New V-Log Youtube Channel Launch!

As you’ve guessed from the title I’ve finally set up a proper Youtube Channel for our V-Logs 😀

So my main channel will be used just for hair/beauty/craft/art type things and this new channel will have all of the fun random stuff we do around Melbourne. This way you can just subscribe to the parts you like ^_^

So click here to see the V-Log channel!

Or click here for the tutorial channel!

And here’s the video we made announcing it ^_^

And the first couple of uploads!

I’m updating once a day for the first week then the V-Logs will be weekly from then on. The other channel will continue to be 2-3 videos a week so lots to watch!

I’m really looking forward to getting into doing V-Logs again, I had so much fun doing them in December 😀

Site Black Out – SOPA/PIPA

Just a heads up that tonight the site will be blacked out as a sign of protest towards SOPA/PIPA and all similar bills internationally.

I don’t normally talk about political things here but this is such an important situation that directly effects both this site and the internet at large.

While these bills are specifically American there have been similar censorship talks here in Aus and I believe that this is something that would effect everyone worldwide.

I have problems putting my thoughts together as eloquently as others do on this topic because it’s a difficult and complex issue. I think this video explains things quite well though.

I believe in copyright laws what I don’t believe in is vaguely worded laws which leave so much room for interpretation. Rules need to be clearly defined so people can follow them  and not able to be changed when it’s convenient. And I think having no recourse for site owners or expecting them to check EVERY single page in every single site they link for its content is absolutely ridiculous.

A while ago there was talk within Australia of an internet filter controlled by keywords. This isn’t one of those “oh it won’t effect me” things, if the government decided to block the word “lolita” for it’s negative connotations that would absolutely effect both myself and so many people I know. This kind of thing would have direct effects on sites I love and use every single day.

This is not the right way to do things.

Here is a list of sites with posts explaining things in more coherent detail:


Happy Billy Idol Day… or whatever you celebrate :D

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend no matter what you celebrate 😀 We went to the Zoo as per our tradition this morning and it is currently storming and thundering like crazy so I’m going to curl up with some hot chocolate, admire the Christmas Billy Idol Day* lights and play some Assassin’s Creed 2. I’m having a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to post all of the photos and videos from the zoo today! I’m going to put the Christmas Billy Idol Day Eve V-Log up tonight as usual so if you’re wondering how we celebrate check that out XD

Hope you’re all having fun no matter what you’re up to ^_^

*For readers who weren’t here last year, Billy Idol Day is what we celebrate instead of Christmas because I’ve never been a fan of Christmas but James loves celebrating special occasions so we compromise and celebrate our shared love for Billy Idol 😉

Back home but not so great because of TPG.

So we made it back home! Unfortunately our internet is down. VERY frustrating! I’ve been on the phone to TPG all morning trying to find out what the problem is but apparently it will take a couple of business days for them to investigate -_-‘

At the moment I’m using my phone allowance to update and I will probably go down looking for free wifi this afternoon so I can actually update stuff >_< I have like 7 V-Logs which need to be uploaded and lots of posts written while I was away so I’ll try to post those tonight on the 3G net too. So yes, just wanted to let you know what was going on with the lack of updates etc!

Ugh YOU SUCK TPG!! Fingers crossed it gets sorted soon, I miss the internet!

News and Updates and Social Media

Just a couple of quick social networking related updates ^_^

Facebook Page

So I finally bit the bullet and set up a Facebook page for those who want to follow that way. It has a feed from both this blog and my Cuties mobile blog and there will be regular updates there as well as random other stuff. So there’s a widget on the left if you want to like it without leaving this post or you can click here to be taken to the page. I’m still setting it all up so if you have suggestions of stuff you’d like to see there let me know! I’ve never been on Facebook too much so I haven’t researched what I can put there yet! You’re all still welcome to friend me on my personal account too of course ^_^


One of the things mentioned in my survey ages ago was requesting better sharing buttons at the bottom of posts, specifically Pinterest. Done! I have mixed results in getting it to work with the images on particular posts but you can always use the Pinterest browser plugins if you can’t get it going and want to share anything.

I’ve also set myself up a Pinterest account so if you have one of those send me the link so I can follow you, mine is over here! 


Another button added to the bottom of posts, I tried to get excited about Google+ but I kept forgetting to update another social media profile >_< Anyway it’s there if you want to use it!


Another thing on the list of improvements from the survey is translation options. I’ve been scouring the net looking for a solution but I haven’t found anything yet that doesn’t either take forever to load or spit out crappy translations. I really want to install something along these lines so in the mean time I’ll be adding something like Google Translate this week. If anyone knows any good plugins please let me know so I can check them out!


I’m half way through updating all of the pages in the top navigation, I’ll be updating the galleries next though I’m debating if it’s worth it because I don’t think people generally use them XD I might look at some other options and see if I can streamline it all at least for the inspiration galleries. More thought needed!


I’ve updated the theme/layout to something more my current taste. Take a look! I’m still tinkering with the sidebar but it’s getting there.

Sidebar Updates

This week I will also be updating the graphics in the sidebars, if there’s anything particular you would suggest just let me know ^_^

That’s all for now, I’m getting more on top of things now which is a good feeling! Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

News, Features, Excitement and Blogopolis

Firstly apologies for any typos or if this is written terribly, I’ve been sick with a bad cold since yesterday so I’m quite out of it at the moment but this couldn’t wait!

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who answered my reader poll yesterday, all of your feedback has given me a clearer idea on how I can make the site better for you all and where to go from here! It’s very reassuring to know that I’m mostly on the right track and a lot of you are actually enjoying my posts. I really appreciate the time you all took to write in your suggestions so thank you!

If you want to take the poll or give feedback just take a look at yesterday’s post over here.

I never imagined when I started this blog that literally thousands of people would be logging on to read it every day, the idea that people would actually be interested in silly things I write about at all makes me so happy. Having never been in a situation like this before I appreciate you guys taking the time with me as I learn how to move forward and progress! At Blogopolis I was complimented in some really heart felt ways that made me tear up a bit. I know that what I write here is hardly earth shattering or world changing, but knowing that there are some people who log on to cheer themselves up after having a bad day or to escape from their real lives for a few minutes gives me the energy and passion to keep going and make this the best site it possibly can be. Without you all reading I would be able to do half the things I do now and any success I have I owe to you guys… so thank you! I’ve learned so much since I started this blog all those years ago and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Which brings me to my next point…


This morning I woke up this morning to a bunch of texts, emails and tweets letting me know that I was on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age *_* Apparently there was a journalist at the Blogopolis event over the weekend who picked up my pink hair as being a new fashion trend! I’m not really up with current fashions but I really appreciate the shout out and the fact that she thought I was worth writing an article about! Thank you so much Natasha Hughes for writing the article, I’m really flattered to be in such a large publication!

Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 3.10.16 PM

And thank you to the awesome Danimezza for taking that photo of me too, I’m so glad you were at our table and it was awesome to meet you finally!

If you want to read the article and some of the funny comments that were left just visit the links below!

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