How To Do Easy French Nails


French nails are one of the most classic ways to wear your nails but they can be a pain in the butt to do.

Today’s lazy nail art tutorial will show you how to use one of the special french tip brushes.


In this version of French tips, the brush makes things really simple because it’s actually cut in the shape you want to make. I got this one from Daiso but many drug store brands have their own versions of this available.

So first apply a base coat to your nails. Once it’s dry, apply a small amount of white polish to the brush. Line it up with the natural white on your nail and press it down slightly to apply the polish to the nail in the right shape. It will do around half of the nail. Flip the brush the other way and apply it to the other side to form the perfect curve.

Don’t worry about the top of the nail too much as it can be filled in later, you just want to get the shape right first.


If you aren’t happy with the shape, you can clean it up with a toothpick while still wet. Once it’s completely dry apply a transparent pink coat over the top of the whole nail. I used a shiny glitter one.


All done! The special brush really make this much easier to do so if you like the French loop I would definitely suggest trying it out.How-To-Use-French-Tip-Brush-Violet-LeBeaux4


The Laziest Halloween Nail Art Ever

It’s Halloween soon and we have pretty much no plans. We were going to do a party like last year but as we’re going away to Switzerland so soon there really hasn’t been much time to prepare anything so this seems like a good opportunity to bust out the Lazy Inspiration.

I present the laziest Halloween nail art ever..


Yes it’s so lazy that the only thing that makes it Halloween themed is the colours…. totally counts!

I played with a few version of this so first the completely basic one.

Start by making a diagonal stripe with the orange and painting in the top half of the nail. Once it’s dry, repeat in the other direction using black.

… that’s it!



To get slightly more involved you can continue alternating colours and sides painting diagonally. With two colours it becomes an interesting arrow pattern.

If you add in a third colour and alternate them over diagonal stripe it turns into a cute plaited pattern!


Wow that was some super lazy nail art. But hey… Halloween technically isn’t even one of our holidays here in Australia!

If you want to read about some Halloween crafts and nail art from last year, have a look through these posts:

Next year we are so having a proper big party!


How To Do Cute Chevron Nail Art

I posted these nails on Instagram a few weeks ago and there were quite a few tutorial requests so here it is!

A lot of people use stickers or pinking shears to cut tape to do this style but I found it was quite a bit neater to just paint them using a very sharp brush. Of course there are many other ways to achieve the same look so go with whatever works best for you.


So first paint a base colour of the bottom colour. I used acrylic paint to quickly paint on the basic pattern so you guys could see what I was doing but that’s optional. It does really help to be able to follow a pattern and get your strokes even.

So the key is to have a brush with a very straight edge. I find Essie brushes really good for this.

Make the first line by holing the brush at a 45 degree angle and pressing it into place. This works best if you only have a tiny amount of polish on the brush and press it onto the nail rather than actually dragging it. Use the shape of the brush to your advantage.


Make the next stripe in the same way but in the other direction so it forms the first zigzag. Don’t worry if there’s not much polish there, we just want to make sure the edge is perfect for now.

Continue until you finish the zigzag.


Now paint over the zigzag and upwards to the rest of the nail so the colour is opaque. Once it’s dry repeat the process with the top colour.

You can either leave it as is and top coat or do what I did and use a tiny brush with white acrylic paint to paint white lines over the edges of the zigzag.


Once you top coat them, they look amazing! Winner!



Let me know if you guys give it a try 😀

How To Do The Easiest Nail Art In The World- Lazy Dot Nail Art Tutorial

I talked about lazy inspiration in the latest issue of The VLB yesterday and I’m going to talk about it more on the blog next Monday but I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing in the mean time.

So lazy inspiration? Why yes I’ve got some awesomely lazy nail art today! This one is great because it’s hard to screw up. As long as you’ve got a paint brush, a match, a dotting tool or something pointy you can do this. I’ve even done it with a ball point pen in a pinch.

So the design is basically plain nails with dots decorating the moon area of the nail. It’s a little vintage, a lot cute and really simple to do. There are so many variations depending on how much time you want to take as well.

Here’s the most basic one:



First paint a base coat of something bright. Next paint little dots in a semi circle shape at the cuticle out of white acrylic paint. Version 1 done!

If you want to take it a step further you can add a second row of dots, placing them between every second of the first row. Version 2 done!




If you want to get really fancy just add more rows using the same basic formula. Or add a feature nail with your initials! Version 3 done!



Once the acrylic paint dries give everything a clear top coat to protect it and you’re done 😀 It’s a really simple design but it’s very visually effective. Let me know if you give it a try!


Lazy Tulips Nail Art Tutorial

I’m so behind on all of the nail art tutorials I’ve promised from the last few months… or maybe years >_> But things are changing, I’m feeling proactive and inspired for the first time in ages 😀 I’m going to write about my lazy inspiration but the general idea is that I’m going to embrace my laziness but find ways to continue being inspired… hence the name lazy inspirations XD So today let’s do the tulip nails I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago! This is actually kind of timely, we’re going to a tulip festival next weekend, exciting! tulip-nail-art-tutorial-1

  The beauty of this design is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! You need:

  • Base colour nail polish
  • Acrylic paint in white and green
  • Tiny paint brush
  • Clear top coat

