Melbourne Snapshots! Toni And Guy Shoot

In February I visited Sydney for a blogger photoshoot with Toni and Guy. The finished results are going to be out including a video in mid May so I’ll show you all the results then but for now I’ve been allowed to post some of my snapshots from the trip 😀

There is a teaser video too, I’m at 24 seconds in!

Here I am with the awesome hair and make up team from the shoot! I’ll introduce everyone in more detail in the proper post on it but for now here are some snaps!


I had around 4 hours sleep the night before because of a hotel mix up so I was pretty sleepy, they treated me like a princess though, people kept bring me tea XDMy awesome hairdresser Jude, she was so much fun!VioletLeBeaux-Melbourne-Australia-756_15211

The photographer Taek Yang who made the entire day so much fun, I was a bit nervous but he was so funny an relaxed that I wanted it to go on for ages!


I have a lot more photos to post from behind the scenes once the final images are released so look forward to that!

We spent the rest of the day in Sydney wandering around the city looking at shops. Both of us were pretty tired though so we ended up going to the airport and catching an earlier flight. I missed out on meeting up with The Fashionate Traveller too ;_; Next time!!!


I snacked on some left over treats from the shoot all day haha.


I’m so glad someone finally made a parody of those stick figure family car stickers XD


We went to Kinokuniya to browse and I spotted this Lego Bible:


And this, how adorable?! Bunny out of the hat icecream molds!




Another pretty bulding on the way home, Sydney’s architecture is so different to Melbourne.


James and I played Harbour Master in the airport while the flight was delayed for a few hours.


Back at home I won a Totoro at claw machine!


I totally want a big iron gate in my home like this.


So beautiful and detailed.


We went to dinner with my Mum at another Korean restaurant (it’s all I’ve been craving lately!).


James pretty much always orders some kind of ribs no matter here we go XD


And I always get bibimbap, I should try something new, any recommendations??


Omg Gami chicken too! We went to Gami Chicken with Kim, it’s a Korean fried chicken place ommmg so good! I’m hungry already again haha!


Kimchi pancake is so good!


Lastly the view in Chinatown at night before the lights get switched on.


Hope you guys had a good week too!


Snapshots from Brisbane Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s Part One post about our trip to Brisbane here’s Part Two! The bonus shots are all up on the Facebook page now so click to have a look if you still want more even after all of these haha!

Clearly Bergamot didn’t mind the bugs in the spa as much as I did 😉

VioletLeBeauxP1010710_1211 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010718_1212 copy

We woke up bright, early and ready to do fun things the next morning. It’s really hard not to wake up early when you’re boyfriend refuses to close the curtains so he can photograph the sunrise >_<VioletLeBeauxP1010725_1213 copy

This is the furnace that James had so much trouble lighting. To be honest it really wasn’t particularly cold but I think his need to light it was more of a masculine thing >_<

VioletLeBeauxP1010736_1214 copy

This is the chair that just about every one who visited our cabin fell off of! Stupidest design ever, if you even leaned slightly left or right it would over balance on the front leg XD

VioletLeBeauxP1010738_1214 copy

We spent the morning at James’ parents cabin deciding a plan of action for the day watching tv.

VioletLeBeauxP1010760_1216 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010770_1217 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010776_1218 copy

In the end we took a trip to the Maleny Handicraft Markets which were full of interesting and delicious things. James bought some home made jam, I bought a home made pie. YUM. We were excited to see there was a competition but less excited when it was for children under 12.

Bergamot made a little friend though, the loveliest lady ever was holding a stall where she made tiny little stuffed animals and she gave me a little rabbit to be friends with Bergamot. I can’t find the photo of it at the moment so I’ll take some more and include them in the next Snapshots. Seriously it’s adorable though.

VioletLeBeauxP1010783_1218 copy

We found this lizard hiding under one of the cars *_*

VioletLeBeauxP1010785_1219 copy

Next we all headed to a French cafe for lunch, I ate a lot of food on this trip 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1010806_1221 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010812_1221 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010816_1222 copy

There were beautiful roses everywhere inside and it was actually a flower and garden shop outside too.

