Melbourne Weather – Outfit Of The Day

Such a mixed bag of outfits this time because the weather has been so mixed too!
The trees can’t decide whether to drop their leaves or not.

3 Ways To Wear Scarf Bows! Outfit Of The Day

It’s outfit time! This post’s theme is head scarves!

Four Seasons In One Day… Outfits Of The Day For March!

Outfit time! The weather just won’t make up it’s mind between hot and cold *_*
This first outfit is actually really old but I only just found the photos! Last year, QV did a pop up green house and it was amazing! I wish they would do it again, it was so much fun!

Spring and Winter Outfit Of The Day

Outfit time!! It’s been a while since I did a proper outfit post but I’m back into doing the Violet Triplet photos so I hope you guys enjoy!

I wore this outfit to the QV Spring tea greenhouse tent. It was SO hot inside but it was still good weather for tea.

Outfit Of The Day – Violet Triplets – Competition (CLOSED!)

Yay Violet Triplets!

I have so much less motivation to take these in Winter :/ It’s so cold out and when I take outfit shots I usually have to take off my jacket XD Hard life I know haha!

There’s another competition at the end of this post for Australian residents too 🙂

I love this outfit, the stockings are such a nice bright pop of colour.

Shoes: MiniMaos
Jacket: Taobao
Hat: Gift (Vintage)
Scarf: Gift (Chanel)
Stockings: Myer
Skirt: DreamV

Outfit Of The Day- Violet Triplets!

Yay outfit time!

Miss Vanessa from NessBow asked me to be a part of her group outfit of the day. The theme for this time was “Your Favorite Fairytale” so I picked Hansel and Gretel!

I like this fairytale particularly because Hansel and Gretel use their brains to get out of a crappy situation rather than waiting around for other people to rescue them. As much as I enjoy fairytales, all of that waiting around for someone to rescue me stuff never worked well for me, I’m more of an action girl.

I figured that modern day Gretel would be stylish but functional!

Outfit rundown!

Hair- Overhead plaits, once these are in they’re not going anywhere. No fuss and easy!
Shirt- Savers. The comfiest shirt I own, perfect for long walks in the forest.
Skirt- Valley Girl. Easy movement, cute and perfect for running away from witches.
Sweater- Handmade. Well a girl’s got to keep warm in the forest!
Shoes- Big W. Sneakers are the best choice for long walks and kicking witches into ovens!

Make sure you check out the other posts in the series, I’ll update with direct links once they post:

Now on to other outfits!

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