Violet And Jimmy’s Grand Europe Expedition Part 1

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By now you can all guess that James and I went to Switzerland and Germany recently ^_^ After struggling (and failing very badly) to beat the jet lag of coming back I thought I would finally share some photos with you guys! I’m going to do a basic run through in this post but I took sooo many photos that I’ve got some special themed posts to put up as well so look forward to flowers, architecture, food and more soon. There are daily vlogs going up on my channel now as well which will be posted here when they’re all up.



We started fairly late as our flight out was at around 5pm. I always find airports stressful so I tend to go really early just in case anything goes wrong. This has the plus side of being able to sit down and have a nice meal before we have to wait around the gate though!


The first flight was 8 hours with Singapore Air and it was so good. Very comfy, super nice attendants and good food. The attendants were so lovely and they just kept offering food and drinks every half hour so we never needed anything. The chairs were comfy, there was a lot of choice in tv and movies as well as a smooth flight.


We had a 1 hour stop over in Singapore and then changed flights to Swiss Air. Changi airport is really beautiful, they have planted huge tropical gardens with water features all over it with long chairs to relax in.


That flight was much less pleasant. 12ish hours, an older and smaller plane, very few entertainment options and it was so full of bumping and vibrations that I was a bit motion sick >_< We tried to sleep for most of this flight but even with the lights down and wrapped up in blankets it was quite difficult.



We arrived in Switzerland crazy early in the morning and were picked up from the airport. I couldn’t read or understand the customs signs about what to declare so we went to ask if we needed to declare food etc and they laughed at us. I always forget that it’s pretty much only Australian Customs that cares about these kinds of things >_<

We got to our hotel at around 6am and were just in time to watch the sunrise coming over the city. It was beautiful!



We stayed at the B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa while in Zurich and I’ll give you all the information about the hotels in more detail in one of the special posts. It’s a converted brewery on the top of a hill which looks out over the whole city.


Check in time wasn’t until 3pm so we left our bags with the wonderful hotel staff and decided to wander into the city and see what we could find.

In pretty much all of our photos you’ll notice that we have cameras plastered to our faces >_>



We walked through a beautiful park on the way to the city. It was lovely seeing such colourful trees everywhere, the leaves were amazing.


We took a lot of camwhoring coupley photos together this trip… but they all kind of look the same XD


So let me get them all out of the way now…



Anyway… once we reached the city we went on a search for free wifi to use and found… none XD We wanted to google for some things to do that day so we ended up going to a Starbucks to sit down and leech off their internet. I couldn’t believe how expensive some things were and how cheap other things were. Like seriously, a white mocha, biscuit and blueberry muffin was like $25. Later that day we paid $30 for 2 McDonalds meals… why fast food so expensive Switzerland?? Yet a block of brie was less than $2 and better quality than the expensive ones we have at home. Cheese priorities=win



So we took a lot of obligatory tourist photos like this:



And this:



The buildings were beautiful, there is an architecture post coming soon!




Everything was very scenic. I couldn’t believe how warm it was either, it’s coming into Summer in Aus and it was colder in Melbourne than it was in Europe *_* It was lovely!



So we pretty much just wandered fairly aimlessly and took in the sights until we got the email that our room was ready. At that point we’d been awake for far too long so we headed back to the hotel and crashed. I decided to take a half hour nap… which turned into a 2 hour nap >_>

Eventually we dragged ourselves out of bed and back downstairs to have dinner in the hotel restaurant… still only semi-conscious.



On day 2 we pretty much repeated that, went shopping again and bought a lot of cheeeeeeeeeeese. Did I mention the cheese? I so can’t wait to write the food post… I’m already hungry.



I spotted these cute doggies in the window and I was so close to buying one for Lottie but they were like $80 each! So cute though!



There were puppies everywhere in Zurich! In Aus dogs aren’t allowed to go into shops or very many places at all. In Switzerland there were so many dogs all over the place. They are so well behaved because apparently to own a dog there you are required to go to dog training school, such a great idea! There were even dogs in restaurants and high end luxury stores. I wish it was like that here so I could take Lottie everywhere!

People drinking fountains have little dog ones too!



The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at the hotel. I miss European breakfasts, they are full of delicious cheese and croissants and cured meats! Also the lattes are very different than in Aus, much sweeter and yummier.



After checking out, we were picked up by our lovely driver and taken to The Black Forest. This is the border between Germany and Switzerland, isn’t it adorable?




