Pink Peony Picking – Outfit Of The Day

So the weird obsession with “pick your own” farms continues but this year we didn’t just want to do the regular berries and things like that so we googled around for some alternatives and found a Peony Farm which was open just one day a year!

Then we debated for like 3 weeks on the correct way to say peony because it just doesn’t sound right.

It was quite the drive out from Melbourne and we managed to pick a day which had pretty average weather. It threatened to rain all day but luckily didn’t start until we left the farm!

The farm really looked like something out of a fairy tale. There was a cute little church, a band playing and all kinds of rustic food stalls. People were having picnics everywhere on the grass.

For once in my life I decided to wear sensible, appropriate shoes so I went and bought some gumboots that week.

I decided they weren’t quite cute enough so I added some decorations to make them Chibi Moon boots from Sailor Moon 😉

Hot pink gumboots – Big W children’s section, customised by me

For the first time ever I was in more practical shoes than Celina, I thought it should be noted so here’s a photo of her getting stuck in the mud for prosperity. She is so never going to go to a farm with me ever again after this 😀

My outfit theme was I guess kind of country cute? I want to say that it was really carefully thought out but I honestly just wanted to wear this dress because it was brand new. I had really wanted to finish knitting the pink cardigan I was doing to match the shoes but I didn’t get it done in time >_<

White lace dress – Plastic Island

In this photo we see my lovely friends daring James to touch an electric fence. -_-‘ I’m not going to say the outcome but I think we all know what happened.


I chose soft pink eyeshadow to go with the look. I have been reverting to gold shimmer or pink eyeshadow a lot lately and I think I’m in a bit of a make up rut. After a string of allergies I’ve had to tone back for a few months so I’m thinking of doing a month make up free to try and just get my skin in really good condition again!

Soft pink eye make up with 3/4 lashes and bright pink lipstick.

I got to have a little fun with my macro clip again!

My accessories for the day were gold and pretty much all of them came from a $3 sale at Target a few weeks ago. I’m pretty disappointed at the quality of a lot of these pieces because they were around $30 full price and some of them broke the first day I wore them out :/

Love necklace – Target

And proof that I actually did pick the flowers myself! We got there early but not early enough because most of the good ones had already been picked.

Each person who picked got to take home 20 flowers. It really is a lot more than you’d think because they are HUGE.

Did I mention that this is a real proper farm and as such, it was full of bugs and so were the flowers *_* In this photo, it looks all artistic carrying the peonies upside down but I was actually trying to shake out all of the bugs. I’m really not a country girl.

After almost a year of wearing the same scarf every day I decided it was probably a good idea to rotate some of the others in my wardrobe in to justify the space they take up hahaha! I never go on these outing without a big scarf even if it’s really hot because I am terrified of sunburn.

Pink floral scarf – Forever New

Pink flower bracelet – Target

Our combined basket of peonies and many bugs with pointy stingers. This is why I’m holding it so awkwardly away from myself haha!

Straw boater hat – Big W, flowers added by me

So many cute rustic places for photos!

After we had picked our share of flowers, we headed back to the picnic area to enjoy our yummy food.

This was probably a mistake on our part because it was quite warm by now so all of our peonies started to wilt. Flower picking is hungry work though!

James and I collaborated on these mini cheesecake jars for dessert. Next time we should do baked cheesecake, it’s so much better!

It’s so fun to get back into outfit posts, I am loving this format a lot more than the bulk ones from last year!

Now prepare for part 2 of the Peony-ing and in the next post I’ll show you what I did with them all!

Squishy Comfy Outfits Of The Day

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I did proper OOTD posts *_* I don’t quite know how that happened! I have been wearing clothes all this time… just forgetting to take photos? >_>

Most of the photos I have are from behind the scenes of things.

Ever so comfy:


Dress: Gift from Celina
Skirt: Sussan
Slippers: Random Japanese import store in Melbourne Central

Bear ear hair style!

I think I need to start buying things from places which I can actually direct people to because I get asked all the time where I get stuff from but the only things in this outfit that are from an actual shop are the underskirt and jumper from Valley Girl and Tempt. The rest is handmade/gifted!
This one is a really nice outfit for when it’s a bit overcast outside.
Hat- ebay
Shirt- 7 Angels
Skirt- Sussan
Jewellery- Lovisa

Dress- 7 Angels
Cardigan – Jeans West many years ago which I cut up.
Shoes- Target
Hat- H&M
And this month’s sponsored Tuesday Toes with Pedi-sox!
These spotty socks are so fun and bright so I wanted to do something happy to match!
1. Use the end of a pencil to create large colourful spots.
2. Add other colours.
3. With the last colour, overlap the previous spots so it looks like confetti and top coat.
So perfect for Summer! To order your own spotty Pedi-Sox check out if you’re in Aus, or for your country’s stockist!