VioletLeBeauxP1010830_1223 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010832_1223 copy

James’ Dad bought me the prettiest bracelet as a present from the markets! Totally love it and totally love that one of the charms is a sack of money 😀 I think it’s telling me I should get a striped jumpsuit and start robbing banks!

VioletLeBeauxP1010835_1224 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010841_1224 copy

I had a camembert and cranberry baguette. LOVE everything about camembert.

VioletLeBeauxP1010862_1226 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010846_1225 copy

James’ Dad loved the bowl of coffee because it reminded him of when he lived in France. I couldn’t imagine drinking a bowl of coffee!

VioletLeBeauxP1010855_1226 copy

On the way home James pulled over so he could take pretty panoramas.

VioletLeBeauxP1010883_1228 copy

I was less interesting and took photos of cows…

VioletLeBeauxP1010792_1219 copy

The drive home was quite dangerous because it stormed the whole time but we made it in one piece.

VioletLeBeauxP1010934_1233 copy

So everyone celebrated with fudge and cheese that we bought from a factory up the mountain 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1010935_1234 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010939_1234 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010946_1235 copy

A mouse (who I suspect was named James) took a bite out of my camembert >:( Damn James shaped  mice.

VioletLeBeauxP1010952_1235 copy

Courtney and James remained classy by giving each other temporary tattoos in the most badass way they could.VioletLeBeauxP1010955_1236 copy

Then we had a nice big pre-Christmas dinner.

VioletLeBeauxP1010958_1236 copyVioletLeBeauxP1010965_1237 copy

Omg seriously I have problems saying no to food.

VioletLeBeauxP1010962_1236 copy

James has problems saying no to key lime pie.

VioletLeBeauxP1010977_1238 copy

This was the pie I bought at the markets!

VioletLeBeauxP1010975_1238 copy

I played my theme song on their piano and failed pretty miserably XD

VioletLeBeauxP1010989_1239 copy

The next day we drove into the city to meet up with a lot of friends and eat even more. We stopped in at my favorite restaurant of all time: Kwan Yin Tea House.

VioletLeBeauxP1020058_1246 copy

VioletLeBeauxP1020014_1241 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020016_1242 copy

It’s still as delicious as I remember it!

VioletLeBeauxP1020020_1242 copy

It’s vegetarian but they have fake meat, so the first time I took James there I was sure he would hate it and I lied and told him it was real meat XD He loved it so much he was all “OMG LET’S COME BACK TOMORROW!”. It was hilarious telling him it was actually all fake!

Fake pork with maple syrup, YUM!

VioletLeBeauxP1020041_1244 copy

So much food and so cheap too!

VioletLeBeauxP1020048_1245 copy

They have a photoboard for people who’ve eaten the most food haha, the most any one person has ordered is $64.10 XD

VioletLeBeauxP1020051_1245 copy

I’m even up the back of one of the photos because we had a party there once! This was back when I wore Lolita, I’m in the middle with black hair in white/blue.

VioletLeBeauxP1020054_1245 copy

The lady who owns it is so nice too, when I told her how much I missed the food she gave me the card of her best friend who owns a restaurant in Melbourne to go try!

VioletLeBeauxP1020052_1245 copy

Some Brisbane architecture to break it all up a bit, this is my favorite building in town.

VioletLeBeauxP1020060_1246 copy

We went to my Dad’s house after that where in James and Dad talked about boring camera stuff.

VioletLeBeauxP1020093_1249 copy

I was more interested in his dog Ruby 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1020074_1247 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020096_1250 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020113_1251 copy

Typically when I tell him to take a photo with Bergamot this is what I get.

VioletLeBeauxP1020123_1252 copy

A few days earlier James was trying to take a nice portrait of us with a flower and this happened. No idea where I get it from.

VioletLeBeauxP1010917_1232 copy

More Brisbane architecture. I think the old buildings are fewer and far between than Melbourne but they are still nice!

VioletLeBeauxP1020130_1253 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020134_1253 copy

Classiest photo of James EVER.

VioletLeBeauxP1020144_1254 copy

We wandered around the city for a while and took in all of the pretty decorations. It was funny how everything had changed but also nothing had really changed in the year and a half we’ve been gone.

