Violet’s Daily Romantic Make Up Look Photo Tutorial

Make up tutorial? It’s been so long!! I used to do a lot more make up video tutorials but they don’t really interest me as much lately because I think it’s easier to follow along with photos. So I thought I would do my basic every day look as a photo tutorial and if you guys like it maybe we’ll do some more looks 😀

This is the finished look:

So begin with your regular skin care routine.

If you’re me then stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes and complain about your skin later >_>
I alternate the order I do concealer and foundation depending on how much coverage I need that day. Concealer on top of foundation=more.
Cover dark circles with stick concealer. I use one from Innoxa. A very awesome friend taught me to love my dark circles because they’re a part of me which is never going to go away and there’s not one particular part of me which is any less awesome than the rest. I think that is one of the best outlooks on life I’ve ever heard but I still use concealer when I’m wearing purple or blue shades of eyeshadow otherwise the colour shades look like someone has given me two black eyes XD
Apply a little foundation all over the face.
Usually I only apply foundation in a mask around the cheek area of my face so blush has a smooth surface to grip to.
Smooth canvas ready for some paint!
This pink and purple area is where we will be working for the eyes.
Use an eyeshadow brush for the first part of the tutorial.
Apply white eyeshadow under the eyebrow.
And a light pinky purple shade all over the lid.
You should have something like this…
Apply a touch of white in the centre of the eyelid.
Now you need a pointed detail brush.
Apply a darker purple in a pointed C shape at the outer corner of your eye.
Something like this…
Add a little bit of bright pink in this area too.
Remember to do the other side too >_>
Use a fluffy blending brush to blend the eyeshadow completely together.
Apply a decent coat of mascara.
So far… the lighting makes it look like I’ve only done one side -_-‘
Next apply eyeliner.
Apply a thick line and wing it out to the side with a flick.
Now it’s time for eyelashes.
I use 3/4 lashes from Daiso usually.
Make sure you have glue which dries clear or black.
Now for some nice light pink blush.
Apply it to the apples of your cheeks in a round shape for a cute look. Make sure you buff it out really well.
Lipstick time! Add a nice bright lipstick and also a bright lipgloss to go over the top.
And that’s it, you’re all done and ready to go out!
Hope you found this useful, let me know what you guys think of this format and I might put some more together!

How To Make Your Own Hair Mask – Recipe

Recently I’ve been trying some more DIY beauty solutions for at home because A. it saves money and B. they are fun to make. One that I’ve been going back to a bit has been this hair mask. It sounds completely gross but it makes my hair nice and shiny!

For this tutorial you will need:
  • An egg
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1 tablespoon of yoghurt

Add all of the ingredients to a cup or bowl.

Mix them up vigorously until they are completely smooth.
The consistency should be quite runny so it will be easy to distribute through your hair.
Then just apply it to your hair and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. It feels and smells a little gross but it really does make my hair feel awesome!
You can wrap your hair in cling wrap if you are worried about it going everywhere while you wait. I have always wondered if any of these kinds of treatments can actually do anything useful because really you’re just adding things to you hair. I imagine a healthy diet and having the correct vitamins in your body to begin with would really do you a lot more good than just softening the hair after it’s grown out. But this isn’t my area of expertise so what do I know! Either way, soft hair for the win!

How To Do Sugar Crystal Ice Lipstick

Ok so this is tutorial which has been requested a surprising amount considering how old the photos are! We did a photo series which was themed around a snow queen where I had sugar icicle lipstick a few years ago.
Here’s a slightly warmer version…

But the original version was super icy with the light blue lipstick underneath it.
It’s super easy to do, start with clean bare lips.
Apply a really sticky lipgloss. If you want to make the lips coloured then start with coloured lipstick and the apply a sticky clear lipgloss over the top.
Try to be as neat as possible because it can be tough to clean up later.
Pour out the sugar into your hand or a tray.
Press your lips into it.
Use a make up brush to dust off around the edges and any loose pieces.
Done! You can also press it in a second time to crust it on even more. For the snow queen look I think I did like 3 layers.
When the sugar touches the lip gloss it crystalises a bit more together. It looks cool but it will get everywhere so take your photos quickly! Also it’s hard not to just eat it haha!

How To Make Your Own Lip Scrub

I’ve been looking a bit into some more DIY beauty options this year while we save up for a house. A lot of the more generic beauty treatments are really easy to make at home.

I was sent one of the Lush Lip Scrubs by their PR department and while it’s great, the ingredients are things you would find in your kitchen so whether it’s worth purchasing I guess depends on your budget. For me, repurchasing at $9.95 is unfeasible so kitchen cupboard here I come!
To make your own lip scrub you will need:
  • Sugar
  • Oil
  • Flavour if you want it to smell/taste good, I’m using strawberry
Pour out a few teaspoons of sugar, I used 3 and it was waaay too much.
Mix in 1tsp of oil.
Add a drop of flavour and mix that in.
Mix as thoroughly as you like, so long as it’s all wet with the oil it really doesn’t matter as you’re just going to be scrubbing it around. In terms of oil, I used generic vegetable oil because that’s all I had but you could use anything including coconut oil for something which has some added benefits.
Done! Now rub on your lips and try not to lick it off… or don’t try… it tastes awesome.
Easy! Now go enjoy spending your money on something else which is important to you… or be responsible and save it if you want to be boring like me 😀

DIY Nail Polish Holder – Tutorial

Ok so I keep seeing these nail polish bottle holders for sale and while the idea is kind of useful, it just seems kind of a bit much to spend that kind of money on something that you can make in 30 seconds with a piece of wire…

Literally all you need is some thick-ish jewellery wire and some pliers to snip it (and curl the ends around if you want to get fancy… or safe).
Cut off a length of wire, maybe 30cm depending on how huge your polish bottles generally are… then curl it into a spiral. I got all upmarket and twisted the ends over so I didn’t stab myself with it later.
Make the spiral wider on the bottom so it has a steady base.
Now bend the spiral over it’s lopsided and the polish bottle will tip a bit.
Insert the polish bottle and you’re done…
Now you can access the polish more easily and didn’t have to pay any money for the privilege. Of course you could just, you know, tip the bottle slightly… but who has time for that anyway 😛

Easy Striped Nail Art Tutorial

Another lazy nail art tutorial today! Today we’re doing the easiest way to do even stripes without having to use a striping brush.


You need two colours I’m using lilac and pink.

First paint a base coat of the lilac.

Once it’s dry, paint pink over the top but leave a gap on the side as wide as you want your stripes to be.

Paint the lilac over the top leaving another small gap so there is a stripe of pink showing through.

Continue alternating colours until you have no more room on the nail. By layering the polishes you create the striped finish.

Once everything is completely dry you can top coat which will even out the surface.



Easy! and a great alternative if you don’t have a striping brush.


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