Ok I’m going to get more organised with my outfits again!!


Random Directions – Outfit Of The Day

Outfit time!
Recently I’ve been wearing a lot more jewellery.

This has been my favourite outfit in quite some time.
Dress: Ice
Shoes: Mini MAOS
Scarf: Thrift store
Stockings: Ambra
I threw it together last minute to see my friend. I was so late and panicking but it really came together well in the end!
Of course… the minute I got home I was all about pyjama day >_> Because I’m classy like that…
This outfit was from a random shopping trip. I think we were going to pick out some furniture for James’ brother.
Jacket: Ice
Dress: Ice
Shoes: Imagination
These shoes were such a good buy, the store was closing down so only $5 a pair *_* I wish I had been able to find more pairs of shoes which actually fit me and bought more!
This outfit is a departure from my usual style but  wanted to see if I could still wear the boots in a way that I liked.
Dress: 7Angels
Shoes: Target, made over by me
I think it ended up looking really cute but I don’t know if I’ll wear them again. I think they’re just not quite “me” anymore.
Of course, the obligatory filming shots…
I did a tutorial on the plaited cat ear hairstyle a lot of people have been asking me about recently but I realised on me they don’t look like cat ears, they look more like Lottie ears!
My fashion has been a bit all over the place this month, what have you guys been wearing??

Lace Obsession – Outfits Of The Day

It’s that time of the month: Outfits!
I wore the first outfit while we were apartment hunting for James’ brother. I think I was aiming more for a “weekend on my yacht” look… but I don’t know if that’s what I ended up with XD



 Shirt: Target
Skirt: Hand made
Shoes: Mini MAOS  This is a shirt I never thought I would wear again! I bought it when I was a kid working generic retail jobs. I love finding new ways to style old clothes!   And this outfit was from the Lotus/Lily farm we went to.

Shirt and skirt set: Supre
Shoes: Bodyline
Scarf: Chanel
Hat: H&M
My favourite part of this outfit is actually the cube ring that I’m using as a scarf ring now!
And lastly a few more photos from filming. I made this hair bow too for one of the video tutorials ^_^
I think I’m really obsession on lace clothes at the moment, how about you guys? What are you wearing a lot of?
And of course, I’ve been posting a lot of outfits on my instagram account this month too. The following photos were sponsored by their respective companies ^_^
Favourite way to wear big brooches at the moment? As scarf ties! If the pin is big enough you can even just slide the scarf ends through it rather than pinning. The beautiful swan pin I¹m wearing is from Bella & Chloe and is vintage sterling silver, the collar tips are from them as well. Totally loving the idea of collar tips at the moment too, they are an awesome way to customise any collared shirt. Check out the rest of the cute silver jewellery in the Bella & Chloe store here:

Have you guys seen Tiny Hands jewellery? They hand make tiny food themed pieces that smell like what they are! I’ve had one of their donut necklaces for ages but they sent me a strawberry ice-cream one to match and it smells amazing! Also totally cute ^_^ Make sure you check their website here and see the full range: The charm bracelets are totally adorable too!Tuesday’s Toes with Pedi-Sox! So after last time, I wanted to do matching toe nail art for all of my Pedi-Sox! So this month I went with the mary-jane style socks and did mini tuxedos to match ^_^ To try it yourself: 1. Paint the nail white. 2. Use black acrylic paint to make a bow out of 2 triangles. 3. Add 2 dot buttons below it and top coat once dry. Done! Love!! To order your own mary jane style Pedi-Sox check out if you’re in Aus, or for your country’s stockist!Current favourite nail design! I’m really getting back into doing my nails regularly and I’ve been so inspired by the epic glitter toppers from Glitter Lambs. Seriously this is BLING when the light hits it! This is a pearl base with Kawaii Bake Sale glitter topper and then gold studs on top. So pretty! You can check our their store and get your own glitters here:’s make up was inspired by my idea of a romantic date look. I created the whole look using Younique beauty products including my new favourite mascara: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. This isn’t any ordinary mascara, it’s actually has tiny fibers you apply to *create* lashes *_* so effective and I’m obsessed with it! To recreate my look: base/concealer- Mineral Touch Pressed Powder in Scarlet, blush- Stunning, lashes- Moodstruck 3D Fiber, Eyes- Moodstruck Mineral Pigments (Curious as highlighter, Flirty all over the lid, Sassy in the crease, Devious mixed with Refreshed Rosewater as a liner, Confident on the bottom lash line), lips- Lavish. You can get all of the products here: last week I had a sort of Minnie Mouse themed outfit, here’s the nail art that went with it! It’s from Glitter Lambs and it’s SO glittery! The nails are a base of pearl with the Minnie Mouse Princess topper over it and then hand painted black spots and Minnies. This brand is everything I love about glitter, it’s so sparkly in the light! Go get yours here: obsession now that it’s gotten cold enough? Pedi-Sox! They are cute socks with an opening in the end so you can be warm while painting your toes. I have actually been wearing them all week because I overheat in regular socks so this way I get comfy feet without being too warm! They’re also great for sealing in moisturising treatments like SofSpa which is good for both feet and other areas with dry skin. You can order online in lots of cute designs: if you’re in Aus or for your local stockist!That’s a lot of outfits!! Clearly I need some more pyjama time 😀