VioletLeBeauxP1020159_1256 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020160_1256 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020172_1257 copy

We then had coffee with the awesome Yolly from Shopping Intervention, some of the other Bris bloggers were going to come too but I think it was a bit late by the time we found a place.

VioletLeBeauxP1020168_1257 copy

After that was dinner at Pancake Manor with Susie and Zac, we had such fond memories of this place but it’s gone really down hill 🙁

VioletLeBeauxP1020212_1261 copy

It used to be that the service was terrible (like we waited over an hour to have our order taken before walking out once) but the food was great, now the service has improved (they asked about our meal like 5 times) but the food sucked >_<

VioletLeBeauxP1020215_1261 copy

Zac and James unintentionally dressed to match 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1020230_1263 copy

Too cute!

VioletLeBeauxP1020217_1262 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020225_1262 copy

We bought cotton candy from a vending machine while it played the song “I want Candy”. Best $2 I ever spent 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1020234_1263 copy

Then we got to visit Susie’s new place and see her creepy light fixture of evilness.

VioletLeBeauxP1020238_1264 copy

Cutest couple ever.

VioletLeBeauxP1020239_1264 copy

On the last day I continued my long running feud with Karl the Magpie at James’ parents house. He tried to swoop me but went straight into the window. Karl and I have a long history. What a jerk.

VioletLeBeauxP1020254_1265 copy

Damn you Karl!

VioletLeBeauxP1020258_1266 copy

We went to a business meeting and the lady had her adorable puppy wandering around! He looked just like the puppy I had as a child!

VioletLeBeauxP1020259_1266 copy

Then we decided to drive for several hours (literally) to another Big Chief Burger so James could get his special burger XD

VioletLeBeauxP1020271_1267 copy

He didn’t notice until after ordering but they have a special challenger burger, next time this wall will be ours!

VioletLeBeauxP1020269_1267 copy

This is what a completely contented man looks like:

VioletLeBeauxP1020278_1268 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020279_1268 copy

I don’t even remember taking this but… cute puppy!

VioletLeBeauxP1020297_1269 copy

I got to stop by Vanity Box’s retail store too and drool over all of the make up!

VioletLeBeauxP1020282_1268 copy

After that it was a mad rush to the airport, some cheesecake with James parents and we were on the flight home!

VioletLeBeauxP1020307_1270 copyVioletLeBeauxP1020315_1271 copy

It was a really lovely trip and I can’t believe how many awesome photos came out of it. Looking back on them has been really fun!

VioletLeBeauxP1020319_1272 copy

Have you guys been on any trips lately? I know I have to go back to Brisbane again soon but I really want to travel more internationally rather than domestically this year 😀

How to Make a Kitty Sleep Mask Sewing Tutorial

I made a lot of gifts as Christmas presents this year, a lot of my friends travel often so I thought I could make travel masks personalised to each friend.

The first one I made was one of my favorite shapes: kitty shaped haha!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

So what you need:

  • Black felt
  • Pink leopard print polar fleece
  • Ribbon
  • Thread, needle, scissors
  • Decoration, I’m using a crochet flower

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0496_1382 copy

Start by cutting out the basic shapes. You want it to be as wide as the person you’re making it for’s face and tall enough to get from forehead to cheeks. The basic shape is straight along the top and then with two large curves along the bottom.

Cut one out of black felt and one out of the polar fleece. You will also need two triangles for the ears.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0500_1382 copy

Cut some sleepy eye shapes out of the felt too.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0503_1383 copy

The ears will be pleated so they puff up a bit.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0501_1382 copy

This will be the layout for the final mask:

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0519_1384 copy

Stitch on the eye pieces with needle and thread.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0520_1384 copy

Taadaa 😉

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0523_1385 copy

Stitch the pleat in the ears and then place them good side down on to the face area like this:

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0524_1385 copy

Put the black felt piece on top and stitch around the entire outside leaving only a 3cm gap at the start.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0527_1385 copy

Turn the whole thing inside out through the hole.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0531_1385 copy

And then stitch the hole up.

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0532_1386 copy

Add a little decoration to one ear like a flower or bow and it’s almost finished!

