Water Colour Nail Art

This week I’ve been in planning mode, at the end of the month we’re going to be visiting Queensland for work/a short holiday and there’s so much to schedule in! Sometimes it seems like even holidays are a lot of work XD


The lack of craft tutorials lately has been because I’ve been using my nights to paint… or you know, sleep like a normal person. I have a scheduled craft day this Thursday so hopefully I can start some new projects!

The painting has made me really curious though, water colours are my medium of choice so I wondered if they could make some interesting nail art.



The answer is yes!



It’s an interesting technique which can have a lot of different results, let me know if I should do a tutorial for this ^_^



I used a yellow base but next time I want to give the base the texture of thick art paper too.



And in case you were wondering, the background is from one of the pictures I’ve been working on!

I think I would like to do a lot more painting, it’s very relaxing after a very long day.


How To Do Lady Rainicorn Nail Art – Adventure Time Tutorial

Yay! Today I’ll show you how to do the long awaited Lady Rainicorn nailart 😀

I did these last year for Halloween to go with my Princess Bubblegum costume.

Here is a video tutorial tutorial and there’s a downloadable version at the bottom too!



Now this is quite an easy design so long as you can use a nail striping brush. Start by painting a light blue base coat.


Now starting from a tiny bit above the cuticle on your pinky finger, stripe a red line which goes across all 4 fingers. The line should  arch across the fingers so when they’re spread out it makes a big matching curve.


Next add a matching yellow stripe above the red one.



Then a green one.


And a blue one. Make sure to start each stripe slightly above the cuticle on the pinky so you can later add the legs.


Then purple.


Lastly a pink stripe to top it off.




Now while all of that dries it’s time to do the head. On your thumb use the pink to paint a big “U” shape and fill it in.


Under that paint a short stripe of purple.


Then blue.


Then green.


And yellow, curve the yellow around the green a bit so it looks more neck-like.


Paint two red stripes for legs and do this on the pinky as well.


Add a little pink to the bottom of the legs.


Now it’s time for the mane.


Use a light yellow to create a flowing mane on the index finger and half way through to the middle finger.


Add the yellow mane to the face and cover up all of the edges of the U shape.


Add a white triangle for the horn.


Now it’s time to outline everything. You can use a thin sharpie or a thin paint brush to draw on the black. The sharpie is easy to control but the drawback is that it’s easier to ruin it by getting streak when you apply the top coat.


The black outlines really make it look cartoony and pop 😀



This is the time to clean up any mistakes around the edges of your fingers. I like to use a little bit of cotton wrapped around a cuticle stick and dipped in remover to erase them all.


On the face you want to do a big black circle for the eye too.


Then dot a white circle over it to complete the look. At this point I decided to go over the black lines again to make them extra dark, if you paint them on you won’t need to. If you’re worried about being able to control black polish like that it can be easier to use acrylic paint. If you make a mistake you can just wipe it off and start again 😉


Wait until everything is 100% dry and then top coat it very carefully. Try not to drag the brush too much or else you may smudge the design.




Oh. My. Glob. You guise. These nails are like totally fricking awesoooooome.


Of course… you want to be pretty good with painting with both hands for a design like this. I rushed the second hand so I had Lady Rainicorn on the left and Lady Rainicorn’s derpy sister on the right XD


Bonus photo, it helps to have a Jake on your side to hold your polishes and try to steal your tissues!


You’ll look totally lumping fabulous 😉

Snowflake Nailart and Simple Every Day Make Up

Today’s Morning Make Up is simple and good for every day looks. It’s basically my go to style which involves minimal effort. I love looking good but I’m so lazy in the mornings XD

It’s still Winter in my mind so here’s another very basic nail video featuring some snowflakes!

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Hope you all had a good weekend! ^_^

Simple Snowflakes Winter Nail Art

Here’s some extremely basic snowflake nailart. I really need to get better lighting for these videos. This one’s not really a full tutorial but I’ve been filming what I do with my nails as I grow them out slowly! .

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Snowflake nail art instructions.
Today I’ll show you how I do some very simple snowflake nail art.
Start by painting a base coat alternating fingers in silver and light blue.
The light blue I had was very plain so I added a sparklier coat to it too.
Using a nail pen or thing brush, paint white snow flakes randomly all over the nails.
Each snow flake is made up of 3 lines crossing over in the middle with arrows on the end and arrows between the stems.
Make sure to keep the lines quite thin or else it will be hard to tell what the snowflake actually is.
You can alternate the designs slightly on each fingers to keep it interesting.
I gave some of the snowflakes extra crosses and some of them had little hearts on the end, all kinds of things like that.
Once it’s completely dry, give everything a nice top coat.
Don’s press too hard or the snowflakes might run a bit.
These snowflakes make a perfect winter manicure.
Or if you’re like me, and you’re somewhere that it’s extremely Summery at the moment, you can use them to dream about next Winter.
Hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description for more information and tutorials.
Thanks so much for watching!

Summer Daisy Nails, Lottie and Ocean OOTD

Here’s an OOTD which was filmed back when it was cold, the ocean makes it look so nice and summery but it was SOOOOO cold! I really like this outfit though so it was worth the cold haha!

In something a little more actual-summerish here’s a very simple daisy manicure. I’ve been filming things I’ve been doing with my nails while growing them out, while they’re not complete step by step tutorials I figured seeing it done couldn’t hurt!

And Lottie, I’m glad I’m actually doing these regularly now. She looks so different since these were shot though, it’s crazy how fast she’s grown!

Hope you all had a good weekend! ^_^

Super Easy Summer Nail Art Tutorial


You know the whole point of growing out my nails was to do more nail art, but being so busy has meant that it was very easy to grow them out because I didn’t notice I had nails… but it also meant that I haven’t done nearly as much nail art as I was expecting to >_< I usually am in such a rush I don’t even wait for polish to dry ugh.

This is totally simple nail art for Summer or Spring… or to remind you of those warmer months. No nail art skills required!

Simple-Spring-Nail-Art71You need:

  • Green polish
  • Pink polish
  • Base/Top coat
  • Pen
  • Large pieces of glitter


First do a base coat.


Paint your ring finger with pink. You may need a couple of coats for it to be opaque.


Paint the rest of the nails with the green.


Make sure it’s completely dry before you continue.


Now for the decorations!


Put a small dot of top coat in the lower right corner of the nail. You will need to work fast before this polish dries.


Using the tip of the pen, place one silver piece of glitter in the middle and surround it with 6 pink pieces of glitter.


You should put pink flowers on the green nails and a green flower on the pink nails.


Once they are totally dry and you’ve done every finger give them all a top coat.


This will seal in the glitter and make them extra shiny.


Taadaa! You don’t need to be a whiz with a paintbrush for this one and it doesn’t take too long to do. Perfect for a girl in a rush in summer!

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