Melbourne Weather – Outfit Of The Day

Such a mixed bag of outfits this time because the weather has been so mixed too!
The trees can’t decide whether to drop their leaves or not.

Shirt: Target
Jewellery: Hand made
Skirt: Tempt
Shoes: Target
I hope they drop their leaves properly soon, I love Autumn!
The light still feels warmer though.

 Dress: Made by me

Cardigan: Gift
Shoes: Mini Maos… I really should get some new shoes, I wear these ones so much >_>


My favorite earrings, bees!
Lately I love double layer eyeliner!
This has been my favourite dress lately too. I almost didn’t buy it because I didn’t have a clothes budget for that time but it was totally worth it. Perfect cut!
It’s from 7 Angels.
What are you guys obsessed with clothing-wise lately? I think I need some new inspiration!

3 Ways To Wear Scarf Bows! Outfit Of The Day

It’s outfit time! This post’s theme is head scarves!

Lottie has been enjoying what’s probably the last of the warm weather so we’ve been walking a lot.
Scarf: Thrift store
Shirt: Thrift store
Skirt: Thrift store
Shoes: 7 Angels
I didn’t even realise almost my entire outfit if from the thrift store hahaha!

I wore this to have yummy pastries at a French Patisserie with friends!

Shirt: Bergamot store
Skirt: Valley Girl
Scarf: Gift
Shoes: Mini MAOS

This was my Ikea shopping outfit, we needed to find James a new desk and we also bought a kitchen island! My Home Sweet Home has gone through a lot of changes that I want to show you guys soon.

Shirt: Japanese import shop at Harbour Town
Skirt: Coco Latte
Shoes: Mini Maos
Cardigan: Tempt
Scarf: Junk store on Swanston St
Glasses: Sunglasses from Diva that I popped out the lenses.

I really like the pockets on this skirt!

Technically I’m wearing a scarf on my hat in this outfit >_> The hat was from H&M in Switzerland.
I made all of the jewellery I’m wearing here and the shirt is from Supre. I was so irritated because I bought it for $6 then wore it and decided it was super comfortable. I went back to buy all of the other colours like 3 days later and they had been marked up to $12 >:( Not cool! So now I’m waiting for them to go on sale again because they are so freaking comfortable!

I ended up buying this skirt from there anyway because it was half price >_>

Arm candy!

I’ve been trying out some new make up looks too, specifically colours that I don’t usually think of like peach and gold.

And these two last outfits don’t really fit the scarf theme… but >_>

The weather has been so inconsistent lately, I hope it will just hurry up and be Winter soon!

Dress: Valley Girl
Shoes: Target
Cardigan: Myer

I should have taken photos of all of my filming outfits, but this was the only one I remembered. I really like my new studio set up though!

You guys have seen this dress a million times but it’s still my favourite!

Now that the weather is changing it’s making me want to go on a wardrobe clean out… and subsequent shopping spree to refill it. Good excuse? Sounds good enough to me!

Four Seasons In One Day… Outfits Of The Day For March!

Outfit time! The weather just won’t make up it’s mind between hot and cold *_*
This first outfit is actually really old but I only just found the photos! Last year, QV did a pop up green house and it was amazing! I wish they would do it again, it was so much fun!

I wore my favourite dress for something appropriately Spring-ish!
Dress- Thrift store, originally from Tempt
Scarf- Dior
Shoes- Target
This outfit was just for dinner with my Mum but I was feeling extra colourful!
Dress- Ice
Cardigan- Target
Stockings- Myer
Shoes- Target
Bag- Birthday present from my Dad
Belt- Came with the dress
Glasses- Sunglasses from Diva that I poked the lenses out of >_>
We had planned a picnic for the little bout of good weather, it was supposed to be a really nice clear day but of course Melbourne weather says NO. It was cold and rainy through the picnic and then the second we left the sun came out. Bleh!
Skirt- DreamV
Shirt- Supre
Socks- Cotton On
Shoes- MiniMaos
Lottie was wearing her best smile.

We also visited the beach that day and Lottie was able to play in the sand! It was still quite cold so I did an outfit change in the car.

Cardigan- Gift from Celina
Shoes- Big W

Lottie was not even a little bit interested in getting her photo taken, she wanted to swim in the ocean!

Celina and Toby of course had to take the opportunity to photobomb. Their punishment is me actually using the photo!

I know I posted a lot of these photos already from when we were in Germany but I found the triplet shot I took over there too! I need to find a better way to arrange my photos because I keep losing things!

Hat- H&M
Dress- Infanta
Stockings- Myer
Shoes- 7Angels
Cardigan- Myer

This outfit was to meet Chrissy and Charles for dinner! It was so nice of them to visit us!

Shirt- Gift from Celina
Skirt- Cut up from a dress from DreamV
Jacket- Random tiny Japanese import shop in the Target centre which is always having 90% off sales… I’m so bad at remembering things.

I’ve been wearing more colourful things lately!

Stockings- Myer (I managed to get so many $1.50 pairs of colourful stockings at the end of seasons sale!)
Dress- Tempt
Jacket- Thrift shop
Shoes- DreamV
Bow- Handmade by Susie
My obsession for that day was wearing as many strands of pearls as possible and I think I achieved it!
Last outfit for today is the most important one! This is the outfit I wore the day that horrible heatwave broke!
Shirt- Valley Girl
Skirt- Vintage
Belt- Thrift store
Umbrella- Daiso that Becky left behind
No make up and the happiest day ever! It only rained for around 10 minutes but it was AWESOME.
I think we’ve now covered all four seasons within the space of a few weeks. Typical Melbourne!! Hope you enjoyed this month’s outfits!