Shirt: Thrift store (Originally Valley Girl I think)
Scarf: Junk store
Hat: H&M
Jeans: Valley Girl which I bleached
Shoes: Target
So comfortable! This shirt is so thin and smooshy that it’s pretty much the most comfortable shirt I own. Second hand shirts are always the most comfortable
This outfit was from a crafternoon with Kim.

Summer Envy – Outfit Of The Day

What a month! I found a bunch of outfit photos I hadn’t posted from back when it was warm, OMG I wish it was warm again!

Jacket: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: 7Angels
Shoes: Bodyline
I’ve become really lazy with my hair lately, I’m just straightening it and leaving it out. I think I should get some new hair inspiration!
This bridge is so lovely for taking photos. It’s always so windy and miserable to cross but the photos always look so good!
Jacket: Valley Girl
Dress: 7Angels
Shoes: Bodyline
I love this jacket so much but it gets so wrinkly and it’s impossible to iron properly for some reason! I hate that!
I was walking Lottie the night I wore this, I’m not sure those heels are dog walking appropriate… Meh!
I was trying to use my sunglasses to do the stereotypical 1980’s cool guy seeing a sexy lady and saying “DAAAAAYMN”. I look more scared and confused than anything I think. Apparently sexy ladies confuse me.
This dress was a present from Celina!

James has been doing a lot of shoots in the studio room so every time he does I’ve been using the lighting set up too haha!

Shirt: Valley Girl
Skirt: PureGirlBlue who is totally awesome!
Shoes: Witner, customised by me
Studio for the win!
Now if only I could turn it into a cute girly craft room… I feel like I could do it before he woke up one day. Do you think he would notice? >_>
Also, my current obsession now that it’s gotten cold enough? Pedi-Sox!
They are cute socks with an opening in the end so you can be warm while painting your toes. I have actually been wearing them all week because I overheat in regular socks so this way I get comfy feet without being too warm! They’re also great for sealing in moisturising treatments like SofSpa which is good for both feet and other areas with dry skin. You can order online in lots of cute designs: if you’re in Aus or for your local stockist! 

Bon Weekend – Outfit Of The Day

Outfit time!
I really don’t know what James is doing back there but I look cute so who cares? 😀

It’s been a really busy month so I haven’t been dressing much outside of pyjamas.
This outfit was for fabric shopping! I want to go again, too much fabric too little time for crafts!
Shorts: Thrift store
Shirt: 7Angels
Shoes: DreamV
Bow: Handmade
I love these glasses only $1 on ebay! I want to buy more 😀
This outfit was from running some random errands. The dress is from Ice, the shoes are from Bodyline from around 6 years ago. They are so comfortable!
I’ve been wearing these shoes quite a bit lately because they are so comfortable!
Cardigan: 7Angels
Dress: Valley Girl
Hat: Valley Girl
And of course, more outfits from filming. I made this shirt myself and the skirt is vintage.

I also received a really lovely present from a Singaporean blog shop: Bon Weekend!
This is their Floral Zip Pouch! It’s so pretty and perfectly my style! I love it so much 😀
The size is really good because it’s roomy but not so big that it’s unmanageable.
I’ve been using it a lot for dinners lately. The inside is for wool and feels so soft!
Make sure you check out their web store!
I hope you’re having a good weekend, I hope I can work a bit less and go out a bit more soon too!
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