Loom Flowers

Today’s mini craft is a blast from every primary school in Australia… well I assume so… we did it in my primary school anyway haha!


This Knitlon stuff was like a staple of market stalls in the 90’s, usually as crochet coat hangers._1260186 _1260591

But you know, it’s actually occasionally useful for other things 😀_1260592 _1260593 _1260594 _1260596 _1260597 _1260601

Easy hair flower in 5 minutes!


How To Make A Light Up Party Headband!

Today’s tutorial is a little out there which is why I love it! Today we’re making a light up party headband!

Oh yes, it’s party time on my head and everyone’s invited!

You need:

  • Mini LED fairy lights
  • Thin wire
  • Tulle
  • A headband
Start by cutting small strips of tulle around 3cm by 15cm.
Tie a piece of the tulle around each LED.
Loop the lights around your headband to get them spaced out correctly.
Continue wrapping and looping until you run out. It’s probably good to point out that you should use fairy lights which are battery powered rather than ones which plug in to the wall unless you want to be stuck next to the wall the whole party >_> Just tape the battery pack under your shirt or tuck it into your bra. It would also be good to mention to make sure you use LED’s instead of little bulbs, since LED’s don’t produce heat.
Secure the whole thing using thin jewellery wire.
I wrapped it around the ends especially so it wouldn’t just slide off.
It’s party time!
I don’t know what this is… a really lame party for one  where all anyone does is film videos XD
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you’re lighting up your NYE party with one of these ahaha!

DIY Bergamot Bunny Baseball Cap Tutorial!

Yay! A really fun project today: Bergamot Bunny baseball cap make over! Argh so fricking cute, I want to wear it all the time! I previously made this cap over but I haven’t worn it in ages so it was time for another rethink: answer? Bergamot ears!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Baseball cap
  • Cardboard
  • White fabric
  • Felt or roving for the pink parts of the ears
  • Lace for the bow
  • Hot glue
  • Needle and thread

Draw the Bergamot ear shape on to a piece of cardboard.

Cut them out!
Cut a rectangle of the white fabric big enough to cover the ear on both sides. I’m using some fluffy polar fleece.
Roughly draw the shape onto the fabric and draw where the heart will go on the ear as well.
Cut the extra off around the edges.
I decided to needle felt the pink heart in place but you can just use a piece of felt and stitch it on depending on which materials you have on hand.
Place the cardboard inside and the fold the fabric in half around it. Repeat for the other ear as well.
Now stitch or hot glue the fabric onto the cardboard so it covers it nicely and looks neat.
Now make a little lace bow as well. You can make the bow out of lace or ribbon depending on your tastes, it just needs to be as wide as both the ears because we will use it to hide the base later.
Now on your cap, use an unpicker to open a seam at the top.
Poke the ears through the hole and either stitch or hot glue them in place. Make sure you stitch or glue the seam on either side of the ears too otherwise it will unravel later.
Hot glue or stitch the ears together so they won’t flop around.
Lastly, glue the bow at the base of the ears to hide the seam.
All finished!
Really you could do this with just about any kind of hat as long as you could poke a hole in a seam!
Only thing to do now is enjoy it!
Bunny impression?

I know what I’ll be wearing all the time now! What do you guys think??

How To Make A Cute Flower Crown

I feel like I can’t log on to any of my social networks lately without seeing someone wearing a flower crown XD I’ve made these before for tutorials but I had a bunch of random flowers rattling around my crafting stash so I figured time for a new one!

All you need for this craft are a bunch of random flowers, a hot glue gun and some lace or ribbon to stick it to.
Lay your flowers out into a line and add more to the middle so it’s kind of a tiara shape.
Cut a piece of lace or ribbon which is long enough to tie around your head. You could also use a headband but I prefer ties because they are versatile and headbands give me a headache.
Now glue the flowers to the lace one by one. You can use a piece of fabric or felt as backing but it’s not really needed because it’s going to be hidden.
Taadaa! Seriously easy, the hardest part is deciding on how to lay the flowers out.
Then  just tie it on and you’re good to go!
Having them on a piece of lace means you can wear it in so many ways, I like to tie it around a big puffy bun!
New accessory in record time! I’ll have to go through my craft supplies to do things more often haha! Have you guys made anything fun lately?

Puffy Plaited Knitted Headband Tutorial

Yay! More knitting tutorials! I have so much of this yarn left over from my cable knit sweater that I just can’t help but knit XD

Today we’re making a knitted headband which is puffy and plaited.
To begin I cast on 24 stitches and knit 2 rows in stockinette.
The I put the first 16 stitches into another needle to work with later. I worked this in 3 sections of 8 stitches each.
Ignoring the other 16 stitches I knit the section of 8 in stockinette until it was long enough to wrap around my head without stretching it.
After the first 8 stitches it should look something like this:
I put those 8 stitches aside and then began to work the next 8.
And then the final 8 after that.
The point of that is that you need to have 3 strands of equal length to plait. Once I plaited them together I put all of the stitches back on the needles and knitted another 2 rows to finish it off.
To join them, I stitched the ends together and it looks quite seamless! 5 points to whoever can correctly guess where the seam is…
Looking good!
I love this more than regular headbands because it’s so squishy and comfortable to wear.
What do you guys think? Cute? I wonder what else I could make using this technique!

How To Make A Triple Headband – Tutorial

Today’s project is making a bunch of thin headbands into one super headband. MEGA HEADBAND, ASSEMBLE!

You will need:
  • 3 thin headbands
  • Embroidery thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tooth picks
Snip off the ends of the toothpicks, this is how we will keep the headbands apart so they don’t touch.
Hot glue a little piece of toothpick between each headband at the end.
You can vary the angle of the headbands depending on how thick the toothpicks are and how they sit.
Now wrap the ends in embroidery thread and glue it in place.
See now the tops sit apart:
And it looks adorable on!
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you give it a try!
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