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0535_1386 copy

The last step is to add a ribbon or elastic to either side so there is some way to actually wear it 😉

VioletLeBeaux-kitty-sleep-mask-0536_1386 copy

And that’s basically it, you just need to find a willing model to try it out!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

Shh nap time!

VioletLeBeauxP1030924_1425 copy

These are so much fun to make, I want to make lots of different shapes now 😀

Groomy Travel Set Review And Tetris Packing

I’ve travelled domestically more this year than since I was a kid but unfortunately none of it has been for holidays >_< The plus side of this is that because we don’t have any large luggage I’m now adept at packing several days worth of stuff into an overnight bag haha!

I posted years ago about traveling in style but I never got around to doing the packing follow up. Well here’s how I packed for the 3 day IMATS trip 😀

You can see the overnight bag we took in the top left and then my handbag and James’ camera equipment bag at the bottom left.

Not including my hangbag, James’ camera bag or the two pink make up bags next to them the rest is made up of:My clothes:

  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 5 dresses (for 3 days plus a night event and one emergency change)
  • 1 scarf
  • Pajamas, underwear and a singlet
  • Belt
James’ clothes:
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 suit jacket and pants
  • 3 shirts (two 2 shirts and 1 button down)
Now on the the interesting parts, make up and toiletries!

I took two small bags with me, one for make up/bathroom stuff and one for accessories and anything else that didn’t fit.

The make up one:

Inside was:

  • Brush
  • Travel straightener
  • Toothbrushes/paste
  • Moisturiser
  • Eyelashes/glue
  • Brown shadow palette
  • 4 Shadows in pink/purple/white shades
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick/gloss
  • Hair ties
  • Plastic bag to put wet toothbrushes in
  • Mini containers of foundation/primer/hair spray
  • Face masks for de-stressing at night (so important!)
My biggest tip for traveling with make up is to take mini versions of things if you can. For things like foundation I use old contact lens cases 😀
On to the jewellery:

I didn’t want to take much jewellery for the trip because I always end up losing small items like this when I travel so I take versatile things which can be worn with anything…

  • 1 hair bow
  • 1 headband
  • 1 peal chocker which can also be worn in the hair or as a bracelet
  • 2 pairs of earrings
  • 2 bracelets
  • 1 brooch
  • 1 ribbon thingy which can be worn in the hair or as jewellery
To save space I only packed things which could be squished up with no problems, below you can see the headband squished into a bracelet.

I learned the hard way many years ago to pack anything that can’t be replaced into carry on luggage when one of my suitcases was lost so this is what comes in my bag…


  • iPad
  • Tamagotchi (Hat)
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • Money
  • Pens
  • Tissues
  • Make up bag for doing my look on the plane
  • Sunglasses
  • Business cards
  • Mini brush roll/toiletries
  • Scarf (which can be used as a heap of different things in an emergency
Inside my make up bag and mini brush roll…


There are:

  • Mints
  • Nail glue
  • Perfume oil
  • Handkerchief/face washer
  • Jewellery I’m planning on wearing that day
  • Comb
  • Cuticle stick
  • Lip glosses/sticks
  • Mirror
In the brush roll:
  • Mini travel brushes (duh…)
  • Eyeliner
  • Tissues and cotton buds
  • bobby pins
Now that I’m traveling a reasonable amount for work the one thing I actually wanted to splurge a bit on was a good bathroom travel set. I spent quite a while looking for a cute one which held a good amount and in the end I didn’t have to splurge because I was contacted to review a local business called “Groomy“. To be honest I almost said no because it didn’t sound relevant for me to blog about… then I saw that they had an entire range which was pink with carousel print *_* So freaking cute!
The large set I received came with one gigantic bathroom bag which I would use when going on longer trips, 3 smaller bags (which I used at IMATS), the mini brush roll and a good old fashioned tissue holder. It’s been so long since I’ve seen tissue holders anywhere and I love this idea!
I really want to make a bunch of them so I have one to match every outfit/handbag now haha! You can see below a better shot of the cute fabric it’s all made of too.

The large bag is very large. It wouldn’t fit in my overnight bag but I could definitely see myself taking this overseas for an extended trip where we actually have a suitcase. All of the other bags fit comfortably inside it for storage in the mean time which is a plus. There are pockets on both sides of the main compartment as well as 4 elastic bottle pockets on the lid and an elastic strap for other things.



