Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches Part 1

Time for some serious nail polish swatching! Today is my favorite brand of all time 😀


Local chemists, don’t think you can get it online but I could be wrong. Generally sold in large discount bins.



Generic round bottle with a white top.  Fairly cheap looking but who cares for $2 XD Only real problem I’ve found is that the glue holding the brush to the lid is a bit crap so often the lid comes off minus the brush. Easily fixed by removing any dried polish around the top of the bottle and closing/opening it again.

Average size, flexible.

Drying Time:
Roughly the same for all of them. Fairly quick but nothing to write home about.

Colour Name:

Dark pink with silver shimmer.

Ulta 3 Nail Polish Swatches

Nail Art Photos ^_^

Long week so what’s better to look at on a Friday afternoon than a bunch of nail art?

These are a whole lot of sets that I made to stock Visage and Vice, a local goth store here. If you’re interested in buying any of them just email me at violet AT violetlebeaux.com otherwise they will probably be up in the shop sometime in the new year. Discounts if you want them now though 😉

I’ve been working with smaller sets lately which makes things much quicker and more cost effective. Of course I still do the full sets of 20 on request ^_^

You’ll have to excuse the glare, they are all already all packed up in plastic and ready for their new homes so it was a bit hard to get the photos!

Silver glitter stripes:

Violet's Nail Art

Snow Flake Nail Art and Outfit Of The Day

Yesterday was the Melbourne Beauty Blogger’s Christmas party so I decided to do my nails^_^ Lots of party pictures to come!

Nail art by Violet

I went with a snowflake design because I miss Winter already XD

Stockings- Myer, previously white but my washing machine turned them pink XD

Cardigan- Ice, on sale at Harbour Town 3 for $10 😀

Shoes- Can’t remember, I added the shoe clips

Necklace/Bracelet- Gift from the lovely Casey!

Brooch- Amaranth Opulent

Bonus photo:

Look at the epically huge rice crispy square I made XD It was actually several smaller squares but it melted in the container into one massive one!

MBBE Christmas Event

Nail art and Decoden

Just a quick post to show you some nails and deco that I did a little while ago.

Nail Art


New Nailart Photos!

Yesterday was the Melbourne Beauty Bloggers Event which deserves a whole post in it’s own but I couldn’t wait to show you my current nails… well my current nails until this morning that is!

I took the opportunity to go all out with the nail art and practice my acrylic skills again. This is my first set of nails using nail guides rather than plastic tips and I am quite happy with them!

Nail Art

They are also the longest nails I’ve ever had 😀

Now back to doing nails for other people!

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