Spring Decoden Moisturiser Case Project

Today is just a little decoden project! I did my moisturiser case 😀

Decoden Laptop Tutorial- It’s Finally Finished!

I have been trying to decoden my laptop since around 2008. How embarrassing is that! Especially because since then I’ve gone through 3 laptops and managed to finish… none of them *_*

But look, I finally did it!!!



Bunny and Pearl iPhone 5 Case Decoden

Just a quick video while I edit the rest of my backlog. A lot of people asked for a tutorial on how I did the decoden on my phone case so this time I actually filmed a video and included the basics. Spreading the glue out like this is the quickest technique but it’s a lot neater if you place a dot of glue on each jewel as you go. .

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How to make a decoden bling bunny phone case.
Today I’ll show you guys how I made my decoden iPhone case.
It’s Spring themed and uses a Bergamot Bunny charm.
First lay the main design out so you can see how it looks.
Mix equal parts of epoxy glue.
Make sure to mix it evenly.
Cover the backs of the large piece and glue down.
Draw small lines of glue down from the small flowers and add mini green jewels as stems.
Repeat with the taller flowers and larger green jewels.
You can either place lines of glue or dot each jewel with glue as you place it.
Do the largest flower with even larger jewels.
Add some small lines of mini green jewels randomly as grass.
Now flip to the other end and go all around the edges and camera hole with pearls.
Now it’s just a matter of filling everything in with more pearls.
Work from the outside into the middle.
Try to only do small sections at a time.
You can move the last few pearls around so everything fits nicely and there are no gaps.
Allow to dry and it’s done.
That’s it! Just let it dry properly overnight.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and thanks for watching!

How I Blinged My iPhone 5

The last few times I’ve posted about deco-ing my iPhone there have been a lot of requests for tutorials. I’ve done a lot of deco tutorials over the years but I’ve never been able to do a video because usually deco-ing the thing that I film with XD

This time however I was just doing a case so I filmed the whole thing on my phone. YAY!

The video is below but here are some tips and answers to questions I get quite a lot:

What glue are you using?

2 part 5 minute epoxy. You can buy it at any hardware store, this one is from Daiso.

How long does this take?

Depending on the complexity it usually only takes a few hours.

Where do you buy the parts?

Bergamot Charms are available through my Etsy store. I buy locally at junk stores, sometimes I buy from ebay, Full Moon Deco is great for parts and run by a super nice lady.

Where did you get the clear case?


How are you picking up the pearls/jewels?

I use either a cuticle stick with a tiny bit of water on the end for tiny jewels or reverse tweezers for regular ones.

How long does it last?

If you use epoxy it will last a very good while especially if you take care of it. I’ve had things (cameras mostly) which have lasted for years.

What if I make a mistake?

Don’t deco directly to an item if you are worried about making mistakes, put down a layer of clear contact first. You can easily remove contact if you don’t like the final design.

It’s kind of cool seeing all of this in fast motion! If you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments 😀

Pink Bling Decoden iPhone 4 Case

I don’t know why I can’t seem to settle on a phone design XD This one I think will be sticking around for a long time because I really love it. It’s over the top and completely impractical which I think is a little bit me!

And this one has my initial on it which is very much me 😀


New Decoden iPhone 4 Case

My iphone case was getting a bit beaten up and dirty so it was time to change it up for something new and fun!

The end result!


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