Spring and Winter Outfit Of The Day

Outfit time!! It’s been a while since I did a proper outfit post but I’m back into doing the Violet Triplet photos so I hope you guys enjoy!

I wore this outfit to the QV Spring tea greenhouse tent. It was SO hot inside but it was still good weather for tea.


Shirt- Valley Girl
Skirt- Thrift Store
Cardigan- Myer

This next one was a random day out shopping with friends.


Shirt- HimeLOVE/HimeHolic
Cardigan- Peter Alexander
Skirt: DreamV
Shoes- 7 Angels
Stockings- Myer

I also realised that I forgot to post my outfits from our Switzerland/Germany trip last year. It was a bit cold so I wore my jacket almost the entire time… so here are a billion photos of me wearing the same jacket and scarf combo XD



To be fair… the hair flower changed to match the outfit underneath each day… it was just to chilly to show that outfit!



Spa chic in my bathrobe at the hotel. It’s totally a thing.


Oh look, I took off my jacket to reveal… a slightly smaller jacket…


This time I reveal… a large scarf and a slightly smaller jacket… -_-‘


The one actual photo of me without the layers is this… and I can’t even remember why I’m making that face. James probably said something stupid.


On the plus side, archery is a great way to show off nail art which I did the night before we left.


I think it needs more bling next time!


But overall I liked this design quite a bit!


…Until on the way home I somehow managed to actually lose the polish off an entire finger. I don’t even know how it happened, they weren’t fake nails, the polish just flaked off *_*


I was pretty sleep deprived at this point so I tried to use donut icing as a replacement. FYI – It doesn’t work.


And next time we should be back to Outfit Of The Day in a normal, less sleep deprived format!

Outfit Of The Day – Violet Triplets – Competition (CLOSED!)

Yay Violet Triplets!

I have so much less motivation to take these in Winter :/ It’s so cold out and when I take outfit shots I usually have to take off my jacket XD Hard life I know haha!

There’s another competition at the end of this post for Australian residents too 🙂

I love this outfit, the stockings are such a nice bright pop of colour.

Shoes: MiniMaos
Jacket: Taobao
Hat: Gift (Vintage)
Scarf: Gift (Chanel)
Stockings: Myer
Skirt: DreamV

This outfit was from ages ago! It was my airport outfit from when we went to Brisbane but I totally forgot I even took it *_* It reminds me of a safari outfit!

Shoes: Dream V
Stockings: Myer
Skirt: Coco Latte
Scarf: Coco Latte
Singlet: Coco LAtte
Jacket: Valley Girl
Belt: Thrift store


The last 3 outfits were sponsored by Fashionista Depot. They are an Australian online store who act as an online warehouse sale for designer items. Prices are up to 80% off RRP. Everything I’m wearing below is from there!

This outfit is actually my favorite of the three because it looks so businessy and fancy I love the jacket especially because I think it is going to be a really versatile piece in my wardrobe!

Jacket: Barkins
Shirt: Barkins
Skirt: Made by Cheeky
Shoes: Gift
Glasses: Diva

This next one I wore to be James’ assistant for the day, it was so comfortable. The skirt is a bit stretchy and it’s a really fun bright colour while still being stylish.

Shirt: Barkins
Skirt: Amerette Undressed
Shoes: Gift from Chrissy
Scarf: Thrift store

And lastly a dress which is so floaty and pretty it’s like being a princess! I feel like I should be in a ball room by wearing this dress!

Dress: Studibaker

Competition time! This competition is provided by Fashionista Depot.

Fashionista Depot have very generously offered a reader a chance to win a AU$100 voucher to spend at their online store. Considering their prices you’ll be able to get quite a few things with that!

Important information:

  • Sorry this one is for Australian residents only
  • Entries are judged on creativity so be creative!
  • Competition closes Thursday 8th August 2013 at 5pm AEST
  • See the full terms and conditions here.

To enter the competition, leave a comment telling me what you would buy with the voucher and where you would wear it!

Outfit Of The Day- Violet Triplets!

Yay outfit time!

Miss Vanessa from NessBow asked me to be a part of her group outfit of the day. The theme for this time was “Your Favorite Fairytale” so I picked Hansel and Gretel!

I like this fairytale particularly because Hansel and Gretel use their brains to get out of a crappy situation rather than waiting around for other people to rescue them. As much as I enjoy fairytales, all of that waiting around for someone to rescue me stuff never worked well for me, I’m more of an action girl.

I figured that modern day Gretel would be stylish but functional!

Outfit rundown!

Hair- Overhead plaits, once these are in they’re not going anywhere. No fuss and easy!
Shirt- Savers. The comfiest shirt I own, perfect for long walks in the forest.
Skirt- Valley Girl. Easy movement, cute and perfect for running away from witches.
Sweater- Handmade. Well a girl’s got to keep warm in the forest!
Shoes- Big W. Sneakers are the best choice for long walks and kicking witches into ovens!

Make sure you check out the other posts in the series, I’ll update with direct links once they post:

Now on to other outfits!

Dress- Handmade
Shoes- MiniMaos
Socks- Cotton On
Cardigan- Ice
Hat- Handmade

Hat- Valley Girl
Shirt- Gift from my Mum
Pants- Gift from my mum, tailored by me
Cardigan- Myer
Shoes- Famous Footwear

Bow- James’ bow tie
Dress- Ebay
Scarf- Thrift Store
Shoes- 7Angels

And a bonus picture of me wearing the awesome Twinkie Chan’s adorable cupcake scarf, how cute is it??

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