How Bleach An Ombre Gradient Effect Into A Shirt

I’ve been experimenting with bleaching clothing recently. I’d never really considered it until James suggested it for changing the colour of some fabric scraps I couldn’t think of a use for. I ended up playing around and getting some very cool results including this gradient shirt!


How To Make A Simple Pajama Shirt


Today’s project is another recycled outfit. In fact this has been recycled before! You could probably even call this one tshirt surgery XD

How To Turn A Skirt Into A Blouse

The wardrobe recycling continues!

Today I’m showing you guys how I made a basic top…


Out of an old skirt!


How To Turn A Suit Jacket Into A Vest

I’ve been doing a lot of remakes from my old clothes lately. It’s more fun turning something old into something new!

This is the story of how I made this suit vest…


…out of this ill-fitting suit jacket! My Mum was throwing it away so I figured I might as well have a play with it and see what I could come up with!



Ugg Boots Or Slippers Cute Customisation

Australia seems to have a love hate relationship with Ugg boots. Sometimes they’re acceptable fashion, sometimes they’re just for bogans. The rest of the world seems to have embraced them though and far be it from me to tall poppy them 😉

As an Australian I’m slightly embarassed to own ugg boots because they were so uncool when I grew up. Well not ugg boots but the $7 equivalent from Target. I honestly don’t know how these managed to be some kind of fashion statement or something that people wear in public? Growing up in North Queensland, uggs were the kind of thing that you wore around the house or farm, not what you wore to the shops. Maybe to the servo at like 2am or the McDonalds drive through… but definitely not as a fashion statement, it always seems to me like wearing pajamas out haha! Each to their own though ^_^

I ended up with this pair (my first ever) when my last slippers finally bit the dust as the rubber bottoms disintegrated all over the floor one day. It was the middle of Winter and there was nothing remotely boot-like in the store other than these.

This is pretty much sums up how I feel:


How To Make A Tulle Tutu

Today I made a tulle tutu style skirt 😀


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