Melbourne Snapshots! Toni And Guy Shoot

In February I visited Sydney for a blogger photoshoot with Toni and Guy. The finished results are going to be out including a video in mid May so I’ll show you all the results then but for now I’ve been allowed to post some of my snapshots from the trip 😀

There is a teaser video too, I’m at 24 seconds in!

Here I am with the awesome hair and make up team from the shoot! I’ll introduce everyone in more detail in the proper post on it but for now here are some snaps!


Snapshots from Brisbane Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s Part One post about our trip to Brisbane here’s Part Two! The bonus shots are all up on the Facebook page now so click to have a look if you still want more even after all of these haha!

Clearly Bergamot didn’t mind the bugs in the spa as much as I did 😉

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How to Make a Kitty Sleep Mask Sewing Tutorial

I made a lot of gifts as Christmas presents this year, a lot of my friends travel often so I thought I could make travel masks personalised to each friend.

The first one I made was one of my favorite shapes: kitty shaped haha!

VioletLeBeauxP1030923_1425 copy

Groomy Travel Set Review And Tetris Packing

I’ve travelled domestically more this year than since I was a kid but unfortunately none of it has been for holidays >_< The plus side of this is that because we don’t have any large luggage I’m now adept at packing several days worth of stuff into an overnight bag haha!

I posted years ago about traveling in style but I never got around to doing the packing follow up. Well here’s how I packed for the 3 day IMATS trip 😀

You can see the overnight bag we took in the top left and then my handbag and James’ camera equipment bag at the bottom left.

IMATS Sydney and ABBW V-Log and Rundown!

Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend and International Make Up Artist Trade Show
Now there a hell of a lot of ABBW/IMATS posts going up, with 85 bloggers attending it’s not surprising. Everyone has already done the hauls, goody bags, event run downs much better than I could so rather than that I’m just going to tell you about our weekend snapshots style and show what we actually got up to. Enjoy ^_^
For an overview of the whole weekend crammed into a video here’s my V-Log from the event and do keep reading for the longer and much more anecdotal photo version below ^_^ Seriously, it’s a massive post because I’m cramming 3 really busy days in here so you’ve been warned!
It’s been a really long week. Last weekend James and I visited Sydney for the second time and it was just as busy and stressful as the last time we were there on our relocation drive to Melbourne. This time we were there for the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend to visit the International Make Up Artist Trade Show. James and I had quite a bit of debating leading up to the event as to whether we would be going because of the costs, over the last few months almost every single piece of important work technical equipment we own broke: my computer (fan broke), his computer ( power supply literally exploded), his camera (mirror thing shuddering) and the list goes on. It was very expensive having to replace everything and considering we have never actually just taken a non- work holiday/trip in the entire time we’ve been together (we have always been trying to save for a house) I really wasn’t sure I wanted to spent our savings on something else work related. But the time came, some things beyond our control happened, favors were begged, borrowed and given and things were booked. So off to the airport we went last Friday.

IMATS Sydney And ABBW Here We Come!

We’re off, I’m hoping to try to update from the hotel while we’re away but if not feel free to check out my mobile Cuties blog because I’ll be posting photos there as I go and as per usual the most recent 5 will show up in this post  below ^_^

As I mentioned the other day I’m going to be making V-Logs there as well as interviewing as many people as possible so let me know if you want to see anything specific. Otherwise bring on the make up and beauty fun! Hope you all have a fun weekend too!


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