the post I made about the Nuffnang Coles/Myer gift card competition? Well I won! I couldn’t believe it, I never win anything so this is awesome! They are sending out my $100 gift voucher so I’ll be sure to let you all know how I spend it ^_^

Don’t forget that Nuffnang is also holding the first annual blogger awards so if you enjoy reading what I write feel free to nominate me ^_^ and cross all your fingers and toes for me! I want to go to Singapore!

Next in the news is the guest blog post I did over at Lisa’s blog. I did a summer themed mani with fimo fruit so click the picture below for the full story 🙂

One more piece of news before I get stared on the hair tutorial! This is directly related to the tutorial though, on the weekend I used 1000hour eyelash glue and had a terrible allergic reaction to it. My eyes swelled shut and so I’ve had to photoshop some of these photos to not look completely ridiculous, the photos also saved really low quality due to a glitch in the camera so bleh. I’m going to be writing a review on the lash glue later this week and let’s just say it’s not exactly glowing but I’m waiting to hear back from their customer service department about treatments.

Without further ado, onto the tutorial!

This tutorial is for how to create this hairstyle. I’ve heard this called several different names (double french twists, 60’s rolls etc) but I think the name “Kitty rolls” is cutest because it reminds me of Kitty from “That 70’s Show”! This is a great style for when your hair is a bit dirty or you’re rushed for time.

You will need: -Hair spray (I’m going to review this brand later this week too)

-Bobby pins and a brush – An alice band (optional) First brush out your hair backwards so there is no part.

-Lightly spray the top and sides of your hair. This is just to give it some texture and get the bobby pins to hold. Now you should seperate a section on each side of your head. Imagine drawing an invisible line from each ear and pulling everything in front of the line forward.

Put these two parts to the front and sit the alice band behind them. This is so when we twist everything together you can hide the ends of the alice band. See the placement? Now get some bobby pins ready. It’s good to have them on hand so you don’t have to drop any hair bits to find them. I have a bad habit of opening them with my mouth XD

Start on one side and brush out one of the front sections.

Twist this section backwards.

And then place it (not too tightly) backwards and behind the alice band. This photo has been censored for my frilly peace of mind! It was a seriously bad allergic reaction! Ok now pin it in place. The best way to do this is to open the pin, grab the edge of the twirl and the push the pin into the rest of the hair with it’s open edges towards your face. This is a very sturdy way of securing the hair. Here is a video:

Haha you can here James saying “like so” at the end XD Anyway it should look like this:

Now grab another section of hair a bit bigger than the last.

Pull it upwards and twist it around the last section of hair.

Pin it in place It looks like this: Keep going grabbing sections of hair and twisting them until you reach the middle of the back of your head. Now do the same to the other side! Exactly the same process on the other side until you reach the middle. It should look like this:

And from the side: Now the back part is a little tricky so I’ve got another short video down lower. Grab all the loose hair and carefully brush it out. Spray some hairspray on it to give it some more hold.

Get those pins ready again! Ok with the hair between you fingers, roll it up. Depending on your hair length you might need to roll it over twice.

Hold it there and pin through the holes on each side until it’s secure.

Here is a video:

Ok so you’ve got the back part now it should look like this: See that weird hole in the back, let’s get rid of it!

Here is how it looks from the back, basically just keep adding pins until you’re happy with the shape. The easiest way to do this is to use a second mirror to see exactly how it looks.

Time to decorate now! Get any clips or pins you want to put in the back. The good thing about hime gyaru fashion is that you can cover any mistakes with extra bows or flowers ^_^ Don’t forget to give it a good spray, you don’t want bits coming down during the day/night.

I added two flower pins and a big rose barrette thingy that I made the other day.

And from the side: Finish doing your make up, add a bunch of accessories and you’re ready to go! Taadaa!

Well I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, once you get the hang of doing the twisting it only takes about 5 minutes. I’ve even managed on a train on the way to a job interview once XD

I’ve decided to make this week’s blog posts all about hair and beauty so expect more of this!

Lastly I’ve been considering making full videos for posts like this, would it be easier to tell what is going on in a video? Would you guys be interested in watching videos I make or prefer I just shut up and blog?

Bow Hairstyle Tutorial for Medium Length Hair

Morning everyone, as promised here is my tutorial of how to do the bow hairstyle like this. It’s been popular for a while but Lady Gaga once wore it.

Firstly apologies that the photos are a little bit dark.

Now let’s get started! Firstly you will need to wash and brush your hair, this style works best with clean hair. If you need to blow dry it straight do that too.Wow my hair is getting long!