We dropped our things off at our next hotel and were then driven to another hotel which had archery lessons! So this whole trip/tour was supposed to be fairy tale themed, specifically Hansel and Gretel themed because it was put together to go with the new reboot of the movie which has just been released on Foxtel here. The Black Forest is the area which inspired that original fairy tale and is a really amazing place. A lot of the fairy tale themed things that had been planned didn’t end up happening for one reason or another but it was still extremely awesome!

So we had lunch at the sports hotel and the portions were gigantic and delicious. Apparently a lot of the meat they use is actually caught in the forest behind the hotel!



Also, Europe is full of bees. Seriously I have never seen so many bees in my life. This expression apparently says “Go away bee, you are very pretty but please don’t get in my food or sting me thanks”.




We did archery and it was the coolest thing ever. The man who owns the hotel is a master archer and had a really fancy bow. His Dad (I assume it was his Dad as I don’t speak German) spoke to me for several minutes and even though I didn’t actually 100% understand anything (as he only spoke German), I think the general gist of it was that they are both super cool hunters who have been to many countries including Africa, Brazil, Canada and others on their crazy archery hunting tours.

To be honest, he could have been telling me that he like to eat ice cream standing on his head in the dark for all I know >_< I really wish I spoke more languages.



I was totally more awesome at it than James too. Archery is so much fun, I want to find a range here and go again! Best part of the vacation!







After the archery we took a taxi back to the hotel and crashed for the night. Our second hotel was broken into two parts, the building we were staying at was up an insane hill. We were so tired when we got to the top that we ended up ordering room service, watching German tv and going to sleep XD The hotel was the Alemannenhof on Lake Titisee. It was so quaintly decorated and adorable!

This is the face that I make when I am presented a selection of cheeses for breakfast. Awesome!



The next morning we decided to take a bus to the top of the mountain and see the view. There is a fantastic program in that area where if you stay 2 nights you get a special card which means you can use the bus and go to all of the local places for free. YAY!

We went to Mt.Feldberg and had a look around the Nature museum. There was a 3D movie, a creepy 3d park ranger and a green screened balloon ride.



Then we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain. I’ve never been in one before but we got stuck in there with a very loud little girl and her family. I wasn’t super excited about it to begin with but when the Dad of the family started shaking the gondola with his feet I wasn’t particularly impressed. It sure was pretty though.



This face means I’m not super happy about James’ idea to go to the top of the mountain.



The photos of the view at the top will come with my nature post. It was quite impressive!

After that we took the bus back into the town and bought some kitschy souvenirs. Of course with a name like Lake Titisee how could I not get a sexy lady pressed coin?




We wandered around for quite a while and spent a large amount of money trying to buy water which wasn’t sparkling then we headed back to the hotel. I did a little painting on the balcony of the hotel because the view was just amazing.



On our last day we took a wander down to the actual lake area, took more photos then made it back to the hotel just before the rain started. Our driver arrived and we were back in Zurich at the B2 hotel super quickly.


I couldn’t take anymore photos that day because we went to the spa which was attached to the hotel. No cameras in the pool/spa was understandable XD It was very nice and the fit out is beautiful, it was just absolutely PACKED with people. I think if I ever go to a spa again it will be a private one rather than public!

The next day we wandered in to Zurich again with our list of people we needed to buy presents for and set about crossing them off.


We were walking down the street when we bumped into Hoshi who is a reader/viewer! I was so surprised to be recognised in the middle of Zurich but it was awesome! She was super sweet and recommended some places we could visit!


I tried roasted chestnuts for the first time and with no idea how to eat them I tried to bite it open to get the insides -_-‘ I need to google things before I try them. I wish we had them here though because they were so yummy! (Once you realise you don’t eat the shell…)



I looked all over for a cute toy for Lottie but we didn’t find anything which I would be able to take home on the plane.



We also visited some Steiff bear shops because I have one from when I was a baby. The new ones are very fancy, this collection looks like it should be in a Chanel window *_*



Our last day was another weird day because we had to check out by 11am but our flight didn’t go until like 10:45pm so we left our bags and went wandering again. We tend to wander a lot when left to our own devices. We were considering going to a zoo but decided to do something stereotypically Swiss and go to a fondue restaurant instead. Be prepared to drool over the melted all of the melted cheese in the food post!