The main bathroom bag I took to IMATS was the second biggest one. It’s basically a smaller version of the above one with more pockets. 3 on the right and 3 with another elastic strap on the left. There is a huge amount of space in the center too even with all the pockets filled so I was really surprised that I could fit all my make up and have my brush/toothbrush/straightener in the middle! I also really liked all of the pockets and things as it made it much easier to get things out without spilling everything else everywhere.


The two smaller bags were useful for accessories and random things. They are very square so they hold a lot while also stacking easily in the bags. Everything (other than the tissue holder) was covered in clear plastic so spills etc were easily wiped away with no problems, it wasn’t the kind of super shiny plastic though so they didn’t look at all cheap. It looks a bit shiny in the photos but that was from the flash being so close.



The absolute best out of the bunch though was the mini brush roll/ beauty tool roll. Best idea ever! It fit my mini travel brushes easily but it was also the *perfect* size for cotton buds, bobby pins, eyeliner and cuticle sticks. I loved this one so much that I now keep it in my handbag regularly too.


So verdict, the set is probably in the more expensive price range but if you travel a lot I think good luggage is something worth splurging on and they are very good quality materials and very well sewn while still being adorable. With that in mind and knowing I’m probably going to be traveling a bit more often now, I’m currently saving up for the other items in the set. It’s a change (here in Aus at least) to see such cute girly prints too so if that’s up your alley definitely check out the Groomy website because they ship worldwide and have a lot of other cute items.

Do any of you have any awesome travel tips? I would love to hear them, especially if it involves being able to sleep on the plane because I suck at that!!


IMATS Sydney and ABBW V-Log and Rundown!

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Now there a hell of a lot of ABBW/IMATS posts going up, with 85 bloggers attending it’s not surprising. Everyone has already done the hauls, goody bags, event run downs much better than I could so rather than that I’m just going to tell you about our weekend snapshots style and show what we actually got up to. Enjoy ^_^
For an overview of the whole weekend crammed into a video here’s my V-Log from the event and do keep reading for the longer and much more anecdotal photo version below ^_^ Seriously, it’s a massive post because I’m cramming 3 really busy days in here so you’ve been warned!
It’s been a really long week. Last weekend James and I visited Sydney for the second time and it was just as busy and stressful as the last time we were there on our relocation drive to Melbourne. This time we were there for the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend to visit the International Make Up Artist Trade Show. James and I had quite a bit of debating leading up to the event as to whether we would be going because of the costs, over the last few months almost every single piece of important work technical equipment we own broke: my computer (fan broke), his computer ( power supply literally exploded), his camera (mirror thing shuddering) and the list goes on. It was very expensive having to replace everything and considering we have never actually just taken a non- work holiday/trip in the entire time we’ve been together (we have always been trying to save for a house) I really wasn’t sure I wanted to spent our savings on something else work related. But the time came, some things beyond our control happened, favors were begged, borrowed and given and things were booked. So off to the airport we went last Friday.

Me being classy in a face mask the night before and my nails:
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade ShowAustralian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

And the whole airport thing didn’t quite go to plan. In fact for a lot of the weekend it felt a bit like we were in one of those old 3 door British comedies and John Cleese was about to burst in from somewhere!

We arrived nice and early to the airport because of my travel paranoia and it was a good thing too because Jetstar didn’t bother to tell us during online check in that our flight was actually a connecting leg of an international flight so international rules applied. Ok for James, he has a drivers license, not so much for me as I only had my 18+ card which isn’t good enough to get on an international flight. The only other thing I had on me was my ambulance card so I spent a while arguing with the official until he let us through. In the end he said immigration on the other end of the flight would deal with it and I was left with the distinct feeling he was just screwing with me because I was so upset ugh. On international flights you are also only allowed 10 liquids and gels per person in the cabin and of course to save space we were only taking cabin luggage so I had to go through my whole make up kit and decide what was needed. I was so lucky not to have to dump anything as I could give it to James but I saw others behind us who had to chuck things!

