Knitted Headband Tutorial – Quick Project

I’ve been a bit sick this week so today’s project is something nice and quick that you can finish while watching a movie on the couch.

It’s a very simple cute little knitted headband.



I used some green yarn I had left overs of to clear out some of my stash. It’s around 8ply and 4mm needles.



Cast on 15 stitches.



Knit using garter stitch until it’s long enough to wrap around your head comfortably. Cast off and then stitch the ends together.



Gather the seam and pleat it like a bow shape.


Tie some extra yarn around it to hold it in place. You could knit something to go around here if you preferred.





Done! Now that I have an obsession with cable knitting I want to make one with that too!

James suggested that this could be used in a more saucy way because and I quote “It’s not called garter stitch for nothing!” …. -_-‘

I’m not sure if there will be a Sew Fun this week or not because staring at the machine is giving me a bit of a headache at the moment but I’ll see how I go! I think I need a new prescription for my glasses >_<

How To Make A Floral Headband

Someone wrote to me a while ago looking to learn how to make floral headbands. I really need a better system to keep track of tutorial requests, maybe a public list for submissions or something because I keep losing them between emails/Facebook/Twitter/everywhere else >_< They are super easy to make if you have the right materials so I was able to do one up in a few minutes.

Speaking of requests, I really need an easier way of keeping track of them other than email because I tend to lose emails and get confused as to who’s asked for what. I’m thinking of maybe starting a to do list somewhere where you can submit requests or something similar. Let me know what you think!

Anyway back to floral headbands…


You need:

  • Ribbon to be the base
  • Fake flowers
  • Green ribbon for leaves
  • Other pretty ribbons and beads
  • Needle/thread or hot glue


Start by wrapping the base ribbon around your head and deciding how much of it needs to be covered in flowers. I think it works best if you do ear to ear. I marked my ribbon using paper clips so I could see where I needed to work.


The first thing you want to do is lay out the flowers so you know how many you have and where the placement should be. I like to put them alone or in groups of two.


I had some rose ribbon so I measured it to weave in and out between the roses too. You could use regular ribbon or beads or anything.


Now we need to make a heap of leaves to go along with it. To do that you will need some green ribbon. Fold it in a loop like this.


Then into a figure 8 with a loop on the other side too.


Stitch it in the middle and snip off the extra ribbon.


Make enough of those that you can use them under all of the flowers. Some might need two or to be folded in half so both petals are on one side to make it look more interesting and natural.


Now you’ve got all the pieces it’s time to stitch it all down. If you’re in a rush you can glue it together but that’s not great for long term use, only if you’re aiming for a costume.




Tie it around your head and you’re all good to go!


Thanks everyone for reading!


This totally reminds me of something Nessbow would wear, she always has the cutest floral bands!

How To Make Bergmot Bunny Ears!

To celebrate all of the fun things going on here recently and my return to regular every day blogging (yes actually this time!) I thought it was high time that I gave you all a Bergamot themed craft: Bergamot Bunny ears!

While you can’t buy a Bergamot Bunny yet, you can make your own ears!


You need:

  • Cute coloured headband
  • White fabric (polar fleece is good)
  • Pink fabric (polar fleece is good)
  • Lace
  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun
  • Needle. thread, scissors


Start by drawing an ear shape on the cardboard. It should be very round and a bit fatter at the ends. Draw a little rectangle tab on the bottom too.


Cut them out and you should have something like this!


Cut out a rectangle of fabric which is big enough to cover the ear when it’s folded in half:


Trim it down so when folded in half it forms a case for the ear.


Stitch it shut around the outside leaving the hole at the bottom and flip it inside out.


Slip the cardboard inside.


Once you repeat for the other ones it should look something like this:


Now cut some pink hearts and stitch them on here:


Next fold the cardboard on the bottom ends so they form tabs.


These cardboard tabs will hold the ears up straight.


Now glue the cardboard tabs to the bottom side of your headband. Make sure you place them off to one side so they look just like Bergamot.