Start with a base coat of something bright. Load your brush with white paint and make a little curvy “C” shape just below the middle of the nail. tulip-nail-art-tutorial-2   Add another curve on the other side, join them up at the bottom but not at the top. It should look kind of like a really curvy thick “V”. Add another of the shapes either side. Now mix some green paint and paint little lines right to the bottom of the nail for stems. Add more lines for leaves and grass to fill in the nail. tulip-nail-art-tutorial-3 Lastly, if you like you can add in some shadow to the tulips by putting a few stripes of light pink or purple on. tulip-nail-art-tutorial-4 Cute easy and they don’t take very long. Yay! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Dumb Ways To Die Nail Art Tutorial – Violet LeBeaux

If you haven’t already seen the original Dumb Ways To Die video, you totally need to because it’s freaking adorable. The downside is that you’ll have the song stuck in your head for WEEKS… and then you’ll have to download the game too and then you’ll never get it out of your head >_<

My favorites are the kidney seller and the piranha bait guy! Poor sad little guys XD

Let me know if any of you guys try it out! I am really getting back into nail art at the moment and I want to practice a lot and improve my skills again! I’ve got a few still on my list but if you have any requests make sure to let me know!

Credits:This nail art was inspired by the Dumb Ways To Die video produced by Metro Melbourne.

Watch the original video here:
Watch the karaoke version here:
Dumb Ways To Die website:
Music is by Tangerine Kitty and is the karaoke version of Dumb Ways To Die provided for download for fan use.

Here is the text transcript!

Hey Besties. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with these cute little morbid characters.

So here’s my take on Dumb Ways To Die nail art!

If you like to use a protective base on your nails then apply that first otherwise start with some base colours.

I didn’t have some of the colours I needed, so I had to mix my own.

Paint your base coat till it’s completely opaque.

the colours we are using match the backgrounds from the video.

Each little guy has their own colour, so if you choose to do different characters you’ll need to work that out.

Otherwise you can paint your the same colours I painted mine.

Sell both your kidneys on the internet.

We’re going to be using acrylic paint to paint the characters.

For all of them, start with a colour that matches and then apply details in a slightly darker shade.

For the kidney sell we start with, of all things, a kidney shape.

Then add some little legs with feel and arms to hold a wad of cash.

Now the details. First off he needs a fist full of money in green and then a cool scar in red.

He has a big cheesy grin in white and then black dots for eyes with tiny little white highlights.

I also gave him a dark circle to stand on for some added dimension.

Once it’s dry, give it a top coat.

Stand on the edge of a train station platform.

I ended up redoing this guy because I didn’t like the way he turned out.

Start with an egg of pink for the body with thin arms and legs.

He’s got some floppy yellow hair and I used some dark pink for the shading.

A red headphone cord and a black dot for his mouth.

In the redone version I added a train station platform and made him a little smaller.

Use your private parts as piranha bait.

This one is my favorite!

He’s only half a kidney shape because this guy knows how to have fun!

So start with a light pink, then the details are a circle below him as well as eyebrows and a lower lip.

His face is a big scared mouth with two little eyes.

For his bones add a spine, then a figure 8 for his hips, some legs and ribs in white.

Don’t forget to add the water and some biting fishes in red.

Oh no my junk!

Some little black eyes for the fish.

Poke a stick at a grizzly bear.

This guy is like the other half of piranha boy.

So half a jelly bean shape with little arms and legs.

Give him a darker blue shadow for some dimension and a poking stick.

Some pink for his exposed wound.

You need a bear to poke in brown.

Last but not lease you ened a dot of white for his spine and a little fountain of blood in red.

Don’t poke the bear!

Get your toast out with a fork.

This guy is just a sad little skeleton.

So, I round face with a spine, figure 8 for his hips, couple of hoops for ribs and two lines for arms.

Now some black for the ashes, fork, toaster lever and his sad sad face.

He really wanted that toast you guys.

Finally add the rest of the toaster and a frown in grey.

Use your clothes dryer as a hiding place.

First let’s do the clothes dryer.

My right thumbnail is really small which is why I chose it for this nail.

So a simple circle in white then another circle in purple.

Black for eyes and a frown that immediately regrets it’s hiding spot.

Once again some white highlights for the eyes and this is the only dummy who gets teeth.

Take your helmet off in outer space.

This guy is just a big red blob so let’s start with that.

Then give him a grey space suit, line back to the ship and a helmet.

Now add the details.

Some dark grey shadows on the suit and helmet, then two white lines to finish it off.

While you have your white out, you might as well give him some bulging eyes.

Dress up like a moose during hunting season.

This guy requires a bit of space so save him for a big nail.

So first paint some stripes on to be the background of the forest.

Once it’s dry, paint on a green blob with little string arms.

Then add a helmet in dark green and the face details in the same colour.

How are you guys at painting with your left hand? I could use a little more practise.

Let’s add some glorious antlers so everyone totally buys that he’s a moose.

Some entry wounds in red.

I went over the face in black but in the end I re-did the whole nail.

Again, not left handed.

Invite a psycho killer inside you house.

The psycho killer is a big oval of green with a darker green oval inside.

Use the same dark green for his arm then top it off with a dark brown blob.

He’s got a big white hockey mask that goes over most of the dark green circle.

And three white claws.

Three lines on the outside of the mask then just fill in the middle with eyes and random black dots.

Eat a tube of super glue.

Super glue dude is just a big round circle.

Clearly he needs to lay off the super glue.

Paint his legs in a darker shade then add a cute little smile and some eyes.

Lastly add the super glue!

Nom nom nom!

And there you have it, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

Of course once you have cute nail art like this you totally have to do the dance.

As Metro says be safe around trains.

Thanks so much for watching! Bye!

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