These are probably the only shots we got properly together. I wouldn’t have even thought about it if the manager of the B2 Boutique hadn’t offered to take them! She was so sweet. All of the staff there were just amazing.



The library restaurant there had over 30k books in it and you could borrow any of them while you were staying. I ended up leaving them an extra book too because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase *cough*too much cheese*cough* so now they’re up to 30,001!


James and I spent the time waiting to be picked up slightly differently. I played on my phone and he tried to find out if the ladder was functional… it was.


After what felt like the longest day in the world we started the longest trip home in the world!

We flew Swiss Air again for the long leg back to Singapore and the flight was the same as the way there except that both James and my tvs broke at one point or another so we tried to sleep.



We had a 4 hour stop over in Singapore this time so there was more time to shop and wander and see everything. I bought Lottie a robot dog toy that looked like her as well as some Sylvanian Family toys for my collection. I usually get one every time we go away but they were so cheap with the exchange rate that I got two this time. The wedding dog set is supposed to be Japan issue only so yay!





The last leg of the flight was on Qantas and it was pretty good. Good tv, comfy seats and decent food. The only thing that drove me nuts was that the crew had been given extremely powerful LED clip on lights to wear while they walk the aisles. It was an overnight flight so the cabin lights were of course dimmed and I can see the logic behind the lights and that they would make it easier for the crew etc but having a SUPER bright light shining in your face every 10 minutes while you’re trying desperately to sleep and avoid jetlag isn’t super fun 🙁



Snow flakes on my window as we came in to Aus:



We went through Customs and declared all of the tea and cheese I bought and they let me keep it (YAY!) then it was on to the Skybus and home to an extremely wiggly excited puppy. We got home at like 8am and had to try to make it through the day without any sleep so we weren’t jet lagged… I may have had 2 naps and completely screwed that up >_>



So this post hasn’t included all of the random little details because I think they will make more sense with the themed posts coming. Also, I’m still jetlagged a week later and I feel quite crappy >_>

But I hope you enjoyed coming along with this part of our Grand European Expedition! More soon and as a preview, here are some other random photos I shot there.



The Beginings of Violet and Jimmy’s Grand European Expedition

So as you guys might have guessed, we made it home alive! Very long flights, over 2400 photos and videos between us, a lot of walking and far too much cheese later we are back and super jet lagged!

While I go through all of the emails, edit the photos and vlogs and get everything else back on track I thought I would start with a series of photos that I took while we were over there. I want to continue this series here in Aus too. It’s really interesting to see places I walk at a different angle!

Hope you enjoy and I’ll be back tomorrow with some more trip photos!










Bonus photo from the other side of the camera of me setting up one of them!


See You In Switzerland!



So in case I haven’t mentioned it a billion times already, we’re going to Switzerland today for 10 days! YAY! I’m super excited as we’ll be spending time in both Zurich and across the border in the Black Forest in Germany. It’s going to be so much fun. This is the first time I’ve had a holiday where we’re actually going to relax and do holiday stuff (not just work) since like… 2007! So excited to eat cheese, chocolate and do very little other than take photos!

Business out of the way first, I won’t be replying to emails while I’m gone. In fact I probably won’t even be checking them so please don’t be mad if you don’t get a response from me.

I probably won’t be posting or uploading videos either so I’m not distracted on the trip. I will most likely be instagraming when I have internet access so…

Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date!

The third issue of The VLB is scheduled to come out early next week but as I’ll be away I’ll be sending it tomorrow morning! It’s travel themed so make sure you sign up below if you haven’t already to get it in your inbox!

Anyway, I’ve got to go get my last minute stuff together so I’ll see you all when we get back! Have a great time while we’re gone!


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Retro Beach Friendly Hairstyle Video Tutorial

It’s been a while since I was able to put together a video tutorial but I finally got to do a new hair tutorial! I totally love this style because once it’s in place it’s not going anywhere no matter how windy it is!

It was fun filming on the beach too!

Hope you guys enjoyed it ^_^

Finally a new video! I’ve made a lot of changes in my life recently and videos will return to being a weekly thing as of now. I’ll be starting a new beginners sewing series on the blog next week as well as an art series here. Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Also I’m still trying to get in contact with the winner of my last competition so please check your inbox/channel walls to see if it was you! .