Ok now you are going to need the following things for this version of the bow hair style:

-LOTS of bobby pins -2 Hair ties, preferably ones that match your hair. So you can see them I’m using bright pink and white this time. -A good hair brush -Strong hold hair spray, especially if you have unruly hair like me.

– Lastly a hair dryer if you want to set your fringe. If you feel the need take time to do some Charlie’s Angels style poses now to get it out of your system.

Okidokie. Now you’ve got nice clean dry hair, separate your fringe and clip it out of the way.

Now pull the rest of your hair back into a pony tail. It needs to be really high up on the top of your head. Think, popular school girls in the 80’s high.

I find it’s easiest to turn upside down. Secure it tightly with a hair tie.

Once you’re right way up you should grab the sides of the pony tail and put it until it’s tight.

At this point you’re probably feeling pretty stylish but soldier on!

Un-clip your fringe and take a section from the front of the pony tail. This is going to be the middle bit of the bow so make it appropriately sized for your hair.

I like to give it a bit of a pull so the ponytail moves forward a bit. From the side it should look like this:

Now clip it aside into your fringe so we can make the bow part. You’ll be feeling even more like an 80’s pop starlet now so take a few seconds to have a dance.

Now you should grab the remaining ponytail and brush any knots out of it.

Get your second hair tie and tie it as far down the ponytail as you can without having lots of fly aways. Now this part is a little tricky, when you do the last pass over of the hair tie, don’t pull the ends through completely, just leave them half way.

It creates a nice little neat bubble on the end…

And from the side you can see how it curls the ends under on the back.

Now what you want to do is fold it in half. Make sure to have some bobby pins ready so once you’ve got it in position you can pin it straight away.

You want it to look kind of like a fan.

Pin it very securely in place. From the back it should look something like this:

And from the front like this:

Give it a good dose of hair spray and lets move on to the next step before you run off and try to audition for an extra role in a Dr Suess movie!

This is the point where it starts to actually look like a bow… Seperate the folded hair into two equal sections with your fingers.

Squish the middle apart with your fingers and give it another quick spray.

Unclip the section that was attached to your fringe.

Next brush it smooth so there are no bumps and knots. Get a bobby pin (or two) and while holding it flat on your head, push the pins straight across in front of the hair tie. What this is doing is attaching the hair in my hand to my head so when I pull it up and back in a second you won’t be able to see the hair tie.

In the photo below I put the pins about 3 inches from my hand towards the bow.

Next pull the hair up… see no hair tie! Pull it backwards so it forms the middle of the bow.

Make sure it covers the second (pink) hair tie now and pin it in place. It should be pulled fairly tight so it doesn’t look like just another loop!

Ok so we’re alost done, we just have to get rid of that scragly bit on the back. How you do this depends on how long your hair is.

If you have long/thick hair you should split it into two parts and repeat the following steps on each side, if not just do what I do!

Take the last piece of hair and tease it a little. Nothing too dramatic, just enough to give it some body.

It should look roughly like this:

Now take that section and twist it a little bit.

This bit is a little tricky, to show in pictures… you want to fold the section in half so it’s a little smaller than the sides of the bow. Pick a side of the bow which has drooped a bit, I chose the left side. Now you basically take the section and shove it into the middle of the side of the bow you chose. To do this you kind of lift up the half of the bow and stick it in the hole in the middle… Make sense?

Pin it so it’s secure and so that nothing is sticking out of the bow half.

Next fiddle with the sides until you’re happy with how they’re sitting. And give it a last spray. The back is still kind of ugly so I like to cover it with a real bow. There’s nothing a good bow can’t hide 😀 Pick out something appropriate..

Pin it in place… If you need to, use the hair dryer to set your fringe in place…

And TAA DAAA! You’re all finished 😀 Good work!

Very cute! Make sure to spend some time cam-whoring your new hair style ^_^ Someone the other day mentioned this looked a lot like a Lady Gaga style, who knew!

Hope you enjoyed this, if you have any questions just ask… Or if you are completely confused here is an awesome video which uses a similar technique to mine:


Btw, I will answer all my emails tonight, sorry for being late guys!

Let me know what you guys think of the bow hair style and the tutorial in general!


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Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial

Welcome to my Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS  HIME GYARU HAIR TUTORIAL HAS BEEN UPDATED HERE. The version below is achieved by teasing your hair, if you don’t want to tease it click here for the other version. This is also only one way to do this style. I have done several others so please check the tutorial section for videos etc.