Cute plane lunch box they were selling at the airport:

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

Stressful yes but at least we were at the airport and about to leave yes? Well our lovely travel buddy Celina had been told a completely different time to be at the gate and then got stuck in the immigration line with a billion other people. After frantic texts we finally got to meet each other on board the actual plane but with no sign of Shizuka who was also on the same plane but still in customs *_* we didn’t discover she had managed to get on in time until we were landing!

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

So we waited for take off… And waited… And waited… And as it turns out waited for around 2 hours because someone had loaded 2 bags on to the plane that didn’t have an owner so it was a security risk and they had to go through everything one by one. Did I mention we were traveling with a very loud obnoxious group of footballers/some sports team and cheerleaders? After they finally found the bags two virgin blue planes decided to park behind us so we couldn’t get out. The captain was piiiiissed! So we got in thoroughly shaken up by the turbulence and a couple of hours late but at least we actually made it in one piece!! Everyone I spoke to on the weekend had their own travel horror stories including completely missed flights and some that were a lot worse so I think we got off lightly!

When we got there:

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

The rest of the weekend. *cough* SOMEONE *cough* told us it was 29 degrees and to dress appropriately so none of us bought jackets!

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

From there we caught a very expensive taxi to the hotel and were very underwhelmed by it too XD seriously for the amount of money we ended up paying for the Novotel I was not happy with the level of service at all. It’s by no means a cheap hotel but there was no breakfast, no complimentary wifi and some very surly staff. The room itself was very nice and definitely enough for the three of us but it was little things like the concierge not arranging taxis when we asked but instead telling us to wait outside in the cold/rain in case one showed up.

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

Shizuka, Celina, James and I wandered across the river looking for some lunch but we took so long getting there that we settled for ice cream, I’m pretty sure ice cream is one of the most important food groups!

Some gigantic whale things:

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

Staying classy at the fountain:

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

After suitably stuffing ourselves with ice cream and wandering back to the hotel we plugged in to get some work done before dinner. The internet at the hotel was ridiculously expensive and only allowed one connection at a time so no on-the-road-updates from me and very little work was done XD

Jerk sea gulls waiting to steal icecream.

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

James was pleased with his healthy lunch…

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show

We did early registration for the weekend so got to say a quick hello to everyone and take some of the gift bags back in the room so we didn’t have to carry them. Dinner was another comedy of errors, our taxi driver spent the entire trip telling us stories and jokes of different ways to murder his insane mother in law *_* Yes seriously. He was joking of course but some of them were very descriptive!!
Colour changing fountain found while looking for dinner.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We had been planning to go for dumplings and bubble tea at some place which as it turned out closed super early on Friday night. In Melbourne the CBD has late night shopping on Friday but apparently Sydney isn’t the same >_<
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
So we wandered for a good chunk of time (a lot of which involved stopping at Zara) but everywhere we found either couldn’t take all of us or had a line out the door. So after some debating the decision of KFC was reached 😀 That’s the thing about beauty bloggers, we do love our junk food. In fact, other than the Maxted Thomas Gala dinner I don’t think I ate one nutritional thing the entire weekend hahaha!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
So dinner was had and we headed back home to the hotel to help Tina prepare the Face of Australia gift bags.
You’d be amazed how quickly 10+ girls can unbox and pack 90 or so gift bags!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
After finishing Celina, James and I were so tired so we went back up to our room for some much needed sleep.