A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Mail: PO BOX 372, Collins St West, VIC 8007, Australia


Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited


How To Do A Retro Beach Hairstyle

Automatically translated by machine.
Hello and welcome to another hair tutorial.
This one is a little bit special because we’re at the ocean!
We are at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.
For cute beach looks it’s best to have your hair up as it can get pretty windy!
This hairdo is kind of vintage and has lots and lots of rolls so let’s get started!
This view is a pretty good change right?
Pin your friend and take a small section of hair from the top of your head.
Brush your hair straight upwards and using a teasing comb, tease the backside of it.
The teasing is important otherwise the rolls will separate when you try to put them up.
So with this section of hair, roll it backwards until it forms a loop.
Tuck the ends inside and then pin it to your scalp.
You should have something along these lines.
Now for the hairspray!
This style requires a LOT of hairspray. I have a little mini one that I take with me on travels.
It’s pretty tiny but it packs a punch!
Grab a section of hair next to the first roll.
Pull it outwards and tease the back of it again.
Twist it about half way down.
Then fold it backwards so it forms a loop.
This time, just leave the ends hanging down and then pin it in place.
So now you have one middle loop and one side loop.
Repeat on the other side in the other direction.
Pull it up, tease, twist and fold into a loop.
Pin it in place and add hairspray.
You can never have too much hairspray especially at the beach!
Grab the rest of the hair on the side making sure you don’t have tails of the other loops that you already made.
Tease it.
Twist it.
And form another loop beneath the other ones till you have something like this.
Pin it in place.
Once this style is done, it’s not going anywhere no matter how windy it is!
Or if it decides to rain on your holiday like it always seems to on ours.
Repeat on the other side.
Tease, twist, loop and pin underneath the other loops.
From the back you’ve got this!
Speaking of, let’s do the back.
Grab a section at the top including the tails of the other two loops as well.
Or you could just leave it like this fo a different cute look.
Pull it upwards, tease and roll it forwards to form a loop.
Make sure you poke the tails of this one in.
Roll it so it’s just behind the first loop that you did and pin it in place.
Now separate the remaining hair into two sections.
And roll upwards.
Pin those bad boys in place.
You can do more loops here if you’d like but I was in a hurry so this was as far as I got.
The back doesn’t look great but my mirror was a shiny table surface so this was as good as it got!
Now pick a fringe!
You can tease it and pin for a quiff.
Roll it.
Or sweep it off to one side.
Or just curl it like I did.
The next thing you need is a scarf. Isn’t this nautical one cute?
Now tie it loosely around the rolls.
You don’t want to tie it too tightly or it will squish your rolls and come off at the beach.
A cute tropical flower to match my swimsuit and we’re done!
Except for hairspray… you can always use more hairspray.
Taadaa! Now that’s a hairstyle that’s not going anywhere no matter how windy it is!
We went down to the beach to see the rockpools at low tide, it was really cool!
It looks so cute and sunny here but it was actually storming and rainy for most of this.
You can see here, when I actually had a mirror I fixed the back of my hair right up.
And I added a couple more rolls.
Hope you guys enjoyed my holiday tutorial, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye!

Cheese, Beaches and Flowers – Snapshots from QLD 2

On to the next day of our Queensland trip!

There weren’t any tours because it was Easter but we sat down for a very cheesy lunch.



Here is the matching vlog, there are bits from The Big Pineapple there too!

I made fun of Celina and Tobias for not being able to finish their deep fried Brie… then I failed too >_>


Best breakfast EVER.


The view of the cheese making room:



The whole place was full of  beautiful flowers.





Saturday was a really busy day! After lunch we drove to Montville so James could FINALLY take photos of the view on a day where it wasn’t rainy and cloudy…



… as it turned out it was actually rainy and cloudy again haha! Poor James!


We were supposed to go to the Nutworks and Chocolate factory but after driving around for ages to find it, it was closed ;_;

Instead we went across the road to The Ginger Factory!



Honestly… I don’t like ginger. It was almost closing time anyway so we just wandered around the gift store. They had a honey area too, who knew how many honey products there were!



I bought a lollipop (which tasted TERRIBLE) and a cute bee handkerchief! Which tasted so-so…no,wait.


After all of that we were super tired so we drove back to the hotel and watched the rain for a while. Such pretty views!



Sunday was our last full day at the coast and we filmed for most of the day. Celina and I took turns on the balcony to film hair and make up tutorials.



The boys decided to go surfing while we were finishing up our filming at the hotel then we all went down to film at the beach together.


We waited for low tide so we could see the rock pools…


And of course the second we got the camera gear out it started raining!!!



That didn’t stop us though!


I am really fascinated with rock pools!




I was shooting an outfit video so I had a lot more jewellery than most people wear at the beach XD



Nails from the day:



I think 90% of our holidays look like this:




I love these photos of Celins so much, I ended up painting a lot of them.



I love that I caught James’ reflection on this shot!


Of course the second we went back to the hotel it started looking like this XD


That night we packed up and had dinner at The 4th Floor.

The next morning we drove straight to the airport to drop off Celina and Toby! We almost didn’t make it in time because the traffic was so terrible *_*

The rest of our trip was quite uneventful as we hung out, filmed things and relaxed with James’ parents.

The one day I took nice photos was the day we visited South Bank.




I just love these flowers.




The whole walkway is magical… other than that whole caution sign and the workers trimming them >_>




Jerk ibises… (ibi?) who were stealing food.


I think James might have the rest of my photos so there will probably be a part 2 of this full of behind the scenes things… like me shaking my fist at that damn ibis!

We saw my Dad for a little bit too. His dog Ruby is 18 now and I think she won’t be around much longer as she’s had several strokes. Poor girl is mostly blind and deaf now too 🙁


It made me really miss Lottie >_< She was SO happy to see us when we got home. I really want to take her with us when we travel from now on! She would have totally loved the beach.

This was an extremely packed trip and we had so much fun. It was wonderful seeing The Sunshine Coast in a completely different light. Thank you so much to everyone who let us come and visit. Everyone was so nice and I really appreciate the effort everyone went to to make our stay awesome!

Definitely check out The Sunshine Coast and all of the places we visited the next time you’re in Queensland!




10 Tips To Pack In Style – Win A Hideo Wakamatsu Beauty Case

As you guys know, we recently did quite a bit of traveling. I get a lot of questions about how I pack so I thought that doing a video in the style of the Friday Fun ones I used to do would be the easiest way to give some tips! I’ll be bringing back the Friday Fun videos soon too so let me know if you have any requests!

Luggage is from:

If you want to win a Hideo Wakamatsu beauty case like mine just check our this blog post:
This competition is for Australian residents only. .



A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Mail: PO BOX 372, Collins St West, VIC 8007, Australia


Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited

10 Travel Tips.

Hello we’re currently on holidays in Brisbane. We got back a few days ago from The Sunshine Coast and now we’re staying at James’ parent’s place.
Trip? That means time for packing tips!
I get a lot of questions about how I fit all of my clothes and junk in because I try to pack fairly light.
So I thought I would just make a video and show you guys!
Travel Tip #1.
Get the best suitcase you can afford. Hard case with 4 wheels is my favorite.
Two wheels is not enough, two wheels is never enough!
The four wheel ones are so good because you can pretty much push them around with a finger.
And I’m not very strong so I need a suitcase that wheels itself.
So for this trip I’m taking my new pink Cherry Blossom suitcase.
It’s from Hideo Wakamatsu and they were nice enough to send it to me.
My suitcase is a bit different to most other suitcases because it has a lot of other extra features.
For example it has a little coat hanger that comes with it.
It also has these dividers which unzip and then the second one on this side which clips down over here.
So when you open the suitcase everything is completely flat and nothing will have moved around which I really like.
Travel Tip #2
Use space bags or smaller bags to separate everything.
By space bags, I mean these vacuum sealed bags, I’m sure they have other names in different countries.
Even if you don’t plan on vacuuming them up they are really useful for dividing things and then if you have to open your suitcase in the airport or at your destination nothing will have moved around inside.
So you won’t get an avalanche of junk falling on you. k
Tip #3.
Bring a scarf.
Especially scarves you can crush up and they basically stay the same.
This one goes will pretty much everything, it’s light enough that it’s good for summer but when it’s bunched up it will keep you warm in the airport.
I hate being cold on planes
Tip #4
Pick good crushable fabrics.
I like to take things made of chiffon because they are floaty and breezy for a holiday but also easily crushable and they never crease.
You could roll this skirt up and throw it off a cliff and it would still look like this.
You know, unless it got snagged on some branches or something or a condor stole it and flew away and ate it because it thought it was a fish.
I don’t know what condors eat…
Chiffon is really good so I always pack lots of chiffon.

Turn on captions or visit my blog for a full transcript.

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