Please note that there are a LOT of photos so dial-up users beware!

This tutorial is just for the the way that I do my hair, there are several other ways to do this but this is one way that it works for me. I have done several other posts on hime gyaru hair tutorials.

Without further ado…

To start off you should have clean hair, brush all of the knots out of it and make sure it’s dry.

I’m so used to having my hair up, it looks weird to have it down!

Now get your materials together. You need a nice hair brush, a can of hair spray (I LOVE Sunsilk Super Hold)

You will also need LOTS of bobby pins
And some accessories to tie your whole look together. I like to have an alice band and a big bow to stick on the back to cover all the pins

Now let’s get started!
Brush your fringe forward and the rest of you hair backwards as if you were going to put it in a pony tail.
Now put your fingers at the tops of your ears and work them through your hair until they meet at the top. Basically what you should be doing is separating a section of hair that is about one inch thick. Pull it upwards and hold on to it for a moment.

This section will eventually become the smooth part of the quiff (top lump of hair) so you need to clip it out of the way for now. I usually twist it to the side and stick a clip in.


Pretty sexy huh?

It should look roughly like this:

Now is the fun part… Take a section of hair behind the bit you clipped off a couple of inches thick. This will be the part of hair the keeps the whole thing up!

Pull this section of hair up and keep hold of it.

At this point it might help you to tie the rest of y
our hair up. Once you get some more practice you might not bother but if it’s your first time then it makes it easier!

Now pull the section of hair up above your head.

At this point you probably look like an extra out of a Dr Suess movie!

Now is the fun part! Tease the section you’re holding until it’s massive! To tease the hair you brush it from the tips to the roots so it turns into a big knotty mess.

Now you look like a deranged Mana fan so strike your best pose!

Lol cool style in it’s own way but we’re here for Hime hair!

So grab the teased part and start squishing it into a big ball. Don’t squish it too much or it will loose it’s shape. if you want it to be bigger just tease it some more!

Now curl it backwards over on itself. It should look like a big fluffy tube from the side. If you want don’t get it right the first time just tease it up some more and try again. Remember the bigger the better!

Grab your bobby pins and pin that big old tube in place!

Once you are happy with the positioning you should use your hairspray! Don’t scrimp on the spay, if you want it to stay up all day then it needs to be sturdy. If you find that it shape isn’t roughly what you want then you can squish it into shape and add more spray, it doesn’t need to be perfect because we’re going to cover it with hair. Sexy huh?

Now is the time to take down all of the hair you’ve clipped up. See it’s starting to take shape!

This part takes a little practice so don’t worry if it doesn’t come out right the first time, just unpin it and try again!

From the inch of long hair at the front take a section at the top/middle of your head and brush it straight upwards. This section should be wide enough to cover a good part of the quiff.

Now carefully place the hair backwards over the teased bump. Make sure it’s fairly smooth.

Bring it down over the back and use a bobby pin to fix it in place. Again use your hair spray to seal it down.

Now grab a section of hair on the side and brush it up and back. Fiddle with it until it covers all the messy bits of the teased part.

Once you have it right you can pin it down and spray it in place. It should look something like this:

Now do that to the other side and you’re almost done! If you have a few stray bits like I do in the photo below just spray the area and smooth it down with your hand.

Now we’re ready to decorate! Pick out a nice big bow for the front and if you want to try out a side swept fringe then this is the time!

Side swept doesn’t look very good on me but I bet it looks awesome on you!

Now make sure you have a bow or some flowers handy to cover up all those ugly bobby pins in the back! Just pin it straight into the quiff, if you make sure to pin through the teased part it won’t go anywhere even on the windiest, rainiest, craziest day where you’re stuck on a train with your head in some guy’s sweaty armpit and you’ll be all ready for that photoshoot for Jesus Diamante!

Taadaa! All done 😀 Make sure to cam-whore it up, you just spend 923810 hours doing your hair, people should bloody well notice!

If you want, you can add hair extensions, I love them but I don’t wear them every day. Too cute!

Before you go and try it yourself you should probably see how horrible it is to take out at the end of the day *_*

Ow! Pins hurt!

Oh noes! My brush is stuck in my giant knotty tangle of hair *_*

Have fun brushing it all out! Let me suggest this, don’t just dry brush it… GET LEAVE IN CONDITIONER! This will help de-tangle it. Also you should make sure to wash and condition the hair afterward or give it a moisture treatment! If you wear your hair like this often it really needs it!

I would love to see photos of you wearing Hime Gyaru style hair! Let me know what you thought of this tutorial 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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