Fun Printing Shirts

I’ve been experimenting with painting different fabrics lately. Later this week I’m hoping to get some silk painting supplies to play with which I am super excited about. My two favorite things in the world: painting and silk scarves!

Back on topic, my first attempt with printing was for BraveBirdFly’s birthday last year. I made her a kitty shirt!


My First Cable Knit Cardigan! Finished Project!

This is the feeling of having finished your first cable knit sweater project:



I have wanted to learn to cable knit for years but it looks so complicated so I was scared off. I was given a lovely birthday present from my friends Dino Slippers and I used it to bite the bullet and purchase yarn and cable needles to try it out.

Of course I didn’t try a small project first, I made a gigantic cardigan XD

Let’s Sew A Simple Lolita Skirt! Sew Fun!

You guys voted on the topic last week and the winner by a long shot was a simple ruffled Lolita skirt for our first big project! Fantastic choice guys, you’ll learn some really great skills in this project which you’ll be able to transfer to other projects.

So before we get into it, let’s have a look at the finished project being modeled by the lovely Miss Quinn ;D



How To Crochet A Crazy Faux Cable Hat!

It’s getting quite chilly and wintery here now so I’ve been going through a knitting/crochet binge. I tend to do this every time it gets cold XD

I’ve been trying to dent my yarn stash a bit and one of the projects I came up with to use up scraps was this fluffy faux cable crochet hat. I like to think it’s so ugly it’s cute!

So let’s get started!


Smooshy Winter Scarf Knitting Pattern

Winter is coming *insert Game of Thrones theme song….* on strong and when Winter hits I tend to get in the mood to knit and crochet 😀

I’ve resolved this month to make time for myself and doing things that *I* want to do eg. crafting. The first project I finished was this big smooshy scarf!


Turn A Dress To A Skirt And Shirt – Quick Craft


Meet Quinn my new mannequin ^_^ She was a gift from an extremely lovely friend and she’s allowing me to do a whoooole lot more sewing! I’m so excited to work on more sewing projects.

I’m planning to do a tutorial as I customise her to my exact measurements as well which should be really fun!



The first project that I decided to do using Quinn was remaking a dress I got from DreamV into a skirt and blouse set.

This was the dress originally:




It was a really pretty dress but they were out of smalls so I ordered a large and it just didn’t sit the way I wanted it to. So goodbye dress and hello skirt and top!

Luckily, ordering a bigger size was really a good idea because it gave me a lot more room to work with the fabric.

First thing I did was carefully cut around the seem connecting the blouse part tot the skirt to separate them. I then hemmed the bottom of the blouse.




Seriously, it was about 5 minutes worth of work.

Here it is with a high waisted skirt:


The skirt had a little more work in it. I made an incision in the waist and shortened the elastic so it was actually the correct size for my waist. I then sewed it back up and hemmed the top.





Now I have a much more versatile set that can be worn together or separately like this in a much more flattering way:


It’s been great getting to some of the things which have been in my sewing pile for waaaay too long. Hopefully I can do some more serious stash busting soon! I will be doing a lot more sewing from scratch as well so if there’s something you’d all like to see let me know ^_^


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