We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and James headed out to pick up Mcdonalds breakfast while Celina and I got ready. Seriously between the who of us I think we brought almost enough stuff to stock a whole make up store 😉
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade ShowAustralian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade ShowAustralian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade ShowAustralian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
First event on Saturday was IMATS itself so we walked across the road to the convention hall and met up with everyone else.
Celina, myself, Emily Quak, Beauty Swatch
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
I was so glad that we didn’t have to get up early for registration on Saturday, I always have so much trouble sleeping when I’m not at home. By the time I got home I was pretty much a zombie.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
IMATS was really interesting, probably not exactly what I was expecting in size but still really interesting.
With Pretty Random and her friend who’s name I didn’t get, her blue hair streak was EPIC! Of course the only photo I got with them was completely blown out because we hadn’t set up the gear yet >_< I look like some kind of adorably vengeful ghost haunting them!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
I wanted to talk to more of the stall holders but it was so busy. Inglot has 30% off (so prices were almost what they are in the US) but getting service there was pretty much impossible with the number of people lined up! There were some aweome special effects booths as well, they were my favorite part:
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade ShowAustralian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
The prices on everything were really good though, Illamasqua especially had huge discounts. There was a lot of really cheap brushes too which I was very tempted to get.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We did a lucky dip at the *** place and then went to visit the Royal Langnickel suite. Hoooomygod it was awesome! They had set up a chill out area for the ABBW attendees upstairs where we could kick back, have some food and relax. There were manicures and all kinds of other fun services too, hell by this point they probably could have cut my fingers off and I would have still been happy to just have somewhere to sit 😉
With Gilded Nails, she was so sweet and she’s about to go on her honey moon!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
I really want to go back to IMATS next year with a big budget to stock up on things and more time to actually look at the events going on.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We went back a bit early so we could pick up some things from our room and then it was down to the Beauty Directory event. I took copious amounts of notes in all of the events so if anyone actually wants them just let me know and I’ll type them into something more coherent 😉
The Beauty Directory panel started off with mini talks from a couple of the brand representatives and evolved into a panel discussion on various topics like what PR expect from beauty bloggers and what bloggers can expect from PR. I couldn’t actually see what was going on because we were right at the back but I still took a lot of notes. The last part of the this was a table discussion where each group was given a question to answer. We were lucky enough to have one of the co-founders of Beauty Directory at our table: Janet Hayward. She was really lovely and it was great to get to know her a bit as we discussed our best and worst experiences when dealing with PRs.
Celina and I with Janet.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We then had a two hour break to get ready for the Maxted Thomas gala event so more primping and getting changed back at the hotel. This was favorite event of the weekend because it allowed us time to socialise with not only the PRs but also the other bloggers. I made it my mission to not be so timid and actually interview some of the bloggers and also PR reps. You can see some of the interviews in my video. Let me know if you enjoy it because I have heaps more that I didn’t have room to put in so maybe I’ll make a sequel!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Chai Gyaru and Chasing Elixir catching up!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Pretending to interview Beauty Swatch!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
There were several brands at this event including Nivea, Coty (who deal in a lot of high end perfume brands), Burt’s Bees, Remmington, Orly and Sebastian. The idea was that we could actually talk to the representatives for each brand and they could recommend products we might be interested in etc.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
I thought this was such a good format because I took away so much more information that I think I normally would. It was pretty squishy with that many people trying to talk to the brands but totally worth it. My favorite part was the Nivea photo booth, seriously whoever came up with that idea needs a promotion because it was SO much fun and I got to take away photos with my friends so very happy!
Didn’t know we were getting a photobooth that night so James and I stopped at a completely different one during the day XD
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We were treated to a fantastic dinner with some *very* attentive wait staff (seriously with the amount of wine offered I swear they were trying to get me drunk 😉 ) and got to learn a bit more about Maxted Thomas itself. The whole weekend I felt like royalty *_*
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
I was lucky enough to interview one of the owners Ian Thomas so check that out in the video too! I was so nervous interviewing people as I’ve never done it before but I muddled through and I know next time I’ve got so many points I can improve on. In fact I was so nervous when the actual film crew who was there asked to interview me, I froze up a bit and probably made a bit of a fool of myself >_< Oh well!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Maxted Thomas also announced a competition wherein whoever writes the best post on the weekend will win $2000 travel vouchers. When they said that I was so excited because as I mentioned before, James and I have never really been on a *holiday* together, we always just go places for work. So if this posts wins I think I would want to go to Japan with him via Singapore and Malaysia to visit friends or maybe visit all of you guys in the USA, I don’t even know, there are so many cool places we could go! What do you guys think? If I came to your town would you come meet up with me?
One of the best moments of the night was being asked if I would come and meet the head chef because she loved my hair 😀 So cool!
We headed back to the hotel and luckily got a taxi right away because the downstairs of the Establishment turns into a club at night and it was pretty full of partying people. It was raining really hard when we got out too so we were all FREEZING in our lack of winter clothes, then we realised that the taxi had taken us to the wrong hotel!  >_< seriously, why would they build two Novotels by the harbour!?!?!


