How To Make A Hair Donut… or Sausage? I’m hungry :D

So have you ever wondered how people make fancy perfect buns like this?


How To Make A Simple Ric Rac Rose Headband

Ricrac roses are eeeeeeverywhere *_* I remember when my grandma used to make these and put them on the dresses she made for me as a kid. They were hideous dresses, she picked the brightest fabric she could because she was going bind and she had the same pattern she used for *all* of the grandchildren. *shudder* I still have nightmares about bright yellow dresses with matching hats. I don’t know why but when I was a child everything came with a matching hat >_<

Anyway tangent aside I actually always liked these roses and they have completely taken over the internet. I can’t open Pinterest or Etsy without seeing them adorning earrings or shoes… so if you can’t beat them join them!

This is the way I made a ricrac headband for a friend 😀


I personally think ric rac is pretty useless, it can work well in small amounts but it always just reminds me of circus costumes for some reason. I have several packets of the stuff which was at the bottom of a random sewing bag I got from a friend’s daughter’s school fete. Bought when
Australia still measured things in Yards XD

How To Make An Usamimi

See the full post here for more information:
And here’s another post I did with another method:

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Usamimi Sewing Instructions
Today I’m sewing a simple usamimi headband!
Gather your materials.
Cut a long rectangle of fabric and put the ends together.
Fold in half length-wise.
Snip the end into a rounded point like this.
Unfolded it should look something like this.
Unfold and then fold in half to form a big sausage.
Thread a needle and start stitching at one point.
Running stitch down the side.
It can take a while to get to the other side.
Leave a small gap when you reach the other end and tie off.
Turn the whole thing inside out through the end gap.
Flatten it out and you should have something like this.
Unwind a piece of wire twice as long as the tube.
Fold it in half, twist together then fold the ends into loops.
Thread the wire into the tube.
Then stitch up the gap.
Tie off the end.
All done!
Cure and it holds itself up with the wire, the perfect bunny headband.
And that’s it! You can whip one of these up in a couple of minutes once you get the hang of it and it’s even quicker on a sewing machine.
Check out the link in the description for a photo version of the tutorial on my blog.
Hope you all enjoyed the video and good luck if you give it a try yourself.
Thanks so much for watching, bye!

Wire Flower Hair Clip Quick Craft Tutorial

I realised over my crafting holiday that for some reason I’ve amassed a lot of coloured wire in my stash. No freaking clue how it got there but I figured if it’s there I might as well use it!

So the first thing I made was a little flower hair clip. It’s pretty crazy looking but I really like it.

I used:

  • Wire in various colours
  • Bobby pin
Originally I was planning to make this into a magnet but I went with hair clip instead. You could really put whatever backing on that you want though!

VioletLeBeaux-wire-hair-flower-62_1276 copy

Lace Usamimi Sewing Tutorial

My obsession with usamimis continues, they’ve FINALLY made it over to mainstream fashion here which is pretty funny but I much prefer to make my own especially because they are pretty expensive. I did a tutorial a very long time ago on making an usamimi which I’ll be updating with some new instructions and a video next week but in the mean time I wanted to show you the variation on the usamimi which I’m loving at the moment…

The thin lace ribbon!


These are so very simple to make so let’s get started 😀

How to Make an Usamimi – Sewing Tutorial

So quite a while ago, in fact I think it was almost 2 years ago, I wrote a tutorial on how to make an usamimi. I’m still loving them all of this time later so I thought I would rework the tutorial and show you and even easier way to do it.

This is what you’ll end up with…

VioletLeBeauxP1040245_14623VioletLeBeaux-Usamimi-Tutorial-58_1398 copy


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