Glue the ends of the fabric around the bottom over the cardboard so it covers it all.


If you want to you can place a piece of felt over the top to make it even neater.


Taadaa 😀


Now the finishing touches, make a little lace bow. This is Bergamot’s favorite kind of lace.


And glue it to the base.


Now you have some adorable Bergamot ears so go wear them out somewhere!


Let me know if you guys try it out!


I had a bit too much fun with mine haha!

Violet lebeaux crafts_770

Thanks for reading!

How To Make A Beaded Bow Hair Accessory :D

Do you know that fabric glue is totally awesome? I bought some for $2 at a craft store sale and have been abusing it since XD

So here was my first project… beaded hair accessories. I saw some of these on ebay and also in stores like Diva  but making one is more fun!


You need:

  • Beads of various colours
  • Felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Alice band or hair clip
Cut out a random piece of felt in a squiggly shape. You can plan it out before hand if you want or just cut and hope it ends up ok haha.


Start in small sections and add glue around the outlines.


Place the beads on. You can do it one by one with tweezers but I don’t have that kind of patience so I wet my finger slightly and picked up several at a time.


Once you have the outline done you can start filling in the middle.


Use different colours to give it more depth and different effects.


When it’s completely filled in leave the whole thing to dry overnight.


Here’s another one I made which is a bit more traditionally cute ^_^


Cut a bow shape out of felt.


Add glue over the whole thing (it’s little so you can probably do the whole thing before it all dries.


Place the darker pearls around as an outline.


Fill in the middles with lighter pearls.


Once they are dry the next day glue on some more felt as little channels to the back. This is how it will grab on to the aliceband.


The little bow just needs something small to grab on to because I’m just using a bobby pin.


DONE! Now after adding the alice band or clip it’s time to wear them out with pride! 😀



How To Make A Felt Pinwheel Craft Tutorial

Another basic craft for today ^_^ Pinwheels!

I’m sure you all made these in school out of paper but this is the more permanent version which can be an adorable hair accessory or brooch depending on the size you make them.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-91_1381 copy

You need:

  • Felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Something pretty to put in the middle such as a button etc.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-83_1381 copy

You need to cut out 2 felt squares, I cut mine by folding a piece of felt like this and cutting around it.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-84_1381 copy

After cutting fold two of the points together and then again. Press the folds down so they leave a slight indent and unfold. This is the easiest way to mark out where you need to cut.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-85_1381 copy

Snip down the folds but not all the way to the center. You should have something like this:

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-87_1381 copy

Repeat with the other sheet of felt.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-86_1381 copy

Now you have the pieces you just need to fold it together! Place the pieces of felt on top of each other and fold one of the points to the center like this.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-88_1381 copy

Fold every second point into the middle. You can move the different coloured felts so more of one or the other is displayed.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-89_1381 copy

Stitch them in the middle.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-90_1381 copy

And then cover the stitching with something pretty like this button I made in another post. You could use a ribbon bow or a flower too.

VioletLeBeaux-Pin-wheel-tutorial-94_1382 copy

Stitch the whole thing to a bobby pin or a hair clip and that’s all there is to it. Yay for repurposed children’s crafts 😀

Fancying Up Leopard Print Earmuffs

I wanted some of these leopard print earmuff last year but they were quite expensive and seeing as I’ve never found a need for them before I couldn’t justify the price. This year I saw them again in shops for the same price and my want level went a little higher XD

Luckily I found them for $3.99 in Groove so the fact that I may never wear them less important ^_^ But they were plain… and that never lasts long in my house!

End result:


Apparently earmuff make me sleepy XD

VioletLeBeaux-Leopard-Print-Ear-Muffs-50819_16582When I got them home I noticed some of the stitching was undone so I repaired that first.


Then I decided on a theme: lace and chain. Easy.


Design done.


Sewing… done 😀


Last for some extra interest I added the chain over the top part too.




Detailed, easy to do and best of all only $3.99.


Now I wish it would actually be cold on a day that I need to leave the house!


Earmuffs for the win!

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