So on our final day we packed up our bags and checked out very early that morning. We left our bags at the desk and headed upstairs for light breakfast and the first seminars.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
The first event was for Alpha H skincare and it was hosted by Karen from The Morning Show’s advertorials. Again I took a lot of notes so if anyone wants them just let me know and I’ll publish them here.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
After that the MBBE girls helped out with setting up for the Face of Australia event again. This one wasn’t so much a talk like the others but a make up class.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade ShowAustralian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
This is my favorite of the new looks:
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We got to see the new look books coming out and we got to see a couple of colours in the new range (OMG I want Malibu Barbie) and try the look that make up artist *** was doing on Briony ourselves.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Testing stuff out:
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
We had mirrors, tissues and little brushes and the range in the goodie bags so it was really awesome that you could follow what was happening on the big screen and do it too.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
With Celeste and Celina:
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
The last event of the day was the key note speaker, Bahar Etminan from (not linked because it keeps throwing me a malware warning when I try to visit). Phew was this an interesting note to end on. Controversial is probably an understatement! Twitter was going absolutely nuts during her speech *_*
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
While I personally disagreed with a lot of points she made and I think perhaps her talk wasn’t really well targeted to her audience, it has been discussed to death so I’m not going to go over it again here. The only thing I want to say is that making judgments about what other people do on their blogs is completely pointless because in the end the reader decides, if people don’t like it they won’t read it. Making a distinction between certain types of bloggers and others makes me feel like high school again. Why waste time and energy getting mad about something that doesn’t effect you when you could do something constructive with yourself? Honestly sometimes events make me think we should all spend less time talking about blogging and just get on with the actual doing of it ^_^ That’s what my goal going forward is anyway!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
There are a bunch more photos but this post is getting pretty epic already. I’m still waiting to get most of them from James so I’ll probably do a second gallery style post.
So that one went a little bit over time and we headed off to the airport! We decided to go very early because we weren’t sure whether all of the giftbags would put us over the baggage weight limit *_* Very luckily we managed to juggle everything around to avoid some fines and thank you Celina for letting me borrow a suitcase!
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
The flight back was just as eventful, even being so early we almost missed it because they changed the gate at the last minute but didn’t have it over the speakers >_< We were sitting at the gate at take off time thinking “Hmmm are we boarding soon??”, finally Celina asked someone and we found the correct gate right up the other end of the airport. Celina can fun FAAAAST when she needs too haha! So borded safely and on a flight that actually included dinner we were happy to relax for an hour or so. I have to say, after the debacle with Jetstar I will never fly them again, I’ll pay the extra and go with someone else that includes food!
Hilarious plane safety thing, honestly does anyone even own a Furbie anymore? And who carries a walkie talkie?
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
By the time we got home I was about ready to fall asleep in the car. It was an amazing weekend. A huge thank you to Kimmi and Jacie for putting it together, thank you to the sponsors for being so generous, thank you to James for being awesome and Celina for being a great room mate.
With Kimmi and Jacie.
Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Also thank you to everyone who came and said hello! I was pretty tired the whole weekend as I was just getting sick so I didn’t get to say hello to everyone I wanted to but I’m sure there will be more chances soon. Thank you everyone who we met for making us feel so welcome. Even though Sydney seems to hate me, I totally want to come back anyway 😀
It was an amazing weekend and I hope you all enjoyed the photos and videos. Now I want to hear from you guys! Where would you go if you won the $2000 travel vouchers from Maxted Thomas? I know it’s a long shot considering some of the other amazing posts but if I did win where should I go? Would you like me to come visit your town? If I did, where would you take me? We could have tea parties all over the world, that would be SO much fun!!


IMATS Sydney And ABBW Here We Come!

We’re off, I’m hoping to try to update from the hotel while we’re away but if not feel free to check out my mobile Cuties blog because I’ll be posting photos there as I go and as per usual the most recent 5 will show up in this post  below ^_^

As I mentioned the other day I’m going to be making V-Logs there as well as interviewing as many people as possible so let me know if you want to see anything specific. Otherwise bring on the make up and beauty fun! Hope you all have a fun weekend too!


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