Fuse Gelnamel System Review

Recently I received a “Fuse Gelnamel” kit from their PR department. It was a bit of bad timing considering only a few months before hand I had been desperately trying to find a gel system that I could buy from the beauty stores here with no luck. I ended up getting a full set for Christmas and discovered a brand of polishes that I really liked so I wasn’t really in the market for anything anymore… but I do like trying new things so yay!

Violet’s Watercolour Travel Diary

I always have such grand plans of relaxing when we travel. This time I went to the effort of making my own diary to paint in and everything… and barely used it because we were so busy! I am so not good at relaxing!


Beautiful Scenery From The Grand European Expedition

Something else Europe had? Awesome scenery! Everywhere looked like a postcard. It made me wonder if people think that about any country that they don’t see day in day out.

For example this was the bus stop we waited at in Germany. It was covered in fog and still freaking scenic!


Beautiful Architecture From The Grand Europe Expedition

You guys know how much I love looking at interesting architecture so it wasn’t really a shock that most of the photos I took on our trip were of some really amazing buildings. Zurich is a city much like Melbourne which is a mix of very old and very new. It’s interesting seeing the two mix together in a city that is very proud of it’s heritage!


Beautiful Flowers From The Grand Europe Expedition

The flowers in Europe were amazing and everywhere. I couldn’t believe that it was Autumn and there were still so many flowers everywhere! It’s Spring in Aus and there aren’t that many here ;_;

The colours were so vibrant and amazing. I think most of these photos are just going to be gratuitous use of my new macro attachment…


Delicious Food From The Grand Europe Expedition

Ok kids, it’s time for some serious European food loving. While we were in Switzerland pretty much our number 1 priority was eating… and we did a lot of it. So get ready to be hungry because this is all food!



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