Knitted Headband Tutorial – Quick Project

I’ve been a bit sick this week so today’s project is something nice and quick that you can finish while watching a movie on the couch.

It’s a very simple cute little knitted headband.



How To Make A Floral Headband

Someone wrote to me a while ago looking to learn how to make floral headbands. I really need a better system to keep track of tutorial requests, maybe a public list for submissions or something because I keep losing them between emails/Facebook/Twitter/everywhere else >_< They are super easy to make if you have the right materials so I was able to do one up in a few minutes.

Speaking of requests, I really need an easier way of keeping track of them other than email because I tend to lose emails and get confused as to who’s asked for what. I’m thinking of maybe starting a to do list somewhere where you can submit requests or something similar. Let me know what you think!

Anyway back to floral headbands…


How To Make Bergmot Bunny Ears!

To celebrate all of the fun things going on here recently and my return to regular every day blogging (yes actually this time!) I thought it was high time that I gave you all a Bergamot themed craft: Bergamot Bunny ears!

While you can’t buy a Bergamot Bunny yet, you can make your own ears!


How To Make A Beaded Bow Hair Accessory :D

Do you know that fabric glue is totally awesome? I bought some for $2 at a craft store sale and have been abusing it since XD

So here was my first project… beaded hair accessories. I saw some of these on ebay and also in stores like Diva  but making one is more fun!


How To Make A Felt Pinwheel Craft Tutorial

Another basic craft for today ^_^ Pinwheels!

I’m sure you all made these in school out of paper but this is the more permanent version which can be an adorable hair accessory or brooch depending on the size you make them.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-91_1381 copy

Fancying Up Leopard Print Earmuffs

I wanted some of these leopard print earmuff last year but they were quite expensive and seeing as I’ve never found a need for them before I couldn’t justify the price. This year I saw them again in shops for the same price and my want level went a little higher XD

Luckily I found them for $3.99 in Groove so the fact that I may never wear them less important ^_^ But they were plain… and that never lasts long in my house!

End result:


Apparently earmuff make me